Saturday, November 02, 2013

Reform talk by Phay Siphan

Phay Siphan talks about Reforms under CPP, Alone!


Savoeun Koy said...

My opinion, if we talk about reforms or anything related to improvement, we should talk about trenparency in providing such careers with justice. Once talk no good action is just a no nonsense and fruitless. We all need to think about cellular phone that we use everyday; any keys or number must be in place in the right way. If we miss any key or number, no goal can be reached. If we play politic, the result is just politic. If we set no goal, it is fruitless. What we find in Cambodia is people talk but just a talk which has no action. We must realize that we all are going to the wrong way and never want to go in the right direction. And we still insist that we are okay. Hard to change Cambodian mind. If we really want to save our country, we must sacrify by talking about justice, righteousness and compassion. When we change from now we may get good result in 50 more years, maybe. but better than don't do at all.

Anonymous said...

phay siphon is a barking dog

Anonymous said...

លាក់បាំងអី ខ្ញុំស្តាប់សម្តី ផៃ ស៊ីផាន យូរៗទៅដូច ជាឡប់ៗម៉េចទេ ខ្ញុំយល់ថាផៃស៊ីផាននេះគិតថា​ស្រ​ទាប់ក្រោមសុទ្ធតែអ្នកល្ងង់ ករណីពាក្យថាមានលុយ មានយុត្តិធម៌...វាគិតរួចហើយថាប្រជាពលរដ្ឋមិនស៊ី ជំរៅនឹងពាក្យហ្នឹងទេ...ធ្លាប់រស់បរទេសដែរតែ មានទស្សនៈដូចមនុស្សឆ្កួត។ខ្ញុំបានហាមកូនចៅមិន ឲ្យស្តាប់វាទេខ្លាចកូនវាឡប់ឆ្កួតដូចអាផៃស៊ីផាន។

Anonymous said...

For the past 30 years...Cambodia never has reformed. AH HUN SEN brain is too old to change and his mind are made up! Change is for young is by nature the old people never want change because it involves taking risk ...Old people wouldn't want to risk their family, their security, and their livelihood!

If AH HUN SEN change at his age and what will he do next? He will be out of job! He can sign a piece of paper to collect money! Is this a job of cashier or the job of secretary? got that right!

Anonymous said...

អាតិរិច្ឆាន ផៃសុីផាន អានរកជាម យៀបនិងអាសត្វធាតុឈាងវុននឹងត្រូវរន្ទះបាញ់ងាប់ធ្លាក់នរកទាំងពូជនៅពេលឆាប់ៗនេះហើយ ដូច្នេះកុំប្រកាន់សំដីឆ្កួតរបស់វាអី ម្យាងទៀតក្រុមបក្សពួកលួចបន្លំសន្លឹកឆ្នោតប្លន់ឆន្ទះរាស្រ្ត និងមេកើយរបស់វា កនឹងមានវាសនាដូចវាអព្ចាឹងដែរគឺត្រូវរន្ទះបាញ់ងាប់និងក្រឡាប់ឡានងាប់តៃហោងទាំងពូជ

Anonymous said...

We have plenty of jobs for everyone to do. It is up to gov't to know how to divide these job equally. e.g from town A-Z. each town has its brand/office working for that particular field

e.g Town A -Road constuction engineering 10 (members) X10 groups at 10 different locations contract within 10 to 12 months to be completed approx 100km per group job done of 2 lanes to and fro.

or housing contruction etc. do the same approaches e,g must build 10 houses with 10months, could be pre-made and just assemble them all up.

Other practical field of practice include;
5-10 family docters per town.
2-4 electrical engineering
Max 1500 students per Primary and high school.

every 4 million people equal to 2 big hospital base divided into different section e.g for cancer patients, surgical arms and legs patients, children care patients, pregnancy and birth patients etc.

2 trucks- one for recycle and the other for dumping and can be collected everyday on different street per day.

So, when talk about jobs, we have plenty of them. The only thing we need right now is the right leader who is able to look into this field of practice rather than about greed, power and position, etc.

Anonymous said...

We need to see the end result:

Has the CPP accepted the CNRP as the winner yet ? If not, then that non violence does not mean anything.

If this traitorous CPP party, which has destroyed almost all Khmer natural resource, is still holding on to power, this so called non violence demonstration is just a game that this puppet CPP party let the CNRP play to entertain SOME people. We cannot say that the CPP has done a good deed for not hitting or killing the people during the demonstration. People have the right to walk peacefully.

Khmer people have overwhelmingly voted the CPP out, and the CNRP must remember that.

The CNRP has the obligation to claim that victory.

The CNRP must know that nobody has more risk than Khmer people. We are on the verge of losing Cambodia completely to this evil Vietnam.

The CNRP needs to take some steps to inform the international community about our real problems. Otherwise, they might press the CNRP to accept something from the CPP that are detrimental to the CNRP's and Cambodia's existence.

The CNRP must know in advance about the repercussion of the negotiation on this November 5th 2013. Khmer people want you to talk only about the formation of an independent committee to clarify the irregularities of the election.

But we knew the result of the negotiation already: the thief CPP will absolutely refuse to create an independent committee, and the CNRP will need to go back to a more intensified demonstration.

I say one more time, no lost life, no fruitful result for the CNRP.

