Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rallies test patience

Heng Chivoan photo
Meas Sokchea and Kevin Ponniah
Thu, 19 December 2013

Opposition party leaders Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha led a few thousand of their supporters in a vociferous parade around the city early yesterday evening with scarcely a hint of police or security forces, but a government spokesman said yesterday that such restraint won’t be permanent.

The worst that the joyous, and at times feisty, parade of tuk-tuks, motorbikes and flag-waving pedestrians calling for Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down encountered yesterday were impatient motorists. Read more


Anonymous said...

This CPP mouthpiece, Phay Siphan or Phom Si Kdet used to live in Long Beach, CA. He used to go around town building donut stores for Khmer poeple. Then, he went broke and need money. So he goes to join the Communist Government of Hun Sen because he forgot he almost got kill during Khmer Rouge. Now he goes to tiger mouth. American government should investigate US citizens like this guy who work for foreign country and makes a lot of money. These people make a lot of money talking million dollars.

Anonymous said...

ah phay siphom the time near the end me be he no job and go back to USA for DONUT shop again an chor kbat ordamkatek

Anonymous said...

CPP have tanks and gun. What does CNRP have? Please don't let the poor khmer die because of your long for fame and and power. If to think that the world will sorry for the death khmer? You have to open your eyes and see. There are death every where in Egym, Syria, Iraq, Liyba, CAR etc.. Did the world give a dam about it? Khmer can work together if khmer love khmer or else blood will spill in phnom Phen streets. Justic will never came soon enough.