Friday, December 06, 2013

Mu Sochua: Hope Never Dies

Nelson Mandela, like many others who fought for justice for their people leave behind the eternal flame of Hope. Every day on the campaign trail, at every protest I see that flame and am guided by that light of Hope. ~Mu Sochua, MP


Anonymous said...

My idol is gone! R.I.P you're in Heaven,May God bless your soul,my friend,the world has lost the great wise-man (Nelson Mandella) Your legacy will lives on 4-ever,even though you were gone to live with Jesus Christ [lord] Your name is in my heart...! what is profit a man,when he gains the whole's world,and lost his SOUL?!? Lives free or die...!


Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen tries to make people remembering him by naming buildings, roads, parks, bridges…after him, but it is the uneducated and wrong way.
He should do good like Nelson Mandela and he will be remembered long after his death.