Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hun Sen’s dirty jobs - [Heng Pov reveals more on Chea Vichea and Om Radsady's killers]

Heng Pov tells all on the dirty secret of the Hun Sen regime (Photo: RFA)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hun Sen’s dirty jobs

Comments recorded by Sylvaine Pasquier
L’Express (France)

Translated from French by M. Preuk

Heng Pov was one of the police chiefs [of the city] of Phnom Penh, he was a key witness but also played an active role in the exactions made by the Prime Minister and his regime. Today Heng Pov is on the run, he provides [here] his exclusive testimony.

Yesterday, he was secretary of state at the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen, Heng Pov was relieved of all his duties at the end of July. Accused of various crimes, he is in hiding overseas, and he is also under a red notice alert broadcasted by Interpol at the demand of [the] Phnom Penh [regime]. The Cambodian authorities never deployed such aggressiveness towards the backers of political assassinations nor the killers on their payroll. Having occupied key positions, such as Phnom Penh police chief, Heng Pov knows the inside of the regime, and most of all, the secrets hidden behind closed doors. In this exclusive interview, he allows us a small peek behind the curtain hiding a universe of violence and mafia-like complicity in which he was one the player. Can he accuse his former peers without incriminating himself? Heng Pov is a time bomb for the Hun Sen regime. Can the regime avoid the shockwave?

Did you run away from Cambodia knowing that you would be charged?

I left the country legally last July 23, with an authorization for the Ministry of Interior, for medical care of my amputated leg. Five days later, some friends called me from Cambodia, warning me not to go back: Prime Minister Hun Sen and Hok Lundy, the national police chief, learnt about my contacts with the opposition and reprisals are expected [to be forthcoming]. They have fabricated entirely an accusation file against me – a process which was routinely used to throw the opponents [of the regime] behind bars. Currently, members of my family are detained at home, and they are kept in the dark. They are even prevented from going out to get food. The Prime Minister wants to catch me at all cost because I know too much about the crimes and corruption of the regime. If I am arrested and sent back to Cambodia, my life will be in danger. Once my security is assured, I will be ready to testify in order to clarify the international community on the practices of the Cambodian regime.

What are you referring to?

In 1995, Hun Sen wanted to put to an end all demonstrations demanding for democracy. To do that, he organized a meeting at his home in Tuol Krasaing, where Hok Lundy participated. The latter asked me to participate also. I know he was present and I have proof of what was said there. Grenades were thrown at the Son Sann [a former Prime Minister] party. I can tell you where these grenades came from and who threw them: they were men under Mok Chito who is nowadays at the head of the criminal police at the Ministry of Interior. In March of 1997, the same method was used against the partisans of Sam Rainsy, the opposition leader, who were gathering in front of the National Assembly. I just arrived at the spot for a few minutes when the explosions started. Suddenly, I saw 4 people running toward the residence of the Prime Minister.

Who were they?

I followed them, and I recognized two officers from Hun Sen’s guard [unit]. Shortly after, I informed General Hoy Piseth of my discovery, he was the commander of this [guard] unit. “Stay still and don’t talk about it to anybody,” he told me. But, I was angry and I told these facts to Hok Lundy who had the same reaction as Hoy Piseth. In 2003, one of those whom I identified during the grenade attack confessed to me that he was indeed one of the grenade launcher. “I obeyed the orders from Hun Sen,” the man added. There is still a recording of this conversation.

Were you informed beforehand of the July 1997 coup d’état?

Before this event, in April, about 7 tons of cannabis [marijuana] were ceased at the Sihanoukville port. The anti-drug trafficking office which I directed, discovered this illegal cargo in two containers shipped to Norway, and belonging to the Mong Reththy group – a businessman close to the Prime Minister. Ho Sok, the state secretary of the [Ministry of] Interior belonging to the royalist [Funcinpec] party, immediately asked for the arrest of Mong Reththy. Hun Sen was furious. Knowing that I was invited shortly thereafter to a seminar in Canada on anti-narcotic fight, the Prime Minister summoned me. “Do you know who is implicated in this [cannabis] traffic?” I replied: “Mong Reththy and some people in your entourage.” Hok Lundy, General Sao Sokha, then the deputy chief of the national police, or General Dom Hak, the leader of the land military army.

