Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reaction from Son Chhay on Sam Rainsy’s speech "weaker than a woman"


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this radio from Australia has nothing else to do other than asking useless questions. Ask questions that are more beneficial to the nation and not incitement.

Anonymous said...

“I have always felt that Sam Rainsy was hoping for an overreaction by security authorities to generate martyrs for his movement. ”

University of New South Wales professor and Southeast Asia expert Carlyle Thayer

Anonymous said...

សួរថា គួរបន្ទោសអ្នកសួរ ឬមួយក៏គួរពិចារណាចំពោះអ្នកឆ្លេីយ ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Son Chhay, I disagree with you concerning the words that Sam Rainsy is using during his speech in Siem Reap.

Did Hoon Xen apologize you or any of the opposition party leaders when he used curse words against opposition party Leaders.

Don't forget that during Hoon Xen's speech in National Assembly concerning Koh Tral and Cambodian border with Yourn, Hoon Xen cursed out you and all opposition Leaders such as "Ah Pleu Ah Langong" etc...

You need to think about it too!

Ah CHIEN Vun kicked him of National ASS office/area why you did not complaint it?

Hoon Xen let his police kill innocent people is worst than the word Sam Rainsy is using

Ah CHHEAM Kop Yeap hit and run, killed people, is far worst than that??

Hoon Xen's Police beat up monks, woman, protester ... killed people people ....you name it are far worst than that words. Why don't you bring them up???

Come on Son Chhay!

Before saying something against CNRP, you must think a little deeper.

You need stay here with us to protest fraud election. Why did you go to Australia?

Anonymous said...

This comment is over rated.

I agreed with 6:16AM!

Anonymous said...

@6:16am & 6:40am… you mean all of them including
sam rainsy can say whatever they want ? WOW !

Anonymous said...

It's a tactic from the Viets for distraction, just like that Viet's slave Ou Virek.

CKSLUS said...

Yes Mr. Son Chhay.! You better to apologize to the CNRP'S or say some thing better than that.! I do understand and support your action when I saw Mr. Chheam Vun asking you to leave the assembly compound, and the Cambodian people accept what Mr. Sam Rainsy said. Every people fight against Mr. Ou Vietrak, Why you are making mistake yourself ? Now Ah Norruk Hue Xen must to step down and form new election as soon as possible, do not wait to long the YOUN immigrant come in all over the border now what I heard.

Anonymous said...

Please all listen to this Australia radio:
1) Topic: Talking the wrong speak of MR Sam Rainsy on Women, but
2) Why MR Hun Sen must to excuse to the women?

1)&2) => What is she (radio reporter) talking about? MR Hun Sen or MR Sam Rainsy?

Anonymous said...

@7:11am… so you mean that we should kill the messenger ? WOW !

Anonymous said...

@6:57am… did you see a friction within cnrp ?

Anonymous said...

I am a woman and I am very happy with what Sam said. Generally, women are weak in their physical, emotional and social development comparing to men, that is why we have what we called 'Human Right' aproaches to protect women and children. However, if a woman like Yingluck is able to make the decision to solve national conflict, it means that Hun is a coward and much weaker than Yingluck. Which means Yingluck is abrave and strong woman campared to Hun Sen, which is true, as he knows he already lost the election and still able to stand on stage acting as if he is till a PM, making people laughing to the core. He has no moral, no conscience, no shame whatsoeve. He has a thick skin like elephane. People are screaming around the world for him to step down but yet, he is acting arrogant as ever. So shame on you Hun Nal known as Hai Phuc in viet and called 'Hun Sen'.

We know that you and your family are Viets in disguise, that is why, you have such a thick skin, and your aim is to excute srok khmer and its people from being existed. Everyone knows this. So again, shame on you and your supporters of the VC and Chinese. Our khmers' blood are in their hands, may god almighty destroy them like they have destroyed us and our nation. Hopefully soon!!!

Anonymous said...

សួរថា ៖ ចុះហេតុអ្វីបានជាមានទិវាសិទ្ធិស្ត្រី តែអត់មានទិវាសិទ្ធិបុរស ?
ចម្លេីយ ៖ គេនាំគ្នាប្រារព្វទិវាសិទិ្ធស្ត្រី ពីព្រោះស្ត្រីពំុដែលមានសិទិ្ធនេះទេ
តាំងពីមុនមក គឺមានតែសិទ្ធិបុរសប៉ុណ្ណាះ !

