Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vietnam Braces for Another Tropical System

Vietnam Braces for Another Tropical System | November 13, 2013
A system looks to hit Indochina late this week, bringing more flooding rains to Vietnam.

This cyclone passed over the devastation-ravaged Philippines Tuesday and Wednesday, slowing the recovery and relief efforts from Super Typhoon Haiyan.

The system is expected to race westward for the end of the week, slamming into southern Vietnam by early Friday (local time).

Now over open waters in the South China Sea, the disturbance has some window of opportunity to try and organize more. However, the quick movement of the storm towards land would indicate that development into a tropical storm is not likely before reaching Vietnam.

Whether the system officially becomes organized or not, flooding rains are forecast to impact the area. Rounds of moderate to heavy rain could total as much as 200mm (4 inches) in some places, especially near Hue and farther inland in southwestern Cambodia and southern Thailand.

Even though this will remain south of the path Haiyan took to Ha Noi and into southern China, flooding remains a threat. Many storms have already impacted this area thus far in the season, leaving the ground quite saturated already.

Luckily, the minimal strength of this storm will keep down wind speeds to a rather insignificant threshold. However, some locally damaging winds are possible.


Anonymous said...

God lord of Israel will punish Yietnam for killing millions of innocent Khmers and cutting down our trees from our jungles,Yietnam will be resolved/destroyed in this 21st century.


Anonymous said...

Now the typhoon had left the Philippines and going to Vietnam and hopefully it stays there.

Anonymous said...

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