Saturday, November 02, 2013

Frozen yogurt, my favorite. I want it badly ;)


Kalonh Chuck said...

Being an alien and all according to Mr. SOV, I am just sticking to my belgian waffle for breakfast and some [spiced] catfish for lunch for now...As for dinner, T-bone steak, salads, whole-grains bread, and a glass of red wine should do the trick for me.
Jen, SOV and the rest of my favorite friends here on KI-Media, you all have a good weekend, you hear? lol!!!

Portez-vous bien mes amis!!!

And like they say around here - if you can be good, be good at it, and please take good care of yourselves!!!

Kalonh Chuck said...

And Mr. SOV,
where are our golden memories? If it's not an imposition, of course!!!

Again, take care!!!


P.s. And I like it when SOV turned loosey-goosey writing something like "That's that!"...Eh Ben, à la prochaine et sois sage!!!

Kalonh Chuck said...

can't be good***

Alien# 18103569898

School of Vice said...

Mr KC,

You always seem to come up with idioms and expressions I don't understand!

What does 'loosey-goosey' mean anyhow?

Please have mercy on School of Vice and try not to throw these terms at me! Do it to your beloved fellow alien "Jen".

Come to think of it since everyone else seems to know what you are talking about and I don't, either you are all aliens or me, School of Vice is!!! Troubling thought...

About Golden Memories, it never occurred to me that you are a serious fan? Otherwise, my apologies.

Be good.

Anonymous said...


Kalonh Chuck said...

But surely, we all understand everything in each and every dissertation you put up here on KI-Media, Mr. School of Vice! We think that we are all alien to you and not the other way around...We do sincerely appreciate it very much, though. Do you have a headache thinking down to our level, Mr. School of Vice? Tell us honestly, if you don't mind, please?


P.s. I still would like pretty much to remain your imaginary bf if you ever were a gal...lolz!!!. We are all very fond of you Mr. School of Vice!!!

Jendhamuni said...

What is going on with my frozen yogurt? I hope School of Vice and Kal didn't finish the entire cup ;) I just woke up from a dream, very confused, especially when I was being called 'Lok yeay' The law of karma, I must admit! Who knows that KI readers pay very close attention to School of Vice -- every little thing. I'm new here, but I'm learning! Hanging in there. I should know better to never ever called School of Vice 'elderly' now I feel the pain of being called 'lok yeay' Yeay Tep is different, is special. But lok yeay is just like an elderly! I feel the pain...

PS: My fellow alien friend, Kal love to eat so much. Can you just leave that spiced catfish alone! Looks like you and School Vice live just to eat, not like me. I stick to my salad. I cannot harm any sentient being for my meal. Salad is just perfect with frozen yogurt.

One more PS: Like I used to say, School of Vice, post 'Golden Memories' according to his mood, not his DJ job. So live with it, Kal and all 'Golden Memories' fans! That simple!

Final PS: School of Vice is not qualified to be an alien. Still too humble and kind. Alien has to be know many super cool words, words that drive human crazy or insane and we must be way too good, wicked wicked good at flip-flopping, so human beings will go crazy and the victory will be ours, meaning alien!

Hmmmm... no wonder why monks and nuns said I drive them crazy at temples ;)

Anonymous said...

I got some wip cream for both of you..want in your mouth..

Anonymous said...

7:48 AM Don't forget dressing goes with it Italian, Thousand Island and Thousand Ranch.

Anonymous said... drive them keep wanting to fuck monk..