Monday, December 02, 2013

Overseas Vietnamese Chapter in Takeo Province

Courtesy Cambodia Hunger For Justice


Anonymous said...

Khmer mean tae mouy! Ort trov mean samakum youn eae na mok lok lom chea dach khat!!

Anonymous said...

Down with banner.

Anonymous said...

These Vietnamese communities in Cambodia is a shadow government of Vietnam in Cambodia in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Pen Sovann,

Pen Sovann was a former Khmer Vient Minh as well as Chan Si, Heng Samrin, Chea Sim and So Phim and many other more... .

Pen Sovann's wife was Le Yuon's niece , and Pen Sovann spent so many years living in Hanoi after Geneva 1954-1979.

Some Khmer believe that Pen Sovann really against his former boss yuon Hanoi.

Some Khmer believe that Pen Sovann did not against his former boss yuon Hanoi.

I simply don't,because all former Khmer Vient Minh who lived in Hanoi after Geneva 1954 were most trusted by yuon Hanoi then those ( other former Khmer Viet Minh who continue to live , not going to Hanoi after Geneva 1954 in Cambodia such as :

Tou Samoth.
Siv Heng.
So Phim.
Keo Meas.
Ros Nhim.
Ni Sarran ( Ya ).
Norn Sourn.
Many other more .... .

Anonymous said...

Pol Pot,

Pol Pot the man hated by so many Khmer but scarified a lot for the country said 30 years ago that :

Yuon Hanoi wanted to annex on Cambodia and exterminate Khmer ethnics as they did to Champa, Kampauchea-Krom and Lao, it all about Indochina Federation said Pol Pot.