Monday, December 02, 2013

Logging in Virakchey National Park

Dear friends,

This is happening NOW !
This pictures were taken yesterday in Koh Peak village, 45mn upstream from Katchon Village.

Virachey. 'This is also our forest'. On the 28th of November I was meeting a team of volunteer students in Koah Piek village north of the Sesan river. I ran into a bunch of men preparing a forest raping machine to cross the Sesan river. There was already a huge pile of luxury Beng timber ready to be taking on transport. I started taking pictures. Some of the men were absolutely not pleased I was doing this but I though f*ck you and f*ck you too. Apparently nobody intent to stop me probably I was a foreigner. Eventually they crossed the heavy truck to the north side of the river,and its not coming back untill the whole forest is raped from luxury timber. This is the end of what once was a beautiful forest.



Anonymous said...

If we let Hun Sen continue,Khmer country become SAHARA.Khmer soldiers at the border sacrifice the life,the blood and find the way to protect Khmer country,but Hun Sen and his group at Phnom Penh destroying Khmer country and they find the way how to steal Khmer money by corruption to become millionaire and billionaire. Oh poor my Khmer poor people and poor my poor Khmer soldiers at the border.

Anonymous said...

All the money of Hun Sen and his group it's the money of Khmer people,they are thief.By the law of nature,all that money will drop to the pocket of Khmer people.When we was born we come with zero, when we die,we go with zero too. Why you try to do the bad,you should do the good ,so your name still stay good on Earth and you bring good name with you too.

Anonymous said...

yeap...Khmer people keep playing a blind eye. pretend you didnt see what is happening in Cambodia.

all tree are gone.