Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cambodia and Thailand's Crisis, Two Different Political Cultures

Cambodian protest on October, 2013

Cambodia post-election crisis has dragged on over four months and no sign of political breakthrough.  Now CNRP plans a fourth mass protest in Seam Reap on December 10, 2013 to continue demanding justice for voters.  Meanwhile, CPP has revealed its new tactic of intimidation against the opposition leadership with two possible lawsuits and a plan of assassination attempt and replacing new elected CNRP members a long with a call for talk.  As Cambodian political crisis in a deadlock, Thailand has slipped into another crisis for just less than three years; the crisis has reached a tipping point for less than a week when protesters stormed and occupied many government buildings that nearly made the government paralyzed.  As the Thai protest has gained momentum, many questions have raised that "Should Cambodian protesters follow the Thai?"  Based on two different political cultures of the two countries, we should not follow them.

Thai protest on December 03, 2013
Although the two countries share a common religion, similar culture and language originated from India, they have two distinct political cultures.  Historically, Thailand is more stable politically and economically than Cambodia.  Albeit Thailand has gone through at least eighteen military coups hitherto, Thailand has still managed to maintain civilian democratic elected governments over past decades in compared with Mayanmar which has been ruled by a military Junta since 1962 until 2011.  Thailand is among the most democratic countries in the region along with Philippines and Indonesia.  In 1932, a Thai military's bloodless coup had forced King Prajadhipok to give up an absolute monarchy power and embraced a constitutional monarchy ceded most power to parliament that has been practiced until today.  Furthermore, Thailand is a true sovereign and independent nation, and no any country dares to meddle with its own internal affairs in contrast to Cambodia.

Political crisis has always occurred but quickly solved by a revered king and military intervention.  Oppositely from Cambodia, all Thai national institutions are very independent from political parties--from national election committee, courts, police, military and so on.  As all these institution are neutral, all political parties have an equal opportunity to compete with each other in an election, and a winner truly represents the will of the people.  Thai government either from Democrat or Peu Thai has always refrained from using excessive forces or violence against its own people during crisis unless in a dire situation.  A bloody crackdown on the Red Shirt protesters in 2010 was ordered only after months long confrontations and failure in negotiations.  Now Ms. Yingluck's government has followed even more peaceful way by allowing the protesters stormed and occupied government office buildings to avert violent clashes with police even she easily survived a no confident vote by Thai parliament--a common practice in a parliamentary political system.  The Thai government has handled its crisis in more civilized and peaceful ways even it knew that people had clearly broken a law; it refused to use excessive forces to punish them but let them face the law at the end.  Now the Yingluck's government has gained some sympathy from the international community even the US has condemned the violence initiated by the protesters and urged both sides to negotiate to end the crisis immediately though a protest leader vowed to continue next week, fallowing a moratorium in observance of the King's birthday celebration. 

Whereas Cambodian political culture is so different from Thailand as we have gone through more turbulent history of colonization, violent wars, killing fields, foreign occupation, and continuously interfered by Hanoi until today.  Currently, Cambodia is outwardly a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy the same as Thailand; but in fact, Cambodia is a quasi one-party system rule and covertly controlled by Vietnam.  Hun Sen regime, which has ruled the country over three decades, has survived only by fraudulent and violent means.  This violent prone regime is fragrant internationally by its corruption and human rights abuses.  Any natural or violent protest against an election fraud as the Thai protest will be brutally smashed by Hun Sen's security forces.  The 1997 bloody coup, the 1998 bloody crackdown on election protest, and recent brutal attacks by police on monks, onlookers and protesters at Steung Mean Chey are just fresh reminds that this regime will act the same way if the protesters fallow a way of Thai protesters.

The regime deeply rooted in the country over three decades will not easily fall, but if it falls, it will not able to come back, for the CPP cannot survive in a free and fair election.  As the opposition planned a series of weekly mass protest, the CPP has launched its new tactic of intimidation--mainly against Kem Sokha whose comments implicated a military role in plundering power from voters and his previous comment about the S-21 that now Hun Sen has tried to bring it back together.  A divulged plan of assassination attempt on Kem Sokha posted on a Facebook controversial account, a suggestion from Cheang Vun, a Senior CPP member, to use internal rule of the National Assembly to replace the 55 new elected CNRP members along with a call for talk from a CPP's chief negotiator, Prum Sokha, just create a more complicated political pressure ahead for the opposition.  Albeit all these tactics are not new, the opposition must take them in face value because Sam Rainsey and Kem Sokha along with their colleagues used to face such a tribulation many times in the past and expect to face more if Hun Sen still holds the power.

