Thursday, December 12, 2013

CPP talk show


Anonymous said...

Jungle's gooks can not be civilized after left the jungle to lived in the city for three decades became so wealthy and greedily beyond my comprehension,they still acting like the monkey in the jungle,nothing is changed after three decades in the city,they still acting like the gooks they once were in the jungle!....After three decades in the city they turned from dump's monkeys in the jungle to the PIGS of the city so greedy,dirty,fifty,and corrupted sold their souls to Demon and worship money and fame and Hanoi and slaves to their master (Yuon-Hanoi) who liberated them from the jungle to lives in the city,now all that monkeys turns to be the filty'sPIGS.


Anonymous said...

*According to Ah Youn slave Phai Siphan said, the rich people can sleep with his wife a problem because they are rich, they even hit head with a shoe.

*According to ah Youn Cheam Yeap, people can drive a car and kill his family,and it will be fine.

*According to the picture of Ah youn Cheang Vun show that he likes to play Mi Bun Rany's boobs.

*According to what he said, the monther of Ah Kem veasna is a cow.

*According to Ah Youn Khieu Kannarith, when his is behind of his wife, it look like a black man kiss the cow ass

*For Ah youn slave Hun Sen, one day those dogs will bit his head and drag him him along the riverfront.

Anonymous said...

please add another one: kem sokha claimed notorious s-1 was ran by vietcong after Vietcong chased out Khmer rouge from the capital. pol pot has zero to do with torture, rape and genocide it own Khmer innocent and Khmer rouge pple.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

ក្នុងចំណោមទាំងប្រាំមួយក្បាលនេះរកលេខដាក់គ្មាន យើងនិងចាទុកក្នុងប្រវតិ្ដសាស្រ្ដ ទុកឲ្យកូនចៅជំនាន់ក្រោយមើលមុខ។

Anonymous said...

You can dress up monkeys to look smart,acts smart,walking up right like a human but,underneath the fansy tuxedo or expensive clothes is still a monky with animal's instinct can't be trusted.Character of all Cpp in these pictures were prove to you that they all can not be changed to be civilized manner!..