Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reading CLASSICS -- whole books freely available for downloading !!

Seen and heard on Ms. Theary C. Seng's Facebook accounts:  

I am STUNNED by the wealth of this website and the freely available resources! I was first introduced to this website by a Calvin professor who connected me to the relevant CCEL staff, and CCEL and I are now exploring ways for CCEL to host my edited/punctuated version of the Khmer Bible. I cannot wait to see this amazing library in person when I am in Grand Rapids (Michigan) later this month!

As I am now exploring its pages more in-depth, I came across this amazing page of links to much loved classics -- whole books with FREE DOWNLOADING!  

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Recommended Readings Bookshelf

Click on a book to open it, or select from the list below. Then read it online or print it out!
St. Augustine
The Confessions of St. Augustine -- The most popular work of the man who more than any other shaped western civilization. The first 10 chapters constitute a spiritual autobiography and some spiritual and philosophical reflections; the last three chapters are a reflection on the creation story of Genesis 1.
John Bunyan
Pilgrim's Progress -- A spiritual allegory. Of books written in English, one of the all-time most popular. Audio available
G. K. Chesterton
Orthodoxy -- Chesterton's writing reminds me of C.S. Lewis, but a little more colorful, a little more quirky. This book is an apology for the Christian world-view.
Jonathan Edwards
Religious Affections -- "What is the nature of true religion? . . . [What are] the distinguishing notes of that virtue and holiness that is acceptable in the sight of God?" In this classic work by America's greatest theologian and philosopher, Edwards considers the nature of revival and the genuine work of the Holy Spirit. Don't read this book if you want to keep worshipping your idols.
George Fox
Autobiography of George Fox -- This is a fascinating journal of the exploits of the founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers). It is also very illuminating about the political and religious state of seventeenth century England -- for example, Fox lives through the commonwealth period, meets Cromwell, and prophesies his downfall after he treats Quakers badly. Audio available
St. Ignatius of Loyola
The Spiritual Exercises Spiritual exercises arranged into 4 weeks, by the founder of the Jesuits. Audio available
St. John of the Cross
Ascent of Mount Carmel
Dark Night of the Soul -- The writings of St. John of the Cross are unsurpassed for mystical theology. The "dark night" is a must-read for anyone seriously concerned about growing spiritually.
Thomas à Kempis
The Imitation of Christ -- This book is said to have been published in more editions than any other, apart from the Bible, with 6000 appearing by the turn of this century. This little devotional book is simply written but immensely moving. Highly recommended. Audio available
William Law
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life -- This is one of two or three books that greatly influenced the young J. Wesley. Audio available
Brother Lawrence
The Practice of the Presence of God -- In this little collection of letters and reflections, Brother Lawrence encourages us to be continually in God's presence. Audio available


Anonymous said...

I do not see any Buddhist book here. Plese someone kindly list Buddhist text also. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Theary,
We read till we drop dead.

Anonymous said...

Jendhamuni can help you cater to Buddhist books. The Bible is a politically incorrect book.

If you people want to know the source of all religions whether true or false, find a book title: The Two Babylons. Not sure of the author's name.

In this book it will explain the origin of all religions that are false, (seed of the serpent).

Babylon is a well known ancient place. And its ruin is located in Iraq as of this day.

Started by a well known character called, Nimrod, the Rebel. He was the father of all false religions on this side of the Great Flood as stated in the Bible. The Second World Disorder started by the Rebel Nimrod.

God gave men a second chance by destroying all the evil that was on the other side of the Flood. But Nimrod, the Rebel, 300 years after the Flood, dug up the evil and started a rebellion again unto this day.

Yes, all false religions is a rebellion against God.

New World Disorder Malaise

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do not expect too many Buddish books from someone who think St. Augustine's "who more than any other shaped western civilization."
In shaping Western Civilization I would think Gutenburg was pretty influencial. After all, his technology is and was that allow those men on Theary's list to spread their idea across Europe and the world. And how many men and women like Newton and Shakespear in the past who contributed to the Renaissance which brought the barbarian West-- who was living in the Dark Age and allow them to conquer the world in a short period of a few hundred years later?
The Church had 1000 years since the fall the of the Roman Empire to 1400 to do someting great; but instead Europe got a lot superstition and Inquisition. So please kindly leave the Khmer people alone to worthship in peace for they have suffer enough.

Anonymous said...

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សាសនារលត់ ជាតិរលាយ!

Anonymous said...

good way to bring the world's libraries to cambodia is too make it easy to access via the internet for any books students in cambodia wanted to read and research on!

Anonymous said...

If you want to listen to BUDDHA DHAMA TEACHING, just type in that words in YOUTUBE. U will get enlighted in one hour.