Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Page break on post

KI Team: If you want to stick your post to the top of our main page, please use a page break to shorten the post, so the story does not take up too much space. We are grown up adults, mature enough to fight against corruption. Please behave like the adults. Judge your news wisely, before sticking them. Some news are old and have been published by other KI members already. No need to stick them way to the top of the page. Please cooperate! 

Most 'sticky' date and time on my posts are temporary only. I try my best to feed fresh news for our readers as they come to KI Media to read the most recent news most of the time unless it's an op-ed that has not been posted yet. Long post [with no page break] will force most news posted by other KI members to page two. Readers don't like scrolling down to page two to read our news. ~Jendhamuni


Anonymous said...

Well done on taking the leadership role. One more thing too, we would like to donate money to KI-Media and revamp the blog template.

As a news media, this site is quite old and trashy with out of date links and information. Please keep them as if they may be important.

The website should reflect the hard work of Ki Media team. There are even many Khmer who can help redevelop the website for a professional feel.

Continue your great job!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about posting, but I can see your professionalism, and this hard earned human dignity should be honored by the swearing individuals as well.

one khmer