Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Japan to help Cambodia with election reform: government official

The Cambodia Herald, Dec. 18, 2013

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Japan to help Cambodia with election reform: government official

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has agreed to send experts to Cambodia to help tackle the country's election reform issues.

Japan has agreed to send their experts to study and help Cambodia with its election reforms following a request by Prime Minister Hun Sen during his visit to Japan, according to Kao Kim Hourn, an Advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Both of the Prime Minister's of Cambodia and Japan have also agreed to boost strategic partnership as well as military cooperation between the two countries.

Kim Hourn added that Shinzo Abe has also pledged to provide funds to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal.

Prime Minister Hun Sen left Cambodia last Thursday to attend the 40th ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit and the 5th Mekong-Japan Summit.

During the visit, the two leaders held bilateral talks and presided over the signing ceremony of four documents:

1 - Exchange of Notes of the Project for Improvement of the National Road No. 1.
2 - Exchange of Notes of the Project for Improvement of Sihanouk Provincial Referral Hospital
3 - Exchange of Notes of the Project for Improvement of the Equipment for the Restoration of the Western Causeway of Angkor Wat
4 - Memorandum on Defense Cooperation and Exchange between the Ministry of Defense of Japan and the Ministry of National Defense of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

The people of cambodia wants election reform now. Not another 5 years. We wait for thirty years already.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen, this time, I think you are doing the right thing, that is, 'STAY AWAY' from VC and Chen. I am glad you have woken up on time, because they have done alot of damages to us and our nation e,g they created one party after another to destroy us all, like, they created pol pot to be against lon nol and created a gang of three to be against pol pot and created a nation full of corruption to be against you the gang of three.

Now, that they know that we know, they are trying another tactic and trick, e,g pretending to be on your side to continue to rule to ruin but looks like, you wake up on time, which is good. Again, stay away from them crooks before it is too late. Secondly, please apology to our khmer compatriots for all of your wrongdoing and that you had no choice but to follow them crooks, but now, you have woken up, you make up to them.

People are willing to forgive when you turn around and do the right thing, just like. Chaing Kai Shak (Chinese nationalist) Vs Maos Setong (communists) they decided to be united and fought of the Jap in 1935 and won. In the end Chaing Kai Shak went of to Thaiwan to create his own colony and Maos got hold of the whole mainland China. Please, united we stand and divided we fall.

Secondly, please don't let your Viet wife influence you because she is a spy just like Monique Ezy, who was a spy helping to destroy our country and nation for the Chinese Federation. It is you turn not to overlook the enimy within, wake up and you will live or else that is it. Please listen to me because I am a compatriot not a traitor, being a traitor means death, but since you wake up on time, you will be saved.

Please do the right thing or else, you are finished and then, your name will be rotten like hell.