Friday, November 01, 2013

Postcard from Phnom Penh -- TGIF !

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Anonymous said...

No wonder why too many accidents in Cambodia. Where are the yellow lines dividing the road?

Anonymous said...

Guys, do not get confuse, becuase this is not a one-way street!

That's how good CRIMINAL CPP are in the name of DEVELOPMENT or I should say still on training?

Brainless, and corrupted to the bone. Careless just about everything except for MONEY&POWER."Very SHAMEFULL" just like thier boss, communist Vietcong barbarian.

Anonymous said...

So you think you can see yellow line clearly from that long distance? Also What make you think every country must have the same traffic signs and rules? Some country needs yellow line while others don't use it. Thailand and Hong kong people drive on left side, and you don't wonder why the U.S drivers should go to left side too?