Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cambodia's Opposition Announces Daily Protests to Demand Re-Election

AFP photo
2013-12-13 RFA

The opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) announced Friday that it would hold daily demonstrations from this weekend to push the government for a re-election following allegations of fraud and other irregularities in the July polls.

CNRP President Sam Rainsy made the announcement on his Facebook page in a change of strategy after the party's continuous call for an independent probe into the allegations were dismissed by Prime Minister Hun Sen's government.

“The CNRP’s Permanent Committee has just decided that we will organize demonstrations everyday non-stop," Sam Rainsy said. "We will demand to have a re-election to be held soon."

He said that the party decision would be announced at Freedom Park in Phnom Penh on Sunday, when the first of the demonstrations will kick off to push for new elections.

He called in a non-violent attempt to bring about change based on democratic principles.

"Please, compatriots, participate in the demonstrations," he said in his posting. "We will hold mass demonstrations non-stop across the country. Our commitment will bring a success to demand a re-election and a nonviolent social change based on democratic principles.”

There was no immediate reaction from the government on the move by the CNRP,  which has boycotted parliament over the disputed July 28 polls.

Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party (CPP) had asked the CNRP last week to cancel its planned mass demonstrations, saying the two parties should resume negotiations to end a four-month political deadlock.

The CPP "is prepared to talk to seek a solution," the Ministry of the Interior’s Secretary of State and senior CPP official Prum Sokha told RFA's Khmer Service. "Only negotiations can result in solutions, not the demonstrations," he had said.

Previous CNRP protests involved tens of thousands of supporters, with demonstrators delivering petitions to the missions of the U.N. and foreign embassies in Cambodia, demanding international intervention in the election crisis.

Political deadlock

CNRP lawmakers have refused to join parliament unless their call for an investigation into the polls are met, leaving the party in a political deadlock with the CPP, which had been declared polls winner by the National Election Committee (NEC), which oversees the country's elections.

Talks between the two parties have stalled after the latest meeting last month yielded little progress.

The CNRP has insisted the talks must have on the agenda discussions about an investigation into poll fraud, resignation of election officials, and implementation of recommendations from U.N. experts and NGOs on electoral and other reforms.

CNRP deputy president, Kem Sokha had said recently that the party was determined to get to the bottom of the election irregularities.

“We want to send a message to the government and the NEC that we are demanding the truth, and if they don’t give us the truth, we will demand a re-election,” Kem Sokha told RFA’s Khmer Service.

He said the party was hoping to see 300,000 people—or a tenth of the 3 million people the CNRP says voted for it in the polls—turn out for the demonstration on Sunday.

“We will make the [Dec. 15] mass demonstration bigger in all respects,” Kem Sokha had said.

The CNRP has claimed that election irregularities, including the removal of 1 million voters from the electoral rolls, robbed it of election victory.

The NEC awarded the CPP 68 parliamentary seats to the CNRP’s 55 in the election, but the CNRP claims it won at least 63 seats.

Reported by Samean Yun for RFA's Khmer Service. Translated by Samean Yun. Written in English by Parameswaran Ponnudurai.


Anonymous said...

wrong thinking can lead to political mess!

Anonymous said...

Right thinking can save Cambodia before it is too late like Champa, Kampuchea-Krom and Lao.

Anonymous said...

Rainsy talk like a girlyman, the real man not talk like that, talk is cheap, if Rainsy is a real man he doesn't need to use cheap words, the real man doesn't just talk, the real man have to show the strenght, Rainsy doesn't have the strenght to force Hun Sen to step down. He may have the poor khmer support him for now, but many month's already pass with out any result, how long would the poor khmer will keep supporting his party? Rainsy is getting weaker and weaker by the days. I think Mucha is the better leader than Rainsy, she should push Raisy out and take the lead. I like Mucha becuase she stay tought with Hun Sen, un_like Rainsy when thing get tought he ran out country to hide. Rainsy is not strong like Mucha, so Rainsy need to step down and let Mucha take over the leadershipe roll. If Raisy think he a strong man he should do so with out hestiation.

Anonymous said...

More protest, more protest, and more,more, Samramm Sy still just a same loser.

Samramm Sy's mom

Anonymous said...

Sam raincy he is way way extraordinary people he be able to change human being to wild beasts. Yes it is true righ.? Mr. Rainsy is master of crook creator's. Right.? .Wasn't it true. ?. Mike

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is time!!!

Anonymous said...

ពួកវាបានតែដើរញុះញង់ ចោទប្រកាន់ឲ្យ ខ្មែរ សំឡាប់ខ្មែរ តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ... !!!

-តើជនពាលក្បត់ជាតិសម រង្សី + ហ៊ុន សែន
ពេលណាទៅត្រូវចូលគុក ?

Anonymous said...

Daily PROTEST??? Who is going to support the people's family back home when the husband or wife come to joint the protest every day? Will they eat food or eat GRASS? Is that your PLAN is REALISTIC? Watch out CNRP member when go to the point they need to support their family Hun Sen will buy them ONE by ONE until only two protheans who will do the protest.

