Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Park officers kill three Cambodians

Park officers kill three Cambodians

Bangkok Post | 20 Nov. 2013
SI SA KET: Three suspected illegal loggers from Cambodia were shot dead in a gun battle with forestry officials early Tuesday.

Phanom Dong Rak Wildlife Reserve officials were patrolling the Thai-Cambodian border forest in tambon Lalai in Kantharalak district around 3am when they encountered the group of three suspected loggers. 

A gun battle ensued and lasted more than 10 minutes. After the clash, three men believed to be Cambodians were found dead. Eighteen phayung, or Siamese rosewood, logs were discovered nearby. 

Authorities said the logs could fetch up to 10 million baht if they were smuggled out of the country. Eight handsaws, four axes and five head torches were also found.

The three bodies were sent to a nearby hospital for autopsy before being sent back to Cambodia.

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