Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spain Issues Arrest Order for China's Ex-Leader


MADRID  -- Spain's National Court on Tuesday issued arrest orders for former Chinese president Jiang Zemin and four other officials as part of a probe into alleged genocide by China against Tibet.

The court said it accepted arguments from Spanish pro-Tibet rights groups that international reports indicate the five may have had a role in the alleged genocide and should be questioned.

The five also include former Prime Minister Li Peng; former security and police chief Qiao Shi; Chen Kuiyan, a former Communist Party official in Tibet; and Pen Pelyun, ex-family planning minister. None has been formally charged.

China has previously described the investigation as interference in its affairs and called the claims "sheer fabrication."

Officials at the Chinese Embassy in Madrid did not immediately comment on the court's decision. A woman who answered the phone at the embassy told an AP reporter to fax questions to the embassy, and there was no immediate response after the fax was sent.

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is also under investigation although his arrest has not been sought. When he was named in the probe, China's Foreign Ministry said the Tibetan issue was a Chinese matter, adding that it hoped Spain would handle this issue properly.

Spain's legal system recognizes the universal justice principle, under which genocide suspects can be put on trial outside their home country.

The policy allowed former judge Baltasar Garzon to try to chase late al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

In practice, very few probes have seen people brought to trial in Spain. Meanwhile, the investigations have irked some countries, most notably China and Israel, and led to accusations that Spain was behaving like a global policeman.

Alan Cantos, president of Spain's Tibet Support Committee, which first pressed for the probe in 2008, expressed satisfaction with the court decision but was not overly optimistic that anyone would be brought to trial.

The court must process the arrest orders via Interpol.

"It's not easy, but it's a big step," Cantos told The Associated Press. "They are stuck in their own country and a competent court is pointing the finger at them. It's so they don't have it too easy."

Alan Clendenning contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

Khmer kampuchea krom must be take government vietnam to international court about kill khmer krom people and khmer kandal around 100 years to many khmer people kill by spy or government vietnam

Anonymous said...

HUN SEN must answer the questions why did he kill many Cambodian ? Vietnamese and Chinese must compensate money to Cambodian killing victims because Vietnamese was behind of the killing field, killing Cambodian first then moved their trope came for rescue it was part of Vietnamese tricks ?

Anonymous said...

sometimes, you guys become too uncivilized, your people can turn against you when they don't like what you are saying or doing to them! remember, human beings are the only animal on earth that uses psychology with each other!

Anonymous said...

Cambodia should bring both Viets and Chinese to court too. They lied to Kingta that they would return our KHmer Krom but Not! and after Kingta helped them in everyway he could, they on the other hand back stabbed him, by helping to kill his people instead, especially during the KR and continue to steal, rob and kill us until these present days. It is time to bring to court because they did not keep their promised and on top of that, they manipulated the whole story and said we khmers owed them, when not!. These two nations have lied to everyone other nation around the world and they should be held accountable for their evil action.

It is time for US, EU and UN to focus on their evil activities around the world. 'They are expansionists and they are like crocodiles', King Sihanouk. So, it is time for everyone in this world to know who they really are and what they capable of. The true is Hun Sen is not a bad person, but he has no choice but to follow their order e.g HUn Sen once said 'no one wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled'. So, it is up to the CNRP to response to, what needs to be done about how to rescue our country and nation.

It is time for the international community recognise this fact as well, e.g Viets and Chinese have used so many evil tactics and tricks to get what they want e,g how they lied to cease fire during world war 2 but not, killing some 58 000 US troops and 22 000 French troops (total of almost 90 000 including from world war1). So, lest we forget!. It is time to settle this once and for all, international community must unite into one to help to destroy these two nations out of the world map for good or else, we are finished. Just kill them before they kill us. Please, just look into the past and you will see the future. It is time to use Chemical weapons to destroy before it is too late. Because they are expansionists and they will not stop, until you stop them first, the end.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how all this court in Spain can issue an arrest warrant for Chinese politicians, but, its all good - I support it 100%.

Criminals should be declared as criminals, if not by the court in their country then it should be done by competent courts of other countries ! This is one more good step forward for our world. It's another way to get rid of communists and dictators of this world!

Anonymous said...

Someone or some groups should sue Hun sen at the Spanish court so it can order the arrest of Hun Sen like it ordered the arrest of Chinese leaders.