How did Hun Sen reacted?

He told me that I cannot go to Canada. Instead, he wanted me to organize a press conference to exonerate Mong Reththy. His orders were to falsify the documents in such a way as to implicate the royalist [Funcinpec] Chao Sokhon as being the culprit. Chao Sokhon was a police officer who was arrested and sent to jail. Freed two years later, he received some financial compensation. Thus Hun Sen put the blame on the royalist [Funcinpec] camp. However, Ho Sok knew that Mong Reththy was the culprit.

Was it why he (Ho Sok) was killed?

Exactly. Taking advantage of the coup d’état which Hun Sen perpetrated with the help of Hok Lundy, and Generals Hoy Piseth and Sao Sokha, as well as Neth Savoeun, his nephew through alliance, who was leading the Phnom Penh municipal police [force]. During the operation, the Prime Minister arranged to leave for Vietnam, but, he was in contact in permanence through satellite telephone with Hok Lundy whom Hun Sen entrusted the leadership. Turned away from the Singapore embassy where he went to look for protection, Ho Sok was arrested and brought to an office at the Ministry of Interior where Hok Lundy asked me to go to. On the spot, I saw six bodyguards belonging to the chief of the police who arrived there before me. They shot Ho Sok in front of my eyes. One of them whom I know well, emptied a whole magazine of AK-47 bullets on Ho Sok. I took him aside: “Why did you kill him? – I don’t know anything, Hok Lundy gave the order to do so, ask him yourself.” That was what I did. “It was necessary, Hok Lundy said, if not Ho Sok would have created problems.” The main worry of the police chief was for me to recover a car from a royalist official on the run: he wanted the car to give as a gift to the most zealous of the killers.

Is this the way the system [regime] operates?

When Hun Sen demanded that I falsified the documents regarding the seized cannabis, he warned me that Mong Reththy would give me a car, a Toyota Land Cruiser. My [official] duty landed me [only] a used Hillux pickup. Whoever executes the crime is a full partner of the system. To buy his silence, he is offered money or a car.

What do you know about the murder of actress Piseth Pilika in 1999?

I was in charge of the investigation as the deputy criminal police chief. I thus discovered that she first had an affair with Hok Lundy who later on presented her to Hun Sen. But Bun Rany, the wife of the Prime Minister, discovered her husband’s affair with the star. She accused Hok Lundy of acting as the go-between. The latter went to see her to make peace, to tell her that it was just a fling … However, I learnt through my investigation that he promised [Bun Rany] to separate Piseth Pilika from Hun Sen. Those who shot the actress were the same killers of Ho Sok. I questioned them and I recorded their testimonies.

You were the Phnom Penh police chief in 2004 when the unionist Chea Vichea was shot. Are the real culprits behind bars?

It was necessary to have a rigorous and transparent investigation, it was what I asked for, whereas the human rights organizations and the international community emphasized their pressure on the authorities. A few days after the murder, I was summoned to go to Hok Lundy’s home. Two generals were present there: Sok Phall and Chay Sinarith. Immediately, he (Hok Lundy) announced to me that the killers were identified and arrested! Based on a simple denunciation made by the Tuol Kork district police … It did not take me long to understand that the two suspects, Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun, had nothing to do with the murder. During the questioning, Hok Lundy called me, demanding that I went to his home to pick up a gun which he affirmed to be the crime weapon. He claimed that a police officer under the order of General Chay Synarith brought it over to him, and that it belonged to one of the suspect. I then thought of the royalist [Funcinpec] MP Om Radsady who was shot in 2003 in the middle of the street, just like Chea Vichea. I was convinced that the two crimes were organized by the same people. The methods used [in the killing] and the gun – which came from Hok Lundy – are identical.

