Tuesday, November 05, 2013

«បើបងក្បត់អូន...» (a poem by Mrs. Ung Thavary)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and meaningful poem!

Quite a combination of romantic love and patriotism!

Bravo, Mrs Ung Thavary!

Thank you and thank Visam for posting it.

Pissed Off

Anonymous said...

You've made a hit sister!
D'you see that Theary Seng? - short and sweet and yet frightening for any fool who crosses this lady.

Anonymous said...

vea kour tae kbort heuil,
boe muk meul tae KDOR keh jeung nouf
...laep min jol tae,
neang Rolung...min deung koh ...
min deung treuil nov aena ?