Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Golden Memories ... សុវណ្ណអនុស្សារ

School of Vice is still new to Mao Sareth, [or Mao Sareth is still new to School of Vice!] yet the more one listens to her songs the more one comes to the conclusion as to the reason why so many wounded soldiers on the cruel and pitiless battlefields of love like our reader/listener, Mr KC needs both her songs and a dose or two of red wine to facilitate the healing process... This can be more 'complicated' than one imagines or could put into words, I know...just ask Mr KC himself!

nek bomrer tam yonhos - so savoeun
Mao Sareth - Cham Bong Chea Nek & red, red wine - UB40


Jendhamuni said...


Once again, I thought I came to the wrong site!

What did Alien Kal and Human School of Vice just have for food and drink. I would never ever know that alien and human could get a long this well. Fine, Alien Kal!
I will tell our superior to never ever allow you into our 'Not Sleep at Night' Department! Just hang in there with School of Vice!

Anonymous said...

ha,ha,ha chuckle...

Kalonh Chuck said...

Dear Mr. School of Vice:

Wow! You've got to have ESP or some sort or you would have never picked the 'ERATH' pinot noir brand name that I like as it is sitting right here, right now, on my dining table! What's the chance of that happening? And why Red wine [esp. Pinot noir] and Mao Sareth's song and that of UB40?

My answer to that is that, it's still complicated, very complicated to me personally, and AAMOF I don't have an answer for it...All I know is that Pinot noir seemed to have calmed me down or soothed my soul if you would, while my gf and I were breaking up at a restaurant in Paris a few months back...Haphazardly, Mao Sareth's song [a few so far] appears to speak my language [with simple easy to understand Khmer words and phrases] whereas the lyrics and the beat appear to come close to contemporary music that I like...Because of that, I got to admit, I've become a big fan of yours [your GM] Mr. School of Vice!

Thanks a million for taking the time to entertain all of us here on KI-Media politically or otherwise and everything else that KI-Media readers could think of.

Very truly yours,

Kal Chuck

P.s. You have convinced me that, through your writings here on KI-Media, you truly are an exceptional scholar and a gentleman! How often can we find someone that can westernize khmer's mentality/ideas without losing it to the western/european world! You are the one and only! God Bless! And Jen, please don't mind me....I am catholic!

Jendhamuni said...

I'm one biggest fan of School of Vice, conditionally, unfortunately! Only when he posts Ms. Ros Sereysothea and Ms. Huy Meas. Looks like a very difficult choice for School of Vice since these two aliens have nothing in common!

Sorry, Alien Kal ;)

School of Vice said...

Hmmmmm.... It is indeed a difficult spot School of Vice is in at the moment.

Apart from failing to please all KI Media readers at once, two very highly educated, extremely intelligent aliens have little in common when it comes to their respective taste in music!

I can only ask both of these aliens to be patient and understanding for the sake and well being of one another.

And yes, I do all this willingly and out of fraternal love for humans and aliens alike! Can humans have 'fraternal' love for aliens too? Well, yes, that is if one considers oneself a son and citizen of the Universe like Karl Marx does! Besides, whilst I appreciate Mr KC's kind words, I appreciate less the inkling knowledge that such words are "buttered up" for School of Vice to get Mao Sareth songs posted for him?

Kalonh Chuck said...

It's just a poor choice of word on my part, Mr. 'School of Vice', sorry but then again, we can see how much you have to put up with just to try to please people especially KI-Media's readers. You're still the best. Take care.


School of Vice said...

No worries, I was just playing. If anything, it is School of Vice who needs to say sorry for picking on you constantly!! Really, you have done nothing to deserve such treatment either.

Why I do this, I don't really know... All I know is that I need to pick on someone!! And I can't exactly keep picking on Ms Jendha can I? Not after all her bitter complaints about being given a lecture by School of Vice!?

Kalonh Chuck said...

Hey Jen,
I won't sweet-talk Mr. 'School of Vice' for Mao Sareth's songs no more, okay? [my double negative] LOL!!! Hope all is well with you, take care!