Did you personally receive the order for murder?

In 2005, Hok Lundy asked me to kill Nuth Saan, secretary of state at the [Ministry of] Interior, with whom he had a conflict regarding a state-owned land and used by the Siem Reap police. Nuth Saan decided to sell it to hotel investors. Hok Lundy was furious about it, it was because the secretary of state took the decision without asking for his approval, and not because Nuth Saan was squandering public properties for his own benefit. Hok Lundy wanted to let everyone know that it is him who is in charge and nobody else. To tell Hok Lundy that I declined to act against the law would expose myself to the same fate as Nuth Saan. I dreamed up an excuse. Several times, I skirted his orders. In December 2005, at a meeting of police officers and commune leaders at the municipality of Phnom Penh, Hok Lundy took it out openly against me. He then ordered the arrest of several of my collaborators.

Can one remain upright in this system?

On several occasions, I gave information to human rights organizations and to the opposition – I was looking for somebody who can publicly divulge them. There is no doubt that I turned a blind eye on the corruption which Hun Sen claims to fight against, but that in fact, he is one of the main beneficiary. The sale of public properties such as the Phnom Penh police headquarter brought in for him, for example, 2 million dollars, Hok Lundy raked in $800,000 … The Prime Minister plays a dangerous game for the country. I am convinced that there will not be democracy in Cambodia as long as the opposition parties cannot succeed in uniting themselves against the current regime. As for the accusations leveled against me, I am ready to answer them in front of a tribunal, under the condition that it is not done either in Cambodia or Vietnam. In these places, there is no justice.


Who’s Who

By Sylvaine Pasquier

Hok Lundy (1950-): One of the strongmen of the regime, at the head of the national police since 1994. He is linked to Hun Sen, the current Prime Minister, since 1979, whom he met in Vietnam. His son, Hok Lundao, married Hun Chanthah, Hun Sen’s niece, in 1998. He divorced her about a year and a half ago. Hok Chindavy, Hok Lundy’s daughter, is married to one of Hun Sen’s son, Hun Manit.

Ho Sok (1958-1997): Colonel, he was a member of the royalist military faction at the beginning of 1990, He was nominated secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior in 1995. Openly criticizing the corruption and drug trafficking, he was one of the first target during the 1997 coup d’état organized by Hun Sen. It was the only murder of an opponent acknowledged by the regime. The culprits have never been arrested.

Chea Vichea (1968-2004): President of the Free Trade Union of workers of the kingdom of Cambodia, he was by far the most active unionist in the textile industry, the main industry in Cambodia. He was shot and killed in the middle of the street on the morning of January 22, 2004 by unknown killers. Serious doubts remain on the culpability of two suspects accused of the murder and who are condemned to 25-year jail term each during a sham trial.

Piseth Pilika (1965-1999): Royal Ballet dancer and beloved Cambodian star. She had an affair with Prime Minister Hun Sen, which resulted in her being mortally wounded in 1999 near a market in Phnom Penh, by a killer who took off without worry. She died seven days later from her wounds. More than 10,000 people participated to her funeral.

Sam Rainsy (1949-): Former Finance Minister (1993-1994), nowadays, opposition leader, he founded the Khmer Nation Party in 1995, which was renamed Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) in 1998. A virulent critic of the regime and threatened with arrest several times, he was condemned in absentia to 18-month jail term for defamation in December 2005, he was later pardoned by the king.


Anonymous said...

I have become very suspicious Hun Sen and his dogs for a long time but one thing is that we have no evidence because no one wants to speak out except Heng Pov now; second, Hun Sen is very powerful. Any one can disappear with a snap of his finger. Look at one man Chea Sim, He was dared to oppose Hun sen, so he was end up in Thailand for a few weeks with Hun Sen's best dog, Hok Lundy to be around whether to keep or to kill.

