Thursday, December 12, 2013

BBC Series -- ANCIENT ROME: Rise and Fall of an Empire -- CONSTANTINE THE GREAT (Episode V, 4 of 6)

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Anonymous said...

I HATE BBC. Too many radical Muslims in UK especially from Pakistan. Those radical Muslim Pakistani extremists are the ones who created fake story about Christ went to India, married, and died in SRILANKA...
And in Quran wrote that Christ was taken to heaven by Allah while on the cross. While Christ on the cross, Roman soldiers be sure Christ must really dead, and must be in the tomb shut by big rolling stone and must be guarded by Roman soldiers so no body can come to steal the body to claim Resurrection. The roman soldiers were there, who dared to go near by? More than 500 people witnessed the event and all watching Christ's ascension into heaven before their eyes.
Then the Evil Khmer monks are worrying their business making money may be in troubles, they too followed the Pakistani Muslims and spread more lies. This BBC is Muslims in UK.