Monday, November 18, 2013

Koh Pich Stampede -- NO ONE has yet been held accountable in the government for this tragedy!

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Anonymous said...

C est totalement la responsabilité de hun sen pour cette événement le plus tragique après la tragédie de khmer rouge pro youn en 75 à 79 sur le population khmer.

Anonymous said...

Hun sen est un minable qui porte un grand malheur au nation khmer, maintenant il faut qu il dégagé ce fils de pute.

Anonymous said...

New World Disorder Malaise is responsible for this!

Sorry, I didn't mean to scared them to death.

Maybe the person that started the commotion was trample to death. Or maybe it was Karmic visitation time?

I believe it was the revilers stupidity, nothing more to look into.

New World Disorder Malaise

Anonymous said...

Keep Barking all turtle in shell.