Monday, August 21, 2006

Cambodia To Push For Action Plan On Alternative Energy At AEM

The power couple that makes rain and shine at the Ministry of Commerce
Cham Prasidh and his wife Tep Bopha Pradish at the KL International Airport's VIP lounge upon their arrival ahead of the 38th Asean Economic Ministers meeting. Pix: Mohd Johari Ibrahim (Bernama)

By Farazira Amira Yusof

SEPANG, Aug 20 (Bernama) -- With Asean economies including oil producers grappling with skyrocketing oil prices, the grouping must adopt a plan of action to produce alternative fuels such as bio-fuel.

Obviously concerned with the current state of affairs where volatile oil prices bring instability to markets, Cambodia Minister of Commerce, Cham Prasidh, said that Asean should promote solar and wind energy.

"We should also use hydro-power instead of building plants to process oil," he told Bernama upon arrival at the KL International Airport Saturday for the 38th Asean Economic Ministers (AEM) Meeting.

The AEM chaired by Malaysia begins on Tuesday.

"I would like to bring up the idea on how the region can prepare itself to cope with the escalating oil prices at the AEM.

"Perhaps we can join hands and form an action plan where we can develop alternative measures to overcome our shortcomings," he said.

Oil prices reached a record high of US$78.40 per barrel last July in global markets but currently stand at US$70.90.

Prasidh also said that the AEM Meeting will among other things discuss a measure on how to speed up the integration of Asean towards realising the Asean Economic Community.

On trade between Asean and its dialogue partners, he said that this initiative is important for the region to enhance Asean competitiveness as a base for investment.

"It is an important tool to further develop our trade and I believe that Asean is going to push the momentum for free trade agreements (FTAs) with its dialogue partners," he said.

"But of course as and when we go into the details, there may be some areas that we do bilaterally with each individual country but when we sign, we sign as a block," he said.

The consultations between Asean and its dialogue partners will mainly focus on the status of negotiations on the FTAs that Asean is currently negotiating with several dialogue partners, including China, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.


Anonymous said...

They are clueless of how to run thier own falilies, let alone running the country. What do these people know about global economy? The only thing they know most and best on this earth is stealing, that about it.

Anonymous said...

What is Chaur Prasid's wife business being there? Perhaps, to verify contracts before his signing. I bet, poor Cambodians pay for her trip, as well.

Note: Chaur = thief

Anonymous said...

Cham Prasidh is a very knowledgeable Khmer. I know him. I wish he does not work for Hun Sen. His wife traveled with him to most of his business trip. I do not know if the government pay for her as well. Hun Sen's government is corrupted and full of crooks there. However, we need to separate the people who have the ability to contribute and the people who get the power because they know someone.

Anonymous said...

To 4:27AM

Who isn't knowledgeable? Any people who hold the same position for years and years must know what the hell is going on!

I want to know how man adviser does AH CHAM PRASIDH has? This is the guy who deal with Korean company to create a new city next to Phom Phen through shaddy contracts with the Korean conglomerates! Can poor average Cambodia people can afford to live in the city built by the Korean company?

The new will be occupied by all foreigners who have money! For poor Cambodian people who live on less than a dollar a day just to survive will be forced to move again and again and again until Cambodia become another Hawiian Island! Is it strange that there are more foreigners living in Hawaiian Island than Hawaiian people? Hey! Who said it can't be repeated in Cambodia! I am the eye of the beholder!

Anonymous said...

Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia is belong to Cham Prasidh's families, so H.E. Sok Siphanna and others must go away.