Saturday, December 14, 2013

បទ«ទន្លេគោកខេត្តទឹកខ្មៅ» by kethya sean


Anonymous said...

The Khmer Empire collapsed because million strong men preferred not to help the economy to keep the nation wealthy, strong and powerful. They decided to become monks and let others work hard to support them while they lived in nice places, and worried nithing about earning money.
When no money comes, then corruption rise, then collapsed the empire. Because no money to keep the econony strong, no money to pay or feed the military defense. So their empire was doomed.

For 800 years the Buddhism came in, it created more beggars and primitive than anything humans can imagine how the ONCE most powerfull empire with very strong Army, very wealthy could becoming beggars and high % illiterate people.

Closed to 4000 temples, and about 1 million monks who live and eat free while 95% are living under poverty.

Anonymous said...

Buddhism is the 2nd foreign religion after Hinduism & Brahmanism that Khmers adopted.
Those religions spread by Indian traders from South East Asia through Afghanistan. Buddhism is more like a system, the buddhists seemed to lay back and relaxe. I do nof believe these monks understand that one must work so hard to put food on the table, they think every body owe them and have to support and provide for them.
The Buddhism declines and is dying, because the buddhism phylosophy contributes to poverty and destruction of the nations while they are poor and weak, other nation like vietnam can easily take over.
There is zero buddhist nation rich. They survive by modern and powerful nations that is all.
Buddhism in Japan is dying or dead already.

Sad :(( that Khmers refused to see that Buddhism destroyed their empire.