Although Heng Pov' alibi is true about Hun Sen and his dogs, nothing is going to happen. Nobody can caugh. The statement from Heng Pov is only to embarrast Hun Sen a little bit, but no use.

There is one thing and only one thing is pray to God that this man Hun Sen be killed. That's it and the final.

Anonymous said...

We must protect Heng Pov. He was one of the best Police in Hun Sen government. Hun Sen, Hok Lundy and many other criminals are now very panic by the revealation of Heng Pov. Offcourse he is a corrupted. One millions dollars owned by Heng Pov is nothing to compare with Hok Lundy bank account, Sok An bank account, Om Yintieng bank account etc... WE cannot relie to USA or China to change government for Cambodia. Cambodian must do by themselve either by vote him out or kick him out by people force. All Police and military in Cambodia must stand up to this killing regime before it is too late. Heng Pov problem is not his own problem but he sacrified for everyone now.

Anonymous said...

Heng Pov is not a good policeman. He is trying to clean himself. He also contribute crime with Hun Sen and others. But finally, Hun Sen bite him, so he betrays Hun Sen and trying to show public that he is a good police. Heng Pove is also a killer too!!!!! It is a dog bite dog only. Keep watching is better

Anonymous said...

TO ERR IS HUMAN. I don't care if he did wrong previously. This man sacrifice himself and his family for the Future of Cambodia. And that take a great strength. The media should keep a good record of his revelation to expose this EVIL REGIME. I am sure ah Hun & ah Hok is hiring an assassination to go after his head. Mr. Heng, lay low for now.

Khmers people you need to pay attention and pray for this man. He has the heart for Cambodia. Look what CPP is doing right now to Khmerland. They are being sold to highest bidders or his evil associated at the cost of those poor Khmer people. They are being displaces without a home, foods, water, and other basic needs. Hun Sen & Hok Lundy is a True Terrorists. They should shot in the public places to pay for the lost poor Khmer souls that perrish under their rudeless ordeal.

DEAR GOD HELP Khmers for a leader that will work for us.

Anonymous said...

Heng Pov is guilty of own conscience not to say law.

However,he was who he was because of his superior foreseen reprisal likewise Duch of S-21 under Pol Pot regime.

It is a reminder of Sihanouk crimes when he was ruler then but yet he blamed others.Hun Sen is Sihanouk shadow.Both think alike.

Donors and UN human rights commission need to step in for investigation.

Heng Pov can be detained at UN authority for criminal investigation.

Better off if US helped too.This is an opportunity to have an insider as witness at trial.

Heng Pov is valuable for government court.So does Sihanouk for KR tribunal.

It only takes one block of brick to tumble the tower.

Anonymous said...

I know neither of Heng Pov nor Hun Sen's government is good but at least I just want Heng Pov to be proected. I think he could be the one that free Cambodia "the lonely planet" from all of oppression from Hun Sen (the man without heart).

I hope that the international will open their eyes abit more to look at cambodia especailly this is a very good opportunity for International to investigate more on Hun Sen's government.

I don't think, I am the only one who can't wait to see the failure of Hun Sen's government.I think everyone is waiting to see...

Anonymous said...

Why Hun Sen's government wants Heng Pov so much?

"Damn!!We let this one escape. We are in danger now. Let's get him back immediately before everyone know our secret."

It is very interesting to see how worries Hun Sen and Hok Lundy are? It is so obvious that Heng Pov can get them (Hun Sen and Hok Lundy) into troubles that's why they want Heng Pov so much.If Heng Pov didnot cause any harm on them do you think that those two people will bother to follow up who is in or out the country?? They are so busy with their corruption jobs no time to waste on anything which has no value for them at all.

