Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam work together to fight drug trafficking

The Cambodia Herald, Dec. 16, 2013

PHNOM PENH (Viet Nam News/ ANN) -- Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam have held a high-level meeting in Cambodia's Siem Reap Province to improve their joint work in combating the movement of drugs along their three borders.

Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Cambodian National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) Ke Kim Yan, who chaired the Wednesday event, said the trilateral meeting, the 13th of its kind, reflected the three countries' friendship, as well as their determination to work closely in combating drugs.

He stressed each country's role in working to reach the goal of having a drug-free ASEAN by 2015.

The discussions with the drug authorities of the three countries aimed to create a protocol on the work. It was a result of their strengthened partnerships in cementing peace and stability for people along the border areas, said Virith, NACD's Secretary General.


Anonymous said...

The master come to give order to his slave.

Anonymous said...

Drug free Asean by 2015? OK I'm going on a drug binge before then.

What a joke for their lofty goal. I think the Devil is really tickle by this one. Yep, democrats will solve all men's problems. They have the solutions for everything just like the UN.


Anonymous said...

OH I forgot, just don't band the chewing beattle nuts - otherwise you all will be chewed out by grumpy old ladies and spite in the face.