Sunday, November 24, 2013

អ្នកអានអនាមិក: Please be patient !!

Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots,

During this crucial time in our history, we should understand and accept most of the precautious measures taken by the CNRP's leaders after the election.

The task to remove the election’s loser CPP and Hun Sen from power requires patience, perseverance, flexibility, and great determination.

So, please be patient !!

The December 10th demonstration must be centered only on the election's loser CPP and Hun Sen to concede their defeat or accept the formation of an independent committee to investigate the election's irregularities or opt to have a new election.

So far, this Yuon slave illegal government of Hun Sen has been playing dumb by acting like it is the winner of the election and ignoring all local and international critics.

The loser CPP must go !!

Khmer people have voted you (Hun Sen) out !!

The CPP's time is up !!

Best wishes and good luck to the CNRP and its leaders for their noble efforts to save Cambodia from the traitorous CPP’s government and its evil master Vietnam.

Bun Thoeun 11:14 PM

RE: បក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​នឹង​ធ្វើ​បាតុកម្ម​រាល់​ថ្ងៃ​អាទិត្យ​ចាប់​ពី​ខែ​ធ្នូ


Anonymous said...

Yes Bun Thoeun, I agree with you. Sach Kdey Pyea Yeam kong ban somrach. One of the tools that the Buddha used to achieve his goal was perseverance. We can do the same. We can persevere. But we must be united. We must speak one voice.

Anonymous said...

These trio's will be good for Yuons"Doun ngoc nget Te'Org anh =kom rouer pro'yatt kom pop te Ong,Don't you move,you may spill my master's TEA!" I personally want to study how these trio's brain wired? I want to know why these trio's brain didn't fuctions as a normal humanbeing because of my expertise on human behaviors [ brain illness] Psychopath-killer/Psychopath-liar,these trio's is good subject for study their brain.

*Young Khmer professional Psychologist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, one YUON con-artist utilizing his multiple-personality skills writing in Khmer, French, and English playing the role of the "good, the bad, and the ugly", claimed himself to be a "young professional psychologist" with a nickname varies from "Korkdan", "kdamjor" etc...etc...has been sabotaging KI-Media for some times now. He can fake his writing style from a well-written to an ESL-level of English and vice versa. This individual thinks that Khmer is so dumb and stupid to not know anything at all about what his nickname means or implies to have meant. When confronted/questioned, and while commenting as different anonymous, he pulled all the rhymes and reasons out of the book citing anything from the freedom of speech to democracy to Khmer unity (because he is KHMER?) to convince the readers to support his activities and to delete his comments would mean a disservice to KI-Media readers...We will see what else this impostor has up his sleeves. Stay tuned!


p.s. "Kdamjor" in reversed Khmer words means "Muslim's prick", ladies and gentleman!

Can this self-proclaimed 'young professional psychologist' quit being himself a lunatic?

Was he the one that signed himself as 'The Phnom Penh Post' at one time and got himself screwed up just a short time later here on KI-Media?

Anonymous said...

Khmer never enjoy peace more than 30 years isn't it true? . Raincy and kem will lead us to very wrong direction. Stop using khmere as your political practice tools. Wouldn't it right? Most words raincy and kem preach are a fale words. And fale word is an evile itself and it also connect to evile soul . Wasn't it true. ?. Mike

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and good luck to the CPP and its leaders for their noble efforts to save Cambodia from the loser CNRP. Mike.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is true is that you are absolutely a lunatic, ah Mike!

Anonymous said...

Khmer Rouge between 1975-1979.

Khmer Rouge between 1975-1978 ran the country ( Cambodia ) by a combination o former Khmer Viet Minh and a Paris students group.

Khmer Rouge between 1975-1979 ran the country ( Cambodia ) by a Paris students group.

The permanent committee members of Democratic Kampuchea between 1975-1978 and between 1975-1979 were the one who had most power in their hands as follow:

The permanent committee members of Democratic Kampuchea between 1975-1978.
A combination of former Khmer Viet Minh and a Paris students group.

1. Pol Pot.
2. Nuon Chea.
3. Ieng Sary.
4. So Phim.
5. Vorn Vet.
6. Son Sen.
7. Ta Mok.

The permanent committee members of Democratic Kampuchea between 1975-1979.

1. Pol Pot.
2. Nuon Chea.
3. Ieng Sary.
4. Son Sen.
5. Ta Mok.

Note: Ta Mok did not study in France as Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, Son Sen but Ta Mok was in group of Paris students group.

PS. A Paris students group had a strong policy against Indochina Federation.

Khieu Samphn , Hu Nim, Hu Yuon even Ieng Sary ‘s wife Ieng Thyrith were not members of the permanent committee of the Communist party of Kamuchea ( or DK ) between 1975-1979.

If we look at Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan in Hanoi ECCC in Cambodia there is only one permanent member committee left that is Nuon Chea and Nuon Chea was in a Paris student group who had a strong policy against Indochina Federation but Khieu Samphan not but they both will face life imprisonment not because of they are accused of killing millions Cambodia between 1975-1979 but because they supported Pol Pot's strong policy against Indochina Federation.

Anonymous said...

Hanoi try to swallow our Khmer country from one generation to another generation ( from Ho Chiminh,Pham Vandon,Le Duck Tho..).They never tired,so our Khmer people too,we never tired to protect our country from invader Hanoi.We have to love each other,help each other and united together with CNRP, we have to work from one day to another day with patient until we can protect complete our country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen must go now by million Khmer , we all united we all can overthrow Hun Sen by force to save our country, to save our children in the next generation to come, otherwise we will the same fate as Champa, Lao and Kampuchea-Krom.

All Khmer must love one another , we must help one another, and we must be united to force Hun Sen out of power by all means.

Both Khmer home at abroad be united we all can do it.