So if anyone,especially international organization, could help to secure Heng Pov for the time being please do so. I think this is the only chance that can free cambodia and bring Hun Sen and his government to justice.

Anonymous said...

bravo heng pov...
I wonder how the people who love animalhun sen and hok lundi felt when they found out about all the evil things they have done to the people in the past.

Anonymous said...

I believe what Hang Pov said, we can see there is no reaction Hun Sen at all, he seem to keep low profile with Hang Pov case instead he had strong reaction with Prince Naranarith, this monster never quiet if some one said something about him, what we need more drum up from Hang Pov
By interview with radio or TV to open dirty face of Hun Sen, imagined if Cambodia close the door from outsider like Pol Pot regime Hun Sen Will kill his opponent and people more then what Pol Pot dose in his time, what Hun Sen will do next this will do anything to keep his power in place if the power gone his live will danger, not only him also his associated this is the problem in Cambodia now the corruption bill never pass because they need money to buy vote, to buy people like some official from Funcinpec, exactly the what Sam Rainsy use to said , They use money to us but if we not sell our believe, they will kill us, Hun Sen did a lot of bad thing in the past during Khmer Rouge and now, so please all country men and women to whom to love Cambodia, please stand up join hand together to protect Hang Pov as potential use as witness when Hun Sen out of steam and please remind all government, Police, army official to whom serve Hun Sen right now be careful what you doing now because your boss run out of power you will be face justice also.

Anonymous said...

Give Heng Pov a fair trail mean you give Cambosian justice. If did it in Cambodia, Police, Army , and Court have to be reforme or do it at the International court out side hele of cambodia.

Anonymous said...

If Hun Sen and hok Lundy wanted to arrest Heng Pov why did they wait until he left the country? Why didn't they wait until he came back? Hmmmmmm.....something is not right.

Anonymous said...

To 5:47a.m

May be the dump animal didn't really pick up that Heng Pov left the country for fear of knowing too much until it was too late.

You heard Mr. Heng Pov's statement. He wasn't about to shut his mouth when he got to Singapore. Would he? Too bad!, all the worms had already came out from the can and we know what inside of it. By then HP would probably never again want to go back to Cambodia. Why wait until HP returns? The ugly Gov. will have to wait until he sees the triple moons in sky first!

Hmmmmm....something sounds about right!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...I only wonder how much or what is the price tag, Hun Sen offered to get Hen Pov back to Cambodia. There's no doubt that he sent his secret spie/agent to hunt after Heng Pov already. With my hope and pays, I want the international communities to save and spare Heng Pov's life, he's has all the valuable info about Hun Sen's uglyness regime. He can help Cambodia see a brighter future..Keep him, don't let him die like Ta Mok or Pol Pot.

Anonymous said...

We support all the above commets please help to keep our potential witness. Hun Sen, Hok Lundy, and their associates will face the servere punishment from the court of justice for their most evil doning in our country history except Pol Pot. How do our people live under these evil leaders? They kill, sleal, cheat, intimidate, trick, mislead, fraud, corrupt, selfish, violent,....... these all the terms apply to Hun Sen and his cronies. Even they die, they cannot escape justice.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I feel so dizzy to listen to news about poor Cambodia and poor innocent beloved Cambodian people, especially when I hear the boring name HUN SEN, HOK LONGDY, and their dogs.

Indeed, HUN SEN is good at making relationships with its friends in government of Cambodia. Now, most of Governemnt Leaders are closed relationship to HUN SEN because it (HUN SEN) makes its sons and daughters get married with other leaders in Cambodia so that they become one big family and play to control and take advantages over Cambodia and Cambodian people for ever from one genearation to anogher generation. WOW, THIS IS A BIG EVIL UNFORGETABLE PLAN OF HUN SEN.

HUN SEN even wants to change the name of the country THE KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA to the KINGDOM OF HUNSEN.