Anonymous said...

Any politicians or public figures must apologize for such remarks. Hun Sen uses many discriminatory and derogatory speeches. It's really bad. This is one of the reasons that the CPP lost a lot of seats regardless the alleged voting fraud.

I am a CNRP supporter. However, I must say that Mr. Sam Rainsy should apologize or clarify his remark(s).

Mr. Ou Virak should also play a neutral game if he really concern about human rights in general. He should condemn and demand apologies from China and Vietnam for making our Khmer people suffered. He should condemn Sihanouk and Hun Sen for many wrong-doings.

Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots,

During this crucial time in our history, we should understand and accept most of the precautious measures taken by the CNRP's leaders after the election.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely admire all the CNRP’s members and their leaders for accomplishing already one major goal that some people have overlooked and took it for granted: they united ( from the SRP and the HRP ) and they stay firmly united. This solidarity is a solid foundation, a backbone for our struggle to liberate Cambodia from the evil Vietnam and its puppet, the traitor Hun Sen.

The task to remove the election’s loser CPP and Hun Sen from power requires patience, perseverance, flexibility, and great determination.

So, please be patient !!

The daily demonstration must be centered ONLY on the election's loser CPP and Hun Sen to concede their electoral defeat or accept to have a NEW ELECTION.

So far, this Yuon's slave illegal government of Hun Sen has been playing dumb by acting like it is the winner of the election.

The loser CPP must go !!

Khmer people have voted you (Hun Sen) out !!

The CPP's time is up !!

Best wishes and good luck to the CNRP and its leaders for their noble concerted efforts to save Cambodia from the traitorous CPP’s government and its evil master Vietnam.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Ear Kim Sreng on Son Chhay.


Anonymous said...

Who says that women are weaker than men. Cambodian society has always been led by women. Look at the leadership titles of the Cambodian officials. It always begin with the word "Mother". Statistics showed that among the resettled Cambodian refugees, practically every Cambodian household was led and females. The bread winners in any Cambodian household has always been the females. Even within Sam Rainsy's household itself, his wife is the top wage earner as published by the Phnom Penh Post. Cambodian females are the most flexible learners around and they can adapt themselves to any society, unlike the rigid honor-bound Cambodian men who are paralyzed completely the moment they are out of their comfort zone aka Cambodia. Practically, Cambodian males are useless compared to the Cambodian women. Cambodian women in fact are the ones responsible of changing the physical features of the Cambodians because the Cambodian women are marrying into other cultures or races. Cambodian men are dying out slowly. Successful Cambodians outside Cambodia are most often than not Cambodian females. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Son Chhay!You are very negative.
Please shut your mouth up.

Anonymous said...

@12:12pm.. ear kim sreng on kem sokha and sam rainsy:

Anonymous said...

@12:41pm… did you see a friction within cnrp ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sam Rainsy does not need to say sorry to anyone.


Mr. Sam Rainsy refers to MS. YingLuck Shinawatra only and salutes the bravery of Ms. YingLuck Shinawatra as a woman prime minister of Thailand and acted swiftly and bravely in the best interests of the Thai people, the Thai peace and stability etc...by resigning and calling a new election. And SHE IS A WOMAN. AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR STRONGMAN HUN SEN? SHOW US KHMER YOUR STRONG MANHOOD NOW, WILL YOU?


Anonymous said...

Mais, qui est Mr chonne chay?
Who is Mr chonne chay?
Can he understand khmer very well?
Maintenant, je m en doute sur quelques personnes dans la cercle de nationalistes khmer, car ils sont vachement bizarres.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, enfin Mr choine chhay montre au publique khmer qui est il, c est très bien comme ça on est claire avec lui, car auparavant on est dans une grande doute, maintenant les khmers sont bien en courants de la position et sa tendance politique qu il est de quel côté.
Merci beaucoup mr chione chhay pour une transparent sur la position de votre politique.
en Australie, ,avez vous bien rencontré Mr mom sonando?

Anonymous said...

@3:03pm.. Et qu'allez-vous faire, Monsieur?

Anonymous said...

Chhay is Ykuon that is why he try to protect Yuon.