Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Hun Sen and Shinzo Abe Want in the Visit

By Khmer Wathanakam | November 17, 2013

Hun Sen and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
There are two central themes that the two leaders, Hun Sen and Shinzo Abe want during the two-day visit in Cambodia.  Shinzo Abe naively asked Hun Sen, a close Chinese Ally, to support his effort in dealing with China on an altercation over an uninhabited island Senkaku while Hun Sen scares to dead to talk about a dispute over Kah Tral with Hanoi.  However, it is a fresh remind for Hun Sen to learn that this how a sovereign country conducts its foreign policies even a small uninhabited island is still very value for them, but Hun Sen's foreign policies involved with national sovereignty with the neighboring countries is totally submissive especially with Vietnam.  On the other hand, when Hun Sen's new unilateral created government is in question about its legitimacy, Hun Sen sees Abes's visit as a stamp of approval of his new dubious government.  To avoid criticism from Mr. Abe over election rig, Hun Sen pretends to ask him for Japan's expertise on the next election.

The Japan-China dispute Island Senkakus
Japan and China fierce confrontation over a dispute island of Senkaku is fuelled by both historical animosities and nationalism.  Japan annexed this unclaimed island in 1895 when China maintained that this island is part of its "inherent" territory over hundreds of years.  A tangible value of this island is not much important to both countries but heavy political and historical value.  The New conservative Japanese Prime Minister Abe relentless effort to thwart Chinese aggression over Japanese claimed sovereignty seems produce little fruitful result but add more tension to the region while many countries in the region have already faced a rigid pressure from China over the South China Sea dispute that pushed Hun Sen into an awkward position in his clumsy foreign policies.  Last year, during ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh, Hun Sen eerily made most ASEAN members dismayed  and upset even his own patron Hanoi over a controversial code of conduct in dealing with China on the dispute of South China Sea when he tried to appease China which is a main bank rolled supporter of his regime.  Now he seems make China a bit upset when he verbally supports Japan's policy dealing with China on the dispute based on  maritime and international law.  Coincidentally, is Hun Sen brave enough to confront with Hanoi over Kah Tral based on this maritime and international law?

On the other motif that Mr. Abe discussed with Hun Sen is an election reform and a negotiation with the opposition to end a current election dispute.  Albeit Mr. Abe seems already recognize Hun Sen as a winner, But he insisted Hun Sen to work with the opposition and to seriously reform the election system in order bring a more acceptable result in the future.  In response, Hun Sen tried to play down with Mr. Abe by ignoring the current crisis and asked Japan to send more experts to help reform and monitor in the next election.  In this scenario, Hun Sen is likely to ask Mr. Abe to bypass the current crisis and focus on the future election; it is Hun Sen's "fait accompli"-- Every thing is over no matter what, it is irreversible.  But if Hun Sen has a political will to make election system more acceptable and fair for all, he doesn't need to ask any more foreign experts for help but to work with the opposition to find mistakes and flaws before recommending for reform.  Most democratic countries in the world don't need election monitors from outside, but they make their election system though less than perfect but more acceptable and fair to all parties.  We don't have to mention about the US or EU but look at Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippine; they don't need outside monitors, and they rarely have election dispute because their election system is very independent and fair to all parties.  It is unrealistic for Hun Sen to ask foreign experts to monitor the election while he already created a fraudulent system.

The recent Japanese Prime Minister visit in Cambodia has nothing to be surprised but just a regular diplomatic mission of a foreign dignitaries to search for their own interest in the region while they are facing some problems that affect their own interest and a regional security.  And it is unwise for Mr. Abe to to team up with Hun Sen in dealing with an uninhabited island dispute with China when Hun Sen is scared to dead to talk about Kah Tral dispute with Hanoi.  And Hun Sen already has his masters lined up behind him--Hanoi and Beijing which are quietly sharing their interest on the expense of Cambodia.  Nevertheless, it is a suitable time for Hun Sen when he is badly needing foreign governments to approve his new dubious government that produced from a rigged election that the opposition are demanding an independent probe but fiercely rejected by Hun Sen without reasonable explanation.


Anonymous said...

"Abe naively asked..". So you think Abe is stooooopid? doesn't say much about you does it?

Anonymous said...

As the Khmer saying goes:

Ah Hun Sen’s ass is soiled with stinking shit, but instead of trying to clean his own ass he rather cleans somebody else’s asses.

Anonymous said...

HUN SEN IS blind and ignorant can not understand what does the sovereignty meant ? As long as HUN SEN is in the power, Vietnam keep moving their Border post toward to reach the Thailand border in the East and Vietnam will take all Cambodian islands and sea and will send more poor Vietnamese refugees living in Cambodia, by the time 2020 Vietnam will have enough their people to live in Cambodia, then they will set up their own political party, by that time HUN SEN will be killed to finish the long story with Vietnam.

School of Vice said...

Dear Jendha,

Thank you for posting. In fact, you are more than welcome to do so!

Jendhamuni said...