As you can see, HUN SEN in these decades try to change many elementary schools', secondary schools' and hing schools' and many other villages's names to HUN SEN. For example, Krang Youv has been changed to HUN SEN KRANG YOUY.

HUN SEN builds some schools to sho poor illiterate people that he is good to the country, but pility, Cambodian people are trapped by HUN SEN. HUN SEN just build schools, but no teachers in school, so who teeachs Cambodian Children. Fianlly, Cambodian poor children are still illiterate and then all of people will be forever trapped by HUN SEN and HUN SEN's family and in-law family.

by Malinsa

Anonymous said...

Plese protect Heng Pov to give Cambodian people a chance to live. Whatever Heng Pov did, he is now an extremely important witness to reveal corruption and crime commit by Gov of Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

HUN SEN now is just an old lion even though this stupid lion is still have old teeth, but less power.

As we can see, before if HUN SEN said anything, his men will follow obidiently. But now, HUN SEN's words are nothing to them, even boring and annoying.

For example, HUN SEN told to cut down corruption, to stop illegal logging, demote anyone who comes to welcome mental Ranarith, and so on, but no one listens to HUN SEN. Illical loggings happens every day, hundreds of high rankin officals come to welcome mental Ranarith, and everyone is communist CPP makes corrution more than before.

This example shows that HUN SEN is now just a old lion with broken old teeth. When it looses all of its teeth, hyenas and vulturs will attack HUN SEN and eats all HUN SEN's smelly dirty flash.

Be careful, HUN SEN or you may change your evil plan. Maybe God would forgive you and let you die with the whole body. Change now before it is too late. Resign and donate all your money in the banks in SWISS and other countries to develop and help poor people.

By Glorious Khmer

Anonymous said...

Heng Pov should be protected for some times because the informatiom revealed by him is very useful. Although what he said in his report may not be 100% true, we can use them to check with other sources. As I have heard the stories so far from some government officials and people outside the government, I can assume that Heng Pov's report appears to be at least 70% true.

Anonymous said...

lol...i find this whole saga quite hilarious. a crook turning on a crook. lol...once a crook always a

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a brief biography of Hok Lundy. But the writer forgot to mention about his originality and childhood. Lundy is a Yuon, or Vietnamese-blooded child, who was living about the Cambodian-Vietnamese border during the Vietnamese invasion into our country. He was brought to Hanoi and doctrinated with communist ideology with the Yuon imperalist ambotion. Now he become a successful to leaders in Cambodia and one of the democratic oppotionists among the others of his Cambodia elite groups. With him existing, Cambodia will never find a real happiness. Destroy him is a must.

* Read more:
Gottesman, Evan, "Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge: Inside the Politics of Nation Building," Yale University Press, 2003.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree with some of you that Heng Pove must be protected for now he become the key person to vitness all Hun Sen and his cronies crimes. And if we can success for the justice from hun sen regime then we can bring justice for Heng Pov as well if he is a criminal or not.

Anonymous said...

Dear International Organization or Associate which has ability and authority to protect and safe the human life. please look at into the case of Cambodia are facing now. don't be late! and at the end say everything is gone.

Cambodia need your all help now.
Hang Pov, must be protected.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia,now,is holding by a group of gangster's dog, they are biting everyone(people) and use many ways to make money for their ownself.if there's someone make voilent with thei business they will bite that one. so no one cannot getup to voilent with them because all people here living just keeping for breathing and safe from the bitten of that dog's group. So here in locally we cannot do nothing, we need the help from outside to save life here.
now among of that's group are broken and fighting each others. so in order to find out their bad acts of those group who holding the power, should be study and search from its member. that's why should keep that one dog in safe if that dog is released into their group. then we will not find out the real things.

In term of all Cambodian, I would announce in alarm to all organization in the world who responsible of the safe of human life please also look at into the life of us. here is not a big or serious criminal but people were killed one by one. In further, our citizen will blame to the internation association or organization which responsible authorities if keeping the group of this gangster's dog kill most people. And you do not say " You don't know nothing like in POL POT regime"

Anonymous said...