The Thai and Khmer people are culturally close related but politically very different; the Thai people live in a true sovereign and democratic country while Khmer people live in a quasi authoritarian state where every aspect in society is controlled by one man or a party.  To get rid of this dictatorial regime demands strong unity among Khmer and well planned and disciplined leadership.  The current CNRP's strategy in dealing with Hun Sen's regime is unlikely to success in demanding justice for voters, but it has put steady pressure on the CPP to make more concession in a possible future negotiation.  Without negotiation, there will be no way to end the current crisis peacefully, for the current regime shows no sign of relinquishing the power voluntarily.  This is the battle between David and Golliah: a small and weak David can only win his giant enemy Golliah by using his wisdom or praja.  To fallow what have happened in Thailand will be a premature as there is no balance of power in place because Cambodia has ruled by a violent-prone leader, Hun Sen who came to power by cannons and tanks of Hanoi in contrast to Prime Minister Yingluck whom was freely and fairly elected by the will of Thai people.  


Anonymous said...

This is a great article, Khmer politic is very unlikely Thai politic. Khmer opposition must be carefully to deal with this dictator, who supports by Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister-elect Samramm Sy for what country??? Just a loser...shameless himself and CNRP's dogs...Mike.

Anonymous said...

10:48 AM

The true loser was and is the Yuon-created CPP.
The loser stole the people's votes from the winner CNRP !!!

Got it Miky ?

Concerned Khmer

Anonymous said...

Two Different Political Cultures :

The Thais are dealing with the Thais.
The Khmers are dealing with the Khmer Vietminhs.

A Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...

Srey Cham Jendhamuni go back to your country! Nobody wants to read the stories you post!

Anonymous said...

"The current CNRP's strategy in dealing with Hun Sen's regime is unlikely to success in demanding justice for voters, but it has put steady pressure on the CPP to make more concession in a possible future negotiation."

=I disagree with the article! The statements by the author are contradicting. So far the CNRP's strategy is working that is why the CPP is making concession wanting to negotiate. This is exactly what the CNRP want all along that is to do more protests and it will affect CPP economically because any protest is a sign of political instability which will not help investors to do business in Cambodia. And without investors to do business in Cambodia and Hun Sen will have no money to pay off his officials therefore Hun Sen is committing political suicide! The longer the protest go on and Hun Sen will be in big trouble politically! China and Vietnam can not afford to bankroll Hun Sen government forever and they are in Cambodia to do business and in business they must make a profit! So far Hun Sen government is making Cambodia the most unprofitable place to do business because of political instability!

Anonymous said...

To 11:39AM

Shut your pie hold! Speak for yourself Vietcong bitch!

Anonymous said...

Mike’s last name is Nguyen, so everybody should regard his comments as he really is.

Anonymous said...

The Thai national security is also the Cambodian national security and the other way around. If Hanoi manages to take over Cambodia through Hun Sen regime, like they did to Laos, Thailand will be next on Hanoi's take over list.

So, it is vital for Thailand national security and national stability that the CNRP succeeds in toppling Hun Sen regime and forms a CNRP led government and be close to the US like Thailand, then we Cambodia and Thailand are safe, otherwise NO.

Anonymous said...

I believe, a large part of the Thai protesters are of Khmer origin, so support your Khmer brothers across the borders.

Anonymous said...

Mike you go first!!!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen must go. No more nonsense talks.

Anonymous said...

To 4:45 I believe the author means not success to bring down the regime but to make them yield more concession or compromise. Success or victory here mean this regime must be gone.

Anonymous said...

Hanoi is in every Cambodia government levels including military and police. They imbeded their agents by changing their names and speak Khmer fluently, but we know who is Khmer and who is Youn Vietcong. Still Khmer oversea such as in Montreal this week who came out to welcome Ah Heng Samrin who is a Youn agent. These people have no clue and brainless that they forgot the past about the communist. What do they gain from supporting these criminals like Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and Heng Samrin. They're a part of the thieves and traitors of Khmer nation.

Anonymous said...

YOun Vietcong keeps supporting CPP, but for how long? If they don't, they will be brought to international tribunal at Hague one day to face the invasion of Khmer lands and islands. They won't last and they'll be sued by Khmer new government along with their coleberators (CPP members) to face justice.

Anonymous said...

Well put. Yeoung trov tae roub roum khnea, samaky khnea.

Anonymous said...

When you're barking...barking...I'm in full power and sure I nerver...never go down...Haha.

Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Thai protest is engineered by Youns as it has done to Khmers. Later on Youns will step in to be the rescuers as it did to Khmers.

Anonymous said...

Learn from this girl to fight Ah Prett Yuon (Cheetahs):


93 years old woman

Anonymous said...

The election loser's Hun Sen,

Be a brave person like Yingluck.

Adopt her idea below and solve Cambodia's problem.

Stop being a Yuon's slave !! Kom Thork Teap Peuk !!

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Sunday proposed a public referendum on proposals by anti-government protesters to let the majority of the people decide and suggest a way of holding a clean and fair election with a consensus from all parties as a way to end the conflict.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots,

Our Cambodia situation has a quite similarity with the situation in Ukraine.

Bun Thoeun

Kiev Protesters Toppled Lenin Statue.

KIEV, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Crowds toppled a statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin in the Ukrainian capital and attacked it with hammers on Sunday in the latest mass protests against President Viktor Yanukovich and his plans for closer ties with Russia.

The statue's felling - a symbolic rejection of Moscow's power - came after opposition leaders told hundreds of thousands of demonstrators to keep up pressure on Yanukovich to sack his government.

A Reuters reporter at the scene saw the protesters breaking up the statue with hammers after using ropes and metal bars to bring it crashing down.

The demonstrators are furious with the Yanukovich government for its decision to ditch a landmark pact with the European Union in favour of a trade deal with Moscow, Ukraine's Soviet-era overlord.

Yanukovich's sudden tack towards Russia has provoked the biggest street protests since the 2004-5 Orange Revolution, when people power forced a re-run of a fraud-tainted election and thwarted his first run for the presidency.

Sunday's rally marked a further escalation in weeks of confrontation between the authorities and protesters that have raised fears for political and economic stability in the former Soviet republic of 46 million people.

"This is a decisive moment when all Ukrainians have gathered here because they do not want to live in a country where corruption rules and where there is no justice," said world heavyweight boxing champion-turned-politician Vitali Klitschko.

Anonymous said...

Bun Thoeun

Very good idea but what do you wait for? Please go ahead, you go first.

Anonymous said...

need to hurry up killed that killed all the CPP member.

Anonymous said...

Thai has done a great job to kick out the Govt.

Khmer....????? 30+ years still have the same dick head leader.

Protest none stop, it won't works since July election.

Just a waste. Wait until the horse grows the horn in order to save Cambodia from youn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cambodian nettizens, Legitimacy to get into power is DEFINITELY not the same thing as legitimacy to stay in power - being elected does not mean you can do corruption and collusion with impunity

Anonymous said...

ប្រទេសខ្មែរអាចធ្វើដូចThai PM Yingluck Shinawatra dissolves parliament, calls for elections

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អ្នកស្នេហាជាតិខ្មែរគឺយកជាតិជាម្ចាស់កម្មសិទ្ធិ ផ្ទាល់ខ្លួន។

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អ្នក គ្មានចៅហ្វាយ តែងទទួលការ កៀបសង្កត់ពីអ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ។

រីឯ អ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ នឹងអ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ វិញ តែងតែចរចាគ្នាដោយសម្ងាត់ បិតទ្ទ្វារ

ក្នុងករណី ប្រទេសស្ថិតនៅក្នុងគ្រោះថ្នាក់ តើ អ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ នឹងអ្នកគ្មានចៅហ្វាយ នរណាអាចសង្រោះជាតិបាន ?

យើងត្រូវដឺងថា ទៅដល់ភ្នំពេញ ពុំមែនមាន ផ្លូវតែមួយទេ តាមផ្លូវណា ក៏អាចដល់ភ្នំពេញ ដែ រ។

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ដូចនេះ ពុំមែន មានតែ អ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ អាចសង្រោះជាតិបាន។

ការពន្យល់ ការបំភ្លឺ ការស្វែងរកការពិត ការមិនយល់ស្រប ការប្រឆាំងក៏អាចកាត់បន្ថយ
គ្រោះថ្នាក់ ជាតិ។

តាមការសង្កេតឃើញ ពី អតីតកាល ដល់បច្ចុប្បន្នកាល
គ្រោះថ្នាក់ជាតិ ភាគច្រើន មកពីអ្នកមានចៅហ្វាយ ជាង អ្នកគ្មានចៅហ្វាយ ។


Anonymous said...

The traitor Hun Sen,

Be a brave person like Yingluck.

Adopt her idea below and solve Cambodia's problem.

Stop being a Yuon's slave !! Kom Thork Teap Peuk !! Mouk Krass Dol Kor !!

