Sunday, December 01, 2013


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Anonymous said...

Tactics that ah kwaq learned from Yuon was unbelievable powerful run gov't like thugs on street,you're with me you survive and drives,you're against me you will dead.Hun sen learned from Haboi,his professor named Lee Duc Tho.Hun sen received PhD from professor Lee Duc Tho who rewarded him with Somheang [Bunrany] for being good royalty to his master Hanoi.Hanoi is proudly of her daughter Somheang for indocinate Hun sen to serve Hanoi with dignity and honesty,faithful dog indeed-Hun sen!


Anonymous said...

Communist always use the same trick!

If you ever watch the movie 'Salt' starring Angelina Jolie, the Russians, trained and used American children to destroy and kill American President!

This is the same way as yuon use Khmer children or Vietminhs (such as Pen Sovan, Chan Si and Hun Sen) to destroy and invade Khmer. The same way as 'Salt' realised what was happening, she could not betray her own country, Pen Sovan and Chan Si also could not betray their own country!

Unfortunately, Hun sen is unintellegent and mentally weak and he is so used to Hanoi's order that he can't shake himself free from being Hanoi's slave- he countinues to betray his own country, so Hanoi has Hun sen as a loyal servant.

All Khmer must stand up- rise together with courage to show that the country does not belong to Hun sen and his cronies, srok Khmer belongs to the Khmer people! Stick together and don't let Hun sen sell your land, forests and mines that belong to you-the Khmer people!

Su Su koun Khmer!

Anonymous said...

Not too long,this is the law of nature.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen get out of Cambodia AH tai hung baremeys pull your soul out to hell 17 steps since last year.ah slapp soon KRANHUN EASAN