Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CNRP notifies Phnom Penh City Hall of its daily non-stop demonstration

CNRP notifies Phnom Penh City Hall of its daily non-stop demonstration, beginning DEC 15, B.E.2557 A.D.2013. គណបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិជូនដំណឹងដល់សាលារាជធានីភ្នំពេញ អំពីការធ្វើមហាបាតុកម្មអហិង្សា និងការដង្ហែក្បួនបាតុកម្មដោយសន្តិវិធី


Anonymous said...

Just a useless PATOKAMM...Haha.

Hun Sen

Anonymous said...

Because khmer hate them(YOUN&SEIM) so much forgot to do anything else, that why they get richer and more power full every day. Right now khmer got nothing to match with their power, if the real full scale war broke of between khmer and those nation who going to suffer more? You should "love thy enemy" before they kill you all, if you want to win right now is not the time, the time come when you have strong military power to match them and friend with the super power nation before than you should "love thy enemy".

Anonymous said...

“I have always felt that Sam Rainsy was hoping for an overreaction by security authorities to generate martyrs for his movement. ”

University of New South Wales professor and Southeast Asia expert Carlyle Thayer

Anonymous said...

All the protesting has no result, I don't see anything going to change anytime soon. The leader of the protester are to weak, if they are strong there should be 100 thousand to a million of the protester in the streets right now. I see no blood spill, no death and it getting boring. They should give up now before the peoples turn againt the leader of the protester, because the leader are too weak, no result, no real goal to accomplish. People only support you if you give them what they want, if not those leader should be worry that they will turn back againt them