Sunday, December 08, 2013

Corruption Case for Cambodian-Born US Navy Commander To Open in February

By Sok Khemara, VOA Khmer 07.12.2013

WASHINGTON DC - A US federal court in February will begin the corruption case of a Cambodian-born US naval officer in February, a justice official said.

Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz has not pled guilty, Kelly Thornton, a spokeswoman for the US attorney in Southern California, where the trial will be held, said.

“He has posted bond and is no longer in custody,” Thornton said.

Misiewicz is accused of providing sensitive government information to regional defense contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, which then allegedly bilked the Navy out of millions of dollars.

Prosecutors allege that Misiewicz accepted prostitutes and luxury travel in return for the information, Thornton said.

Misiewicz, who was born in Kandal province but grew up in the United States, docked in Cambodia in 2010 to a tearful homecoming. But the allegations in his corruption case have since spread, leading to the arrests of senior military officials in a widening scandal.

A guilty verdict would ruin his career, officials told VOA Khmer.

Prom Saunora, a political analyst in Virginia who has been following the case, said US prosecutors will make their investigations, and a US court will make its judgment based on the evidence provided.

Schanley Kuch, an analyst in Maryland, said the US courts are “trustworthy,” and will not make a judgement “based on money, bribery” or Misiewicz’s military rank.

Misiewicz’s attorney did not reply to requests for an interview.


Anonymous said...

if he can get a good lawyer to fight for him, maybe justice will prevail. in america, you are innocent until proven guilty!

Anonymous said...

NO matter how smart he is ,he still do stupid thing sometime for his life,but not just for his life it really bad for all CAMBODIAN AMERICAN that join army and navy and people ,dump & stupid man.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in any of it. I think he is being framed and defamed e.g he was meant to be used by this secret agent to enter Southeast Asia water e,g like a bridging cause and now that he is no longer useful anymore and the only way to get rid of him to defame and frame him or else, there is no reason to sack him. May god have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

"ឈ្នះសត្រូវមួយពាន់នាក់ ឬមួយពាន់ដង មិនស្មើ ឈ្នះខ្លួនឯងម្តង"។ មនុស្សច្រើគ្នាណាស់ រិះគន់អ្នក ដ៏ទៃ ដល់ប៉ះលើបុណ្យសក្តិ ដុល្លា ស្រី ស្រា បាក់ បង្អៀងមួយរំពេច។ ត្រូវការសេចក្តីក្លាហាន ភាពរឹងប៉ឹង បូកនឹងការអប់រំបន្ទុំចិត្តដោយសេចក្តី ព្យាយាម ដាច់ខាត មោះមុត។ បើមិនអញ្ចឹងទេ កុំអាលអួតលោកអឺយ! ឃើញច្រើនគ្នាហើយ!

Anonymous said...

You are a U.S Navy officer and you violate that pledge to protect and defense, you deserve to be in jail kiddo.

Anonymous said...

He had a good chance to be where he is. He should know better where he came from and where he is now.

He must blame on himself and deal with it.

He can get with PHEY See PHOM, he knows how to deal with it.



I am not saying all CPP are crooks.

CPP group such as CHIEN Vun, CHHEAM KOP YAP, Pral sokhon, Kun Kim, PHOME Nyeng Tieng etc...and all people around HOON XEN including Nyeng SAM HEANG are all CROOKS.

Hope one day PHEY SEE PHOM will be building his career as Dish WASHER in Long BITCH.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember this one guy labeled as the "Strip-Mall Revolutionary" Chhun Yasith? At the beginning Uncle Sam gave him everything - education opportunity, freedom, and more. That dude became an accountant and made money and bought houses to live in and to rent out. Then he did something illegal and stupid and he is now in jail for life. Everything he earned is now GONE in a blink of an eye. Now back to Michael. He is the ONE in millions to represent the Cambodians out in the entire world. He is the most shiniest star on the Cambodian Christmas Tree. Now if this dude is found to betray USA his homeland and his wife for some hoes, then we all need to pound on this guy really really hard. If he is found guilty based on evidence, he is done.