Dear School of Vice,

Now, I can go get my one-hour beauty sleep, with a smile. No you should be posting instead of me. You do a better job than I do with politic. I can be in charge of Buddhism. A-J

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen still acting as if he is our PM when NOT!. He has never been voted by people but was being installed by the Viets and the Chinese for their national interests. Japanese should be smarter by now, why asking this puppet of Cambodia to help in dealling with the Chinese to return their Island? Hun Sen can't even help himself e,g Viet took the whole Koh Tral and he said nothing, or else. Both Viets and Chinese always use the word, 'you owe us everything and because of us, you are now a khmer leader' but at the same time, Hun Sen is being so blind to the core, he loves power and position so much, where he doesn't even know right from wrong anymore.

Those two nations are trying to destroy our country and nation for their own national interests e,g the Viets owed Chinese alot of money from buying those war related weapons from wwII and the only way to pay back is through stealing, robbing and controlling all of our natural resources e.g from gold, diamons, Iron Aor, fish, rice, deforestation, owning angkor wat for 99 years and so as mount Bokor etc.

Hun Sen is just a bridging cause for them to use to ruin his own country and nation. There were so alot of compatriots who refused to be traitors and sadly, got killed by them crooks e,g Chan Si, Pen Savon who witness and such atrocity and he himself went to VN prison for 10 years and 8months. Both Viets and Chinese are the main perpetraitors. They have helped each other to eliminate their neighbouring countries. eg. they did to Laos, Champa, Khmer Krom and now the whole Srok KHmer. They say one thing but does another thing, e,g they said to the US to sease fire during wwII but not!

They used their whore to help in the killing up to 58 000 US troops and 22 000 or more French Troops. They also influenced Kingta in helping them to kill westerners in the name of decolonisation. But only to be used by the VC to help them to destroy his own country and nation instead. Both the Viets and the Chinese lied to Kingta and say they would help kingta to gain back his throne but not, and in the end kingta said, 'I have helped them in everyway I could until I lost everything including my throne and they still criticised me,,, they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles'.

It is time for the international community bring their chemical weapons or biological weapons to destroy these two nations out of the world map for good or else, they will continue to do the same to them, e.g killing two birds with one stone, that is create civil war and let them kill one another, so that, they could have it all in the end to themselves. So, they go to kill them before they kill us. It is time for international community to wake up now before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

China and Japan are biting each other for 3 small island, where as HUN SEN gave very big island more than that island 10000 times called Koh Tral to Vietnam for free, what a shock and what a Traitor this guy must face the capital punishment in the future.

Anonymous said...

Land is a rare commodity, just like oil. Do you know how many khmer lives were lost defend their land? If you are giving away your land you are a traitors to your ancestors soul and spirit.

Khmer Inquirer.

Anonymous said...

What about Koh Tral Dr. Hun Sen?

Anonymous said...

ពួកបរទេសមួយចំនួនជួយជំនួយឲទៅរដ្ឋាភិបាលហ៊ុនសែន គឺដើម្បីឲពួកអា ហ៊ុនសែន ពង្រឹងអំ
ណាច ហើយ សង្កត់សង្កិន លួចប្លន់ កាប់សម្លាប់
រាស្រ្គខ្មែរដើម្បីផលប្រយោជន៍របស់ប្រទេសគេ ។ ជាពិសេស ប្រទេសទាំងប៉ុន្មានដែលជួយ ជំនួយឥតចំណង ឬ​ សំណង ។ ដូច្នេះ សូមបង
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សំគាល់ទុក កុំពឹងពាក់គេឲសោះ ។ គេនឹងនាំ
មកនូវគ្រោះមហន្តរាយដល់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា ជាបណ្តើរ ៗ មិនចេះចប់ឡើយ ។

Anonymous said...

When Japan said If China still fly drone over Japan island it will be shoot down than China has to back up If not Japan will teach China a big lesson.China only can do is make khmer rouge killed khmer and make Hun sen killing khmer.

Anonymous said...

You all continue to keep barking...and barking.

Anonymous said...

All Cambodian must join the big and mass demonstration if you all want to live with Peace, freedom, justice, and democracy and also if you all want to liberate our country from Vietnamese communist, however, you all must prepare to have Chemical or Biological weapons to protect ourselves because HUN SEN will released a Vietnamese special forces to crack down us.

Anonymous said...

Viet controls Hun Sen, he always follows his boos or no job. No conscience.

Anonymous said...

HUN SEN mus be taken to the International Criminal Court to answer why did he kill a lot of Cambodian people ? HUN SEN must face Cambodian people court to answer why did he let Vietnam take Cambodian land including Koh Tral ? Why did HUN SEN let Vietnamese refugees living Cambodian illegally ?

Anonymous said...

Here's a joke of the day!

Can you imagine the private dialogue between Hun sun and prime minister Abe? It goes something like this:

PM Abe: I want you to support Japan's stance in claiming Senkaku from China!

Hun sen: why would I do that ? I gave away my country's island 1000 times bigger and better then Senkaku to yuon! ......But since you're here, can you be a pal and pretend that I'm the real prime minister that won the votes? ... And help me to rig the next election?

PM Abe: **??! What the kind of a retarted prime minister are you? I've never seen a retarted traitor to his own country and people such as you! I'm going back home!! **?what the hell is that ? A human being or what?!