Presently, your behavior is inferior to animals, which always fiercely defend their territory and their family.

If you stood so low like that, why would you want to live ? What for ?

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Sunday proposed a public referendum on proposals by anti-government protesters to let the majority of the people decide and suggest a way of holding a clean and fair election with a consensus from all parties as a way to end the conflict.

Thai PM announces House dissolution.

Thai king approves general election on Feb.2

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

សូមប្រុងប្រយ័ត្នជាមួយពួកវាផង ​ចចកបន្លំ
ខ្លួនបន្លំក្នុងហ្វូងចៀម(រំលឹកថ្ងៃរំលោភសិទ្ធិមនុស្ស) :

-អាយួនសម រង្សី
-អាយួនកឹម សុខា
-អាយួនហ៊ុន សែន
-អាយួនមួ សុខហួ
-អាទម្មិឡស្រីយួនសេង ធារី
-​ក្រុមអាឆ្កែយួនបន្លំខ្លួនជា POLICE, PM
-​ក្រុមអាក្មេងយួន ហិតកាវ

Anonymous said...

Do what you want to do Lok Prothien because Cambodia is a jungle...The end you still a same barking loser... Mike.

Anonymous said...

CNRP shout

Exchange trading ? Exchange trading ? Exchange trading ?

CPP asked that

55 get or not? 55 get or not? 55 get or not?

Although they themselves endeavor shouted Greater demonstrations or Greater protest chant , , , , , Greater demonstrations, Greater demonstrations meditation , Great strike meditation , knelt krabtoul right
ក្រោមល្អងធូលីព្រះបាទ , complained to the court or to take thumbprints UN appeals to make sky earthquake
Also the earth , yet they all turn themselves
Earth could not have 2 suns shines on the same earth .
Election's law ? Mathematic ? 50 +1 = 123/2 = 61.5 +1 = 62.5
Clearly lost and Refuse to lose
Remember Samdech Decho Hun Sen Suryavarman 1 come to rescue Cambodians Cambodia and the rich wait and tranquil ! ! !

Samdech is only a sun shines on earth ....
CHEY-YO ! Samdech Decho Hun Sen Suryavarman 1 angel of Cambodia ! ! !

Failed ! Khmer traitor defectors !

Failed foreign dogs ( ! ! )

Failure waste bottom ( ! ! )

Pi Anh

Gary Ung

សមាគមខ្មែរឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា និងជា
បេក្ខជន ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា

Anonymous said...

គណបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិ ស្រែកថា

ដូរមិនដូរ? ដូរមិនដូរ? ដូរមិនដូរ?


៥៥ យកមិនយក?៥៥ យកមិនយក?៥៥ យកមិនយក?

ទោះជាពួកអាអស់ឯងខំប្រឹងស្រែក ធ្វើមហាតបាតុកម្ម ឬ មហាតបាតុកម្មសូត្រធម៌,,,,, មហាតបាតុកម្មស្មូត្រ, មហាតបាតុកម្មភាវនា, មហាតបាតុកម្មសមាធិ, លុតជង្គុង ក្រាបទូល
ក្រោមល្អងធូលីព្រះបាទ, ប្តឹងទៅតុលាការ ឬ ចង់យកស្នាមមេដៃ ប្តឹងទៅអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ ឲ្យបែកមេឃ រញ្ជួយផែនដីទៀត
ផែនដីនេះមិនអាចមាន ព្រះអាទិត្យពីររះលើផែនដីតែមួយបានឡើយ។
ចេះច្បាប់បោះឆ្នោតទេ? ចេះគណិតសាស្ដ្រទេ? ៥០+១ = ១២៣/២=៦១.៥+១=៦២.៥
លេខចេញយ៉ាងច្បាស់ចាញ់ហើយ មិនព្រមចាញ់ទៀត
ត្រូវចាំណា សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ មកសង្គ្រោះប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា និងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាឱ្យ សម្បូរសប្បាយ រង់រឿង និងសុខក្សេមក្សាន្ដ!!!

សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...។
ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!

បរាជ័យ! ពួកអាខ្មែរក្បត់ជាតិរត់ចោលស្រុក!

បរាជ័យពួកអាសត្វឆ្កែបរទេស (!!)

បរាជ័យពួកអាកាកសំណល់បាតសង្គម (!!)

បាន យីប៉ាយទំយើ (សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​ខ្មែរ)


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ហ្ការី អ៊ឹង
សមាគមខ្មែរឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា និងជា
បេក្ខជន ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា