Sunday, December 08, 2013

Border beat goes on for opposition

Meas Sokchea, The Phnom Penh Post
Fri, 6 December 2013

Returning to a long-time party priority, opposition lawmakers yesterday said they will travel to Kampong Cham’s Memot district today to investigate claims that Vietnamese troops were forcing farmers off land that rightfully belongs to Cambodia.

Cambodia National Rescue Party lawmaker-elect Mao Monyvan, who ran in Kampong Cham, said villagers had reported Vietnamese troops stopping them from farming. Local authorities, however, insist that villagers had simply crossed into an as yet un-demarcated “white zone” where neither Cambodians nor Vietnamese are allowed to farm.

“People reported to [me] and people asked me so many times, calling me to ask lawmakers to go down,” Monyvan said yesterday.

Villager Man Yoeun, 53, from Memot’s Roung commune, maintained yesterday that she had farmed her land since 1993 with only minimal interference but that this year troops chased her off and uprooted some of her potatoes.

“The yuon use to come to stop me but not as often; I was still able to farm,” she said, using a term for the Vietnamese. “But this year, they have chased me out.”

Fellow villager Man Pech, 45, said she too was run off by Vietnamese soldiers.

“I told them that I have planted here every year and [no one] chased me out, so this year why are [you] chasing me out?” she said. “They said that their leaders did not allow planting.”

However, Memot District Governor Cheng Bunnara told the Post yesterday that villagers had been clearing new land, straying into a neutral buffer, or “white”, zone where farming was banned on both sides of the border, which has not been fully demarcated.

“Out there a farmer has his old land and the land that he has cleared more recently,” said Bunnara. “For his old land, it does not matter, he can farm normally, but if there is clearance of his newer land, it affects [the white zone].”


Anonymous said...

where are the khmer puppet soldiers?
CPP is only yuon puppet

Anonymous said...

illegal military occupation in Cambodia! ...2013

Anonymous said...

...Vietnam violates international laws... Vietnam never withdrew their troops after the Paris Peace agreement...and continue to illegally occupy Cambodia until today...ruin resources and kill Khmer livelihood...

Anonymous said...

Nobody can do better than Ah Chhker Yuon Hun Shit, said one of the proude brainless CRIMINAL CPP supporter, even with this kind of criminal act from the Vietcong.

No wonder the Vietcong barbarian can easily manipulated our Khmer leaders to rob and to kill their own peoples at will.., because most of the CRIMINAL CPP are BRIANLESS.

Anonymous said...

Where are the T 55 of hun sen that he used against khmer people in phnom penh? Why hun sen did not used against youn envahiser? So who is hun sen, khmer or youn ? Et phai siphan why you never speak about, youn envahise khmer country? You speak alway between khmer and khmer, you are a real pitiful as an animal.

Anonymous said...

Mais où sont les T 55 de hun sen qu il a utilisé contre le population khmer à pp pendant la manifestation du peuple khmer contre lui.
Phai siphan tu es vraiment un minable plus pure qu un animal, lors tu ouvre ta gueule c est contre les peuples khmers.
Sale minable bientôt tu vas rejoindre sadame en enfer.

Anonymous said...

'Fear' paralyses people rendering them useless unable to do anything!


To do everything we can, needs bravery! So talk about bravery and DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN, according to international law and assert our rights as Human beings! Why live with fear and allow people to behave like animals in our society!!! ?


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