Anonymous said...

Khmer have no rights - no life under Hun sen government anyway! Their land have been taken from them, their homes destroyed, there's no job, no work, no justice, no business in this corrupt society!

All Khmer go to the protest at least meals & drinking water will be provided!

Anonymous said...

CPP and youn stay calm and humble for now. When Khmer ran out of energy they will trap and kill Khmer. Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Sokha will be at the air port and left the country. Good well done job now Khmer are gone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you but those animal are using their trick and force to confront each other. If you do all peaceful and meditation strategy you will know what kind result you will get from cpp and youn.

Anonymous said...

Without Youn and Chin supporting him, Hun Shit would be a nobody. He would probably one of those street begger. So far,. Youn and Chin are already have their next planned to for the KHmer Nation, e,g planning to put Hun Shit's adopted son to be the next puppet but this time will be one of their own bloodline. Hun Manet is a pure Viets' son, his mother is of a Viet decendent and so as his father Le Duc Thoc.

Viet/Chinese always make sure that Srok Khmer will be under their controlled and the only way they can do that is, to put their well trained men to be in the lead. They have done this before, they wil continue to do it again and again. They already took Laos, Chompa, Khmer Krom and now the whole srok khmer and is already spreading to Thailand, EU, Middle East, Africa, US and South America.

It is time for international community to be united as one and try to eliminate them both nations out of the world map now before it is too late. King Sihanouk once said I have helped them in everyway I could, but still, they criticised me no stop, they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles'. So, it is time for all nation to wake up now before it is too late, that is; kill them before they kill us.

Anonymous said...

"They came with bible, and their religion, stole our land, rushed our spirit, and now they want us to be thankful to lord for us to be saved" Chief Potomac
do some research, Christians killed off much of the Native American population. Look up the Dark Ages, these middle eastern religions and people have been killing each other for land, wealth, and an imaginary friend/Jesus. He was written in the bible until about 100 years later. these religion make people delusional so they can talk to an imaganary friend from the middle east. Khmers, don't believe the Christian/Abrahamic bullsh*t religious fables.

Anonymous said...

2:52 PM

In this world there are good and evil. Not all christians, buddhists, muslime and other religious believers can be saved. It is about righteousness, e.g you do or say according to the will of God's will e.g if someone has nothing to eat, and you have more than enough wouldn't you share regardless of religeous background or Jesus once said 'not all call my name will be saved'. If you don't have good moral, what good is there for you? Buddha also said, 'don't kill anyone or living being, because too want to live like you do'. Muslime said 'we all are brothers and sisters'. All religous has one thing in common though, that is, 'Love one another and treat others like you want to be treated'.

This is clearly seen as a true believers, other than that, they all are hypocrite or manipulative kind of people because 'evil would come in with all kinds of forms as Jesus said 'many will come in name but do not recieve by them'. Therefore, it is up to individuals' belief and action to get such enlightenment. e,g 'no one in this world can get away from any injustice that they have committed' e.g what happened to all of our predecessors before us? some went to heaven and of course some went to hell according to their work here on earth e.g what you do is what you will get.

Therefore, I would not blame religion but on the wicked people who used religion as a mean to kill or to gain such power etc. All religions told us not to kill but to punish them according to their wicked actions only e.g do not lie, steal or kill and if anyone does, there are a rule of law to deal with it e.g for rapist- 5 years and for killers 25 years per life and depending on how old the victim is e.g if he killed a 14 years old, he has to serve at least 50 years etc e.g by the time he gets out he too be dead himself and if he killed more than one, say 3, it means 3 hundreds life years in prisonments etc,

Therefore, please don't blame on god but on wicked people alone. e.g Viets an Chinese have helped to kill up to 3 millions, mostly our educated ones, in this sense they will pay for what they had done to us and our nation as 'no one can get away from any injustice that they have committed' or 'a crime is a crime', again, nothing to do with religions whatsoever. or 'the road to life is truthfullness and the road to death is through a lying tongue'. So far, both VN and CH have lived based on a lie, therefore, their nations is a doomed nation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

4:48 PM

Sam's hands are clean, unlike Hun Shit, how many did he kill? this is just to name a few e.g during KR, thousands and duing Funcipic hundreds more and in 1997 granate attacked on Sam and his supports killing hundreds more and hundreds more of Chea Sim and Hang Sarin supporters because of being paranoided. So far, Hun doesn't trust anyone, not even members of his family. So, don't compare Hun/cpp/vc and ch's controlling freaks with Sam.

Because Sam has good moral and your cpp mafia group has zero moral, thats the different, ok mice!

Anonymous said...

If ALL CAMBODIAN wish to have peace, justice, freedom, democracy and good for living or want to liberate our country from Vietnamese communist must stand up and get HUN SEN off from the power now, if let HUN SEN lead us for another 5 years, Cambodian will be finished and will be controlled by Vietnamese fore the rest of our life

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

United. Today and Tomorrow. God Khmer people!

Anonymous said...

United. Today and Tomorrow. God bless Khmer people in her fight for self-determination and freedom.