Saturday, December 14, 2013

Police Officer Rejects Blame For Kem Sokha Death Threat

By Khuon Narim and Alex Willemyns
The Cambodia Daily, December 13, 2013

The man at the center of an investigation into a death threat posted on the Internet against CNRP Vice President Kem Sokha said Thursday that he will provide authorities today with documents proclaiming his innocence.

The image and name of Pheng Vannak, who serves as the deputy chief of training at the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissariat, appears on a Facebook account from which an image of a pistol and seven bullets was posted on December 4 along with a message saying that each bullet was intended for a different part of Mr. Sokha’s body.

The Interior Ministry says it is investigating a complaint against the threat sent last Friday by the CNRP, and Mr. Vannak said that a superior had asked him Thursday to submit a report providing his side of the story.

“My superior advised me to make a report clarifying the case to him. In the report, I say that I am not involved in the death threat to Mr. Sokha,” he said.

Mr. Vannak said that while he has a Facebook account featuring the same user image that appears in a screenshot of the post, which went viral, he himself had not authored the post.

He said he believed that someone had either lifted his image and used it to create a duplicate account or had created a fake screenshot of the post to frame him.

Mr. Vannak added that after seeing the apparently fake post spreading on the Internet, he had talked with his lawyers about submitting a complaint to uncover the culprit, but was told no law exists under which he could do so.

“This has impacted my reputation because I am a law enforcement officer with the police and I know that to do this is illegal under the law,” Mr. Vannak said.

CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann, who lodged the complaint over the death threat, said that he would like to see an investigation to bring the author of the threat to justice.

“I understand that on Facebook there are a lot of fake accounts, but I appeal to the Ministry of Interior to put their resources toward finding this criminal,” Mr. Sovann said.


Anonymous said...

The explanation is phony at its worst.
How can anyone create 2 identical accounts on FB, Yahoo, Google, Hotmail…?
This dumb ass doesn’t even know how to fabricate a good lie.
The stupid showoff of gun and bullets has caught up with this dumb-ass.

Anonymous said...

duplicate account = identical copy from another account

Anonymous said...

He know nothing from the programm PHP, Java/JSP and Database that is using for the Facebook community, the IT-Specialists say that you are a liar.

Anonymous said...

Heh Ah Pheng Vannak! You are a coward, you are less than a man you and ah Chker Hun Sen are the same, you both are coward. Ah kwak is worthy less than a woman or perhaps less than the " sker Buon Choeung. " You have to be responsible to what you did, and do not worry about what is going on next, you know the court is on your side, all judges are picked by the CPP, so nothing for you to worry either you deny or admit it. It doesn't cost you any thing.

Anonymous said...

Where is justice? And the right to safety and security?

If the same threat is made on Hun sen, what would happen? This is another proof that Cambodian government has no intention and incapable of providing justice to the society! Step down Hun sen!

Anonymous said...

This case and the other case about rainsy party ask for money is seem the same to me. In both's case they all denail that they didn't do it. You can create fake Facebook anytime you wish, it is very easy to do.

Anonymous said...

no justic at all in cambodia people work for hun sen or for cpp they do anything they never admitted or responsibility because they know that people cant do anything their leader allway protect.their communish law, pi si porm said that no money nojustic all corrupted cpp have money or all the jude listen to teir cpp boss.the kingdum of wonder

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Pheng Vannak is innocent. It's looks like the sender is from Europe, because it has European date spelling. So in this case, we shouldn't be assuming that he did it. everything must have proof to avoid convicting innocent person.

My co-worker told me that people can create faults account, but am not 100% convinced. The only way to find out is his cellphone IP-address or from Facebook co. if we can.

Anonymous said...

He said he believed that "someone" had either lifted his image and used it to create “a duplicate account” or had created a fake screenshot of the post to frame him.

You @ 11:06 AM can create a fake Facebook anytime you wish; it is very easy to do.

But it is impossible to create “a duplicate account”, now to create “a fake screenshot” is easy to do, you can put a cat, a horse and whoever you want but how can you have 2 identical user’s names on FB?

So that “someone” is him.

Anonymous said...

Do the people backing this criminal ever use the email?
If they do, they should not respond with their stupid answers.

Anonymous said...

If the Death Threat were to make on Hun Sen, he would order the court to work even on a Sunday for a speedy trial to put the Police Officer in prison.
The investigation would come later.