Saturday, December 14, 2013

Khmer et Yuon


Anonymous said...

សូមបងប្អូនខ្មែរ ប្រយ័ត្ន !
ឧបាយកលថ្មី!..........ស្នៀតថ្មី !
(ដោយប្រើល្បិចបំភន់ភ្នែកខ្មែរ ធ្វើជាឲ្យ​
អាខ្ទើយសម រង្ស៊ីសុំទោសយួន)

*ខ្មែរគួរពិចារណា !

*អាខ្ទើយសម រង្សីធ្វើនយោបាយ​ឲ្យយួនឆ្កួតល្ងី​ល្ងើ !
កំពុងធ្លាក់ code ដុន​ដាបពីខ្មែរអ្នកស្នេហាជាតិ
តែត្រូវបាន ឣ៊ូ វីរ:​ជួយលើក​ code វាឡើងវិញ
តាមរយ:អាកញ្ជៈយួនហ៊ុន សែន។
*អ្នកដែលហាមខ្មែរមិនឲ្យ​​ប្រើពាក្យថា៖ (យួន)
មុនអ៊ូរ វីរៈ គឺ
*មីយួនយៀកកុងសេង ធារី
វាថាពាក្យ (យួន) ជាពាក្យអសុរស-អសីលធម៌ណាស់!
*គ្រូសារវាក៏យួន យួនមិនអាក្រក់ទាំងអស់នោះទេ ​។
*សេង ធារី

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Samramm Sy he is an extraordinary people he be able to change human being to wild beasts. Yes it is true righ.? Mr. Sy Samramm is master of crook creator's. Right.?. Wasn't it true.?. Mike

6:24 AM
Anonymous said...

Kdamjor you are right I appreciate and I agree with you. you details everything quite well does it mean you proof yourself as the best ass kisser. Right. ? . As your friends what they say your are dirt poor madness man. Right. ? . Mike

9:24 PM
Anonymous said...

Sy samramm he is the cheapest human being on earth only idoit and super idiot like you kdamjor allow samramm to cheat you. mike

9:33 PM
Anonymous said...

Amazing ah sy samramm can change all of you to wild beast. Mike

9:37 PM
Anonymous said...

Kdamjor you know it yourself very well right.? . ah pler raincy playing layler pler pler and childish political joke. Right.? Ah nis clown shit . Isn't he. ? . mike

9:55 PM

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Thank you for your brilliant explanation.

Anonymous said...

Ah Ror Ou Khmauch Areak or Ou Vireak,

Why Vietnam and Ou Virak did not want Khmer people to call Vietnamese Yuon ?

Because Vietnam and Ou Vireak did not want Khmer people to recall the old history : KBAL KHMER YUON DAM TER ONG.

You see, this story made YUON looked bad.

However, the word Vietnam would sound better to Ou Vireak because Vietnam killed millions of Khmer people through Khmer Vietminh and the K5 project - not killed Khmer people directly.

Ou Vireak,

you are such an asshole now through Khmer people's vision.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...


1- If you are Khmers Blood, You should died, don't wasted the land. You are the most corrupted person on earth.

2- VIRAK OU, if have Khmers blood, you must remembered (YOUN) is the most tricky peoples on earth. Khmers Soth. USA

Anonymous said...

ហ៊ុនសែន៖ ចុងភៅ! ឣញចង់បាន "សម្លរ ម្ជូរ យៀកណាម" មួយចាន ឣោយ​ ឣា ឣូន ឣ៊ូ វីរាក់ !

Anonymous said...

Dear all Khmer,

Please don't use the word yuon it is racist as Mr. Ou Virak says, but use the following words instead :

Ah yuon.

Ah yuon Hanoi.

Ah Ho Chi Minh.

Ah Srakai.

Ah yuon Korntop.

Ah Soueng.

Down ah yuon Indochina Federation.

Anonymous said...

ហ៊ុនសែន៖ ចុងភៅ វឣ៊ូ វីរាក់!
ឣញចង់បាន "សម្លរ ម្ជូរ យៀកណាម" មួយចាន ឣោយ​ ឣាមុខគីង្គក់ សម រង្ស៊ី!

Anonymous said...

Please stop use the word "Youn" because you insult our friendly thief neighbor. Just use the word "Vietcong or Vietminh" from now on.

By the way Ah Hun Sen is Vietcong agent and he is deserved to be executed by firing squad. He is Ah Chor Youn Vietcong who helps to destroy Khmer people. He is a scum ass who only works for Youn Vietcong interest. I hate this ugly stupid moreon asshole one eye idiot traitor Ah Hun Shit every day. Only Ah stupid Khmers like Ah 6:24AM follow and suck this guy's ass everyday. Ah Khmers who support Ah kwak are all Kbort Cheat (Traitors) and they're all communist people.

Kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

All Khmer Patriots! Don't worry about A Ou Viet Cong, the president of CCHR, has already gotten such a brain wash by his master a "VC."
Since we were a citizens of Cambodia that we really did not want to lose anybody of our bloody Khmer to enemy's Khmer, but then this guy he was acting as a cool blood and committed himself to [Youn Ve] because of his power greedy, perhaps.
It's a ridiculous when he demands all our citizens by stopping called the word "YOUN" instead of "Viet Nam."
Maybe he have learned this word from his mother/fk when he was at younger age or what. As if this one was the case, all Khmer patriots, would prefer you to go back to the real of Khmer's history, Okay Samak Mit Ou Viet Cong.
Here's the best way of word to call its as A " YOUN VEI " that it would be a right term, isn't it?

Guess what if the victory of A youn vei could control Cambodia, your life, should be end up dead by A VC. So you should rethink about it once again before it's too late. The reason we still do not want to lose your life on the VC's hands.
Reas Khmer