Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The battle to save a valley

By Nick Street, Daniel Quinlan and David Boyle
26 November 2013, The Phnom penh Post

The luscious jungles of Cambodia’s Cardamom mountains are under threat on many fronts. Few have visited the remote and pristine Areng valley in the Cardamoms, the latest target in the government’s push to turn Koh Kong into the “battery province”, until now. As the race to stop a hydropower dam slated for construction in the valley accelerates, a group of monks have joined the front line to try and save this natural treasure.


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I dare Sam Rainsy to try save this dam. It is owned and operated by Chens. Chens don't give a fuck, they will have you killed. Too many examples already.

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cambodia needs more electricity for phnom penh and the entire country. do you have a better solution for that? instead of complaining all the time, why not give a better solution to solve this power shortage in phnom penh and the whole cambodia!