Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Police: no charges in fatal crash

[ Police said the other driver had been at fault, not Cheam Yeap. Case closed! ]

Vong Sokheng, The Phnom Penh Post
Mon, 25 November 2013

Police have declined to press criminal charges against a driver for ruling-party lawmaker Cheam Yeap, who left the scene of a fatal accident, citing the fact that the other driver had been at fault, said Kar Savuth, a National Assembly lawyer representing Yeap.

“The case was absolutely finished today without charge,” Savuth said yesterday. “There was no charge because the police had all the documents about the measurements of the [markings on the pavement], which showed that the motorbike driver was in the wrong.”

Yeap has said he was asleep in the car when it collided with a motorbike carrying Phin Sophea, who died at Calmette Hospital, and her husband, Pheoun Tha. According to police, the motorbike was in the oncoming lane of traffic when the accident occurred.

Yeap has already given the surviving victim and family money for medical bills, as well as “one motorbike to the victim”, Savuth added.

Kandal provincial police chief Eav Chamroeun could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

Charge both boss & servant;boss ordered servant [driver] to run, read his statement;I've immunity as a lawmaker! You violet the article 36 stated that don't leave the scene of accident,you must stop and help the victim or victims.It not immunity,it abused power,it above the law,that what he think he was!..1000 dollars for human life!? How cheap!!! Prosecute ah Chheam Yeap send a strong message to Cpp thugs that no one above the law in K.E.w....Nambodia.


Anonymous said...

There you go CPP MPs who perform hit and run and have killed or murder other traffic accident victims are no being prosecuted because the victims is dead and cannot defend themself it allow CPP MPs to be free. Even without proper probe and investigation the Police say/declared Cheam Yeap is at the "right" the dead victims is at "fault". In an accident 4 wheel drive versus a motor bike who do you think will live if the 4 wheel drive is speading?

Similarly CNRP have lead the elections count but NEC without investigating into election irregularities have declared CPP won the election....what the f*ck!

So IN CAMBODIA WE HAVE MANY MANY CRIMINAL CPP MPs including Hun Sen for embassement of public own resouces for private gains and his wife Bun Rany for cutting down tree illegally THEY ARE STILL not put to prision for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Les polices de cpp n ont jamais osés de regarder cheam yeap en face, comment veut tu qu ils ont osés d intercepter cheam yeap?
Les polices au cambodge qu ils ont le vert permanant pour intercepter just les civiles normal, et la partie opposant, si non c est la police doit se dégagé de sa place.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit laws in Cambodia

Anonymous said...

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