Monday, December 09, 2013

Interior Minister Says No to Opposition’s Marching Plans

By Mech Dara and Alex Willemyns
The Cambodia Daily, December 9, 2013

The Interior Ministry on Sunday released three statements saying that workers’ unions, civil society groups and the opposition CNRP will be allowed to hold rallies and protests on Tuesday to mark International Human Rights Day, but will not be allowed to march.

The CNRP has planned marches in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap City to mark the day, while human rights NGOs and unions have planned their own rallies and marches in Phnom Penh.

The first of the three letters reminds political parties, government groups, NGOs and civil servants planning to hold events on Tuesday that they must inform municipal authorities of their intentions to rally.

The other letters, signed by Interior Minister Sar Kheng, hand down orders to authorities to allow protests throughout Phnom Penh.

“Allow the CNRP to rally in Freedom Park from 7 a.m. to 12 noon, hosting no more than 10,000 people…[but] without marching, although 10 representatives may be assigned to bring a petition to the National Assembly,” the second letter says, also allowing unions to rally.

The third directs authorities to allow the Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee to hold a 5,000-strong rally in front of Wat Phnom between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., but “without marching and distributing any leaflets.”

CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said the opposition would nevertheless lead three groups of people through the city to the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The letters do not address the CNRP’s plan to march in Siem Reap City in the afternoon. Provincial authorities have said the party will neither be allowed to march or take their rally to Angkor Wat.

Ke Sovannaroth, the head of the CNRP’s working committee in Siem Reap province, said the party would not back down from its plans and had on Saturday informed authorities of its planned route for Tuesday.


Anonymous said...


Please stop follow the ROBBERS' RULES.
Please proceed as planned.

Anonymous said...

keep fighting against the communist dictator in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Whether Cpp says no or yes,NCRP must be protested until ah kwak oust of the office for good.We were not happied we will keep protrst to get rid of ah kwak and his Yuon slave.Yingluck more civiizes that ah kwak she willing to resign if people unhappy about her Gov't.Ah kwak must go.....!Do not stop protesting until ah kwak is gone.People power not govt power,ah kwak was a thief and his thugs stole an election from NCRP last jully 2013.Please help get rid of ah kwak he is on power for too long...


Anonymous said...

12:27 PM

I agree with you 100%. There is no law in Cambodia, e.g land owners are jailed and perpetrators gotten away like; land grabbing, illegal leasing of Angkhor War, Mth Bokor, Koh Tral and big block of land concession to both the Viets and Chin, for 99 years. Including killing a number of journalists like Odoum. Chea Vichea, Chut Vuthy, Pisith Pilca, Pov Nga Pich, Touch Srey Nich, Nearg Marin, etc. It is time to tell for all of us to wake up, that there is no rule of law in Cambodia. This CPP has taken the law into their own hands e.g they would use their jungle law toward our innocent ones like, if they demand for their rights, they would be locked up in jail or beaten to death e.g like Youm Bopha vs Lork Chuck Bundith who shot the tree girls and still roam free whereas Youm Bopha hurt no one accept she was trying to free herself from being abused, gotten jailed term.

Again, there is no real law and democracy in cambodia, everything CPP does is a fake, because they are being controlled by the VC e.g Hun Sen said 'the truth is I am a VC's puppet, nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled'. Therefore, cambodia is not being independent, it is under the both VC and CH's controlled. So, what are we going to do about?

We have to continue to demonstrate until we are free from being oppressed by them crooks of the Viets and the Chinese or else, that is it. It is not Hun Sen's fault because he already admitted the truth and it is up to all of our people to fight for what is rightfully ours, that, Cambodia belongs to Cambodia, not a bunch of mafia group of the Hun puppets/CPP, VC and CH. Please, everyone wake up before it is too late, the right time is now. Again, Hun/CPP =VC and Chinese federation.

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Anonymous said...

hunsen's regime is no longer legitimate government of cambodia so we're cambodians have the right to do whatever we want

Anonymous said...

You can yes or no not accept to you People do on own land not Hanoi land Mr Kheng are you youn ????? if not joint us you have a change to survive with your family ? you have big families and I knew where they lives all of your gangs in my black book too.I'm a spy on on behalf of Khmer people to figth for freedom.KRANHUN EASAN