Sunday, November 10, 2013

Koh Kong's Areng residents concerned about hydropower plant


Anonymous said...

Buddha will be punish,china and a world as soon as wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean buddha will punish china and the world?
How? Buddha was a founder of Dharma and he died 3000 years ago. Why do you think that he would punish anyone?

He sacrificed his life his wealth, his family to reach Nirvana, and he was said to becoming Buddha. If he returns to kill humans, then he will be no longer Buddha, but evil.

How many humans that your Buddha killed or punished? In his biography, Buddha said he was born to be human, animals, ...for so many countless lives to at last became Buddha. He practiced and lived his life as a holy man, and
you a fanatic buddhist claimed Buddha is the judge of human beings?

Only God is the judge not those 10000 buddhas of India.

You are the reason Yuon love to lie to Khmers about Puth tumneay.

Anonymous said...

Buddha can't punish anyone,he can only advise people to live with peace and harmony with nature or everythings around you,but Buddha no longer existed he has been gone to Nirvana or "Pheah Nirvana nee pean" He can't punish any thing,the greedy pigs yuons & Chens were"Satan" they didn't care about the teaching of Buddha nor other religion,all they want is wealth,power,pussies! Robs,steals,kills were their experty.....


Anonymous said...

Your shut up all,And go to fuck your own family and your mother bicth!Your lack a good education so shut up again if not i will go to knock your ok!Mer pou are raing cholchet choyyoun aig theu the ding!Ar throv krorb mi rothasbag chorng ngeab nass.

Anonymous said...

Don't curse each others,you should blame who sold the place government thief? or Yuon oknha Keat Meng Monk Rithy blows Hun Sen ears to says yes go ahead to do it,because Cambodia belong to his family and gangsters back up Yuon Hanoi,a lot of barking dogs for help to desult the probleme.KRANHUN EASAN