Why does I keep saying that ? Because Khmer people and I knew this evil Vietnam’s determination to swallow Cambodia so well. Vietnam is not going to give up Cambodia easily. We got to fight hard for it.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Deep reform ? Corruption , nepotism , crony ism , injustice ,
impunity , land grabbing , national resource destruction , neighbor encroachment ....
At this moment , the majority of CPP supporters are ready to
jump overboard , including the dual citizen Phay Siphan who are
looking around to steal more before they abandon the genius

retired CPP

Anonymous said...

What does "Ak-Nouk-Sass" mean?


Anonymous said...

Someone asked this before.
Ak nouk sass means advice or recommendation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

**អានរកតិរិច្ឆាន 1:37 PM

អារន្ទះបាញ់ងាប់និងក្រឡាប់ឡានងាប់តៃហោងទាំងពូជ @1:37 PM

អារន្ទះបាញ់ងាប់សម រង្ស៊ី,
អានរក ផៃសុីផាន,
អាតិរិច្ឆានជាម យៀបហ្នឹង

ពួកវា ចចេសរឹងក្ត ចុយម្រាយហើយ!

វាជាអ្នកបង្កើត បញ្ហាភេរវកម្ម​នយោបាយ​
បោកយុវជន យុវនារីខ្មែរ-ចាម.........
មិនចេះចប់ មិនចេះហើយ!

គ្មានបុកគល់អង្គណា អាចទៅ
បំពានទទូលថ្មបាក់ពី អាស៊ីបានទ្បើយ!
អាPOLICEយួន វាសម្លាប់ខ្មែរ អ្នកស្នេហាជាតិតាមរយ:
អាគណបក្សចោរសង្គ្រោះយួន..សម រង្សី
អាក្រទ្បាប់ទ្បានងាប់តៃហោង ចុះនរក នេះឯង


អានរកតិរិច្ឆាន 1:37PM
-ល្មមដល់ពេលផ្ងារក្ដឡើងហើយ អាផ្កាប់មុខ!

Anonymous said...

Before CPP lost 22 assembly seats in the 5th mandate election ,
Phay Siphan said that CPP government was perfect . Why it
need a deep reform now ? When will CPP start telling the truth?
Is Hun Sen " throat cutting " included in the " deep reform package " too ?

Anonymous said...

-អាងាប់រន្ទះបាញ់.......សម រង្ស៊ី,
-អាតិរិច្ឆាន...........ជាម យៀប
..................ពួកវាហ្នឹង យួនតែ១ទេ!!!

Anonymous said...

At this moment, the deep reform within the CPP is accepting CNRP demand to form an independent committee to investigate the election irregularities or leadership change. Other than that, deep reform of the CPP means committing more organized crimes to abuse, kill Khmers, and destroy Cambodia to serve their own benefits, and the interest of Vietnamese and Chinese government.
For 28 years, there is none of business entities belonging to the state of Cambodia even our Khmer cultural treasure like Angkor Wat was sold to a foreign company.
Majority of Cambodians and myself have spoken loud and clear that we need a LEADERSHIP CHANGE.
So President Obama, if your administration is truly supporting democracy, liberty with justice for all and standing with the people of Cambodia, you should seriously consider Cambodian political deadlock by sending the U.S. special envoy to help persuade Hun Sen to step down because CPP actually lost the election 2013. If more information about the true result of the election is needed, your envoy should contact NDI, Licahdo, Human right watch, COMFREL and other reliable agencies to confirm.
Please Save Our Soul (S.O.S.).

Teuk Phnek Khmers.

Anonymous said...

Phey Si Phom, CHIEN Vun, CHHEAM Yeap are idiot! They are always barking and sucking Hoon Xen's D..K!

CPP committed many crimes, destroyed natural resources, killed their own people (injustices, crooks corrupts, you name it), gave Angkor Watt, Bokor and ten thousands hectares of land to Viet Cong cte... never brought up and covered up everything.

People know how CPeePee are?

Stop lying!

Hoon Xen must go!

Neak Sray,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since I was born 70 years ago, I heard reforms , changes..but what does it mean reform to the Cambodian leader? When asking do the leaders see in their own eyes what went wrong in the Cambodian government systems? They say yes I know, that why I say reform. How about Chhouk Bandit case is going up to now. Cambodian leaders said the authority still works on it to arrest him. Cambodia is a very tiny country, the authority can not find Chhouk Bandit at all. Talk no action. Can Cambodian trust in its system. Must do more to save the country. Not just government but all and every one. Hope every one changes attitude and mind.

Anonymous said...

Reforms.How to reach goal of reform. In justice system, we must make reform first by encouraging citizens to involve in the system. Every court house, independent monks and students and educators must act together to stay on the jurisdiction system to help promote just and fair trail. Don't let a single judge to use his own idea to make decision. Any lawyer or judge that is found malpractice or mal pheasant, must be punished at least removed from law practice. Law must be enforced totally without exception but base on bail schedule. No one is above the law of the land zippo.

Anonymous said...

Heh! ah chker youn, now you are talking about reforms which are not good enough to persuade Khmer people. Ah Chker Phay Siphorm should know by now that Khmers do not want that kind of make-up; what they want is to eliminate ah kwak and you and all of your criminal friends who have been working for Ah sdach Kwang from the day that he had been installed in power to terrorized and to plunder Khmer resources. Now I realize that I shouldn`t waste time with ah chker yuon because he is a cheap dirt typed like a son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...





We just live day by day and there is no hope for as Khmer gene since Kampuchea era.