Thursday, December 12, 2013

People living in Prey Lang area ask Hun Sen to step down


Anonymous said...

prey lang uses to be a Khmer rouge strong hold. don't destroy this nature along with those jungle Khmer rouge life.

Anonymous said...

អា សម រង្ស៊ី មួយនេះវាជា Khmer Vietminh and now he is the prime minister of wat phnom
and democratic park.

ចុយោ! នាយកទឹកត្រី ស៊ី-សំរាម
នៃ អាណាចាក់ក្តិត FACEបុក.

Bravo! Porn Minister Eat Pussy of FACE-FUCK SEX country.


Anonymous said...

This jungle and uncivilized man never knows the polite word such as please relinquish your power or please get down as you promise if you lost the election. Now, you hang on power just like "TOEK KAER." Hun Sen, after 30 years you have every thing in the world that all the rich and powerful want to have like you. Give up your power, and let some one else who was the winner by the democratically elected to take over the helm. Khmer people are so nice and kind to you to invite you to go down, but you still resist their pledge. Next time around they would come around again and demand your resignation and this time would be the last one and your chance of survival as the human would be very slim. Think about it; do not just believe your advisors who tell you to hang on because you are the good source of power and money for them, so they want to exploit you for their own benefits. And to the end of the rope who is going to be hang up high by the public court.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Sam Rainsy,

Please have the Camera/Film makers to record the destruction of Prey Lang forests. You can share with the International Community and UN.

Also, send the video tapes to the Interior Ministry, CPP Khmer supporters or officials in Phnom Penh, and Hun Sen so that they can watch and see in their own eyes, how horrible and destructive the Prey Lang forests are today.

Khmer people are very angry to see the destruction of Prey Lang forest caused by or because of illegal Vietnamese/Yuon companies that the blind Hun Sen has given to illegal Yuon/Vietnamese company.

Hun Sen said, "he will cut his head off if the forest of Prey Lang and other forests in Cambodia are destroyed." Hun Sen had lied so far. How long that illegal Yuon/Vietnamese companies have cut or destroyed Cambodian forests? It has been 30 years already now that the forests in Cambodia like Prey Lang, forest in Koh Kong, etc.

Khmer Yeurng

Anonymous said...

I never call Cambodia any more since yuon took over in January 7, 1979.

Today they called Nambodia.

Cheyo yuon!
Para chey ah khmer chhkuot!

Anonymous said...

អាអ្នក​ឆ្កួតនិង​អាសម រង្សី តែងតែពោលដូចឆ្កែ​ស៊ីអាចម៍ជាពិសេសអាសម រង្សីខ្លួនវាតែម្តងថា៖

*អាហ៊ុន សែនវាថោកជាងលោកស្រី យិនឡាក់
តែភ្លេចថា អាឆ្កែឡេមឡឹមសម រង្ស៊ី អានេះ ក្បត់ជាតិជាងអាហ៊ុន សែន
១លា​នដងទៅទៀត !

*អាសម រង្សីមួយហ្នឹង កំសាកញ៉ីផុតលេខ គឺអន់ហើយថោកជាងអាចម៍លោកស្រី ទេព វន្នី
១លា​នដង !