Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TIME Magazine Person of the Year

Pope Francis - TIME Person of the Year 2013


Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

About everything I see at the Vatican that represent the Catholic Church is idolatry and full of paganism symbols.

The Vatican is probably the riches institution in the world and the Pope dear spoke of "trickle down economy" to America?

The Catholic Church high-jacked true Christianity by making Peter, the Apostle, the first Pope. Not so according to the bible.

Sorry, I don't buy into ecumenicalism movement promoted by the Catholic Church and many other religious denominations. All for the sake of peace and justice. There is no peace, period. A demonic entity rules over the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

Women of my generation after killingfield.
1) Yorm Bopha & Tep Vanny land rights activists who fought against Cpp thugs/ thieves/robbers that using machinery to demolished their homes stolen their land putting them in jail unjustly again and again,they both were heroes in this generation among many before; their struggles still on going.
2) So, who can forget the beautiful journalist whom had received COURAGES award from the world in recent memory;Phorn Bopha, she escaped death by Cpp thugs shot and killed her friend environmentist activist Chut Vuthy;death in the jungle. documentary film by PBS.Phorn Bopha was very bravest INDEED!..
3) The young and loud mouth ,came out of the west born with silverspoon in her mouth;Soma Sihanouk,advocateur of the"Deportation" of thugs khmer-refugees live in America,she said it unfair,unjust,racist against young Khmer's refugees.
4) The out spoken,beautiful,a daughter of kilkingfield survivor;Theary Seng,a lawyer,a dots game protester against Henry Kissinger for B-52 bombardment during American &Yuon war that killed 600,000 plus innocent Khmers.

5) Mam Kalyanee;the author and director in documentary film;River changes courses.She has contribute to her Khmer society in some ways.
6) Mam Somaly;advocateur of Human traffickers,author and victimzed herself by cruelty of Sex slave-tracfickerfalling from grace while invented untrue story about Khmer's girl.She has contributed to Khmer's society so may ways to prevent young girls became victims of SEX-TRAFFICKERS worldwide.
7)Last not least,the one and only,Sos Jendhamoni,beautiful inside out,patient,kindhearted,intelligent woman that all men wish to have as a companionship,Psychologist by the name Kdamjor has tried but failed miserably,She is a moderator of K.I with grace,unique,with ability to get along with all type people,despite ah mike and ah Pee Arch were trying to destroy her reputation,sabotage her works at K.I.she still manage to be calm and collective;That what I called women with grace!...