I 90% agree with what heng pov said because he told me some of the stories when he had full power. During that time I din't beleive him.
Please secure him so that he has chance to show what happening behind the scene.

Anonymous said...

I have no evidence to proof all what Heng Pov've said, but I trust him. I used to hear the same thing about Ho Sok when he got killed in 1997. I knew a guy who used to tell me last couple year ago the same story about Ho Sok. That was ordered from Hok Londy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Heng Pov didn't get killed.

Anonymous said...

First I would say that I really enjoy reading what was going on between strong men here.

What I can say is that at this moment we can not do anything with our current priminister as well as Hok Lundy.

What we are trying to do here is to encourage people to protect Heng Pov at the moment for his safety.

Can I question to Heng Pov for some prooves to the public about both of the action of Mr. Hok Lundy and Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is a Fucking bitch ass motherfucker! Fuck you HUN SEN!!!!!
go to the fucking hell and burn !

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Heng Pov tries to save himself from returning to Cambodia or what/ But I just wonder when he still have power in cambodia why didn't he tell this story. He did he wait until they accussed of some crime and he start telling. I heard when Heng Pov was in power he killed alot of innocent people too. So for me to believe Heng Pov is none sense.

Anonymous said...

I also believe in what Mr. Heng Pov said because he is now seeemingly refreshing his bitter past during in power, so please protect him till the day that the Fucking Strong Man of Cambodia is out of power. Brabo Heng Pov! Go to the hell The Fucking your mother Hun Sen!.....

Anonymous said...

Please! We all should do something to protect Heng Pov for Cambodian people to live a better life.

Anonymous said...

Thank Finnish government for granting him a political asylum. At least, he can survive. Now it is the time for others commanders to point the guns back to the dictators and save the nation. International and Cambodian people will help you.

Anonymous said...



from KAUN NEAK SRE (16-12-06)

Anonymous said...

Everything is over! Heng Pov was sent back to Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

I think we should know enough a bout the under dogs of mr. yuon Hun Sen thanksgoodness for ivated
cambodia without widraw from cambodia and still contiou living
until nowaday all the yuons communist party .If we take a look closly to the democratic country not (cambodia or kampuchea den=mocratic)just only used the word ,we should kick the yuon dogs
away from our country otherwise we
have no trully peace or trully democratic.It according to situation in cambodia is so corruption .What's that hun sen,huk
longdy,and some others cpp party thinking ? How many years that hun
sen still stand for the power it 's not right for the democrasy
we should chose a new leader for our country inoder to bring a real

Anonymous said...

i would say,the united state goverment should step in to and straight this out with the present cambodian goverment as fast as they can,because it `s only a few leader that can work for protect thier own power not for the country or thier it`s time to have the world and some of western country to step in and help to fix this mess and corupting country.

Anonymous said...

Heng Pov will not have afair trial.Heng Pov will die or life time in jail with injustice. Heng Pov has anough evidence to
prove Cambodian 's leader worst& ignorant . I personaly
praise for Heng Pov to have a fair trial And get the support
from United States And Humanright world Org.

Anonymous said...

Please free Heng Pov
Please let Heng Pov has a fair trial.
Viva Heng Pov . you'll be hero because of you dare to prove how the ugly and ignorant of Cambodian goverment to the world.

Anonymous said...

I do not know who right or who wrong...

One thing I know Mr. Heng Pov is a very bad person as well...!!!!!
Why I said that, how come, he had a couple of million dollars in his bank account.
I don't believe him even a bit. Why...why...why before he didn't tell this story to the world.
I think, he tries to save his ass. He just another asshole.
And now he deserves what he did to the KHMER PEOPLE.
Sam Rainsy and other political party they are the same, they’re just looking for the POWER and MONEY.

When the KHMER PEOPLE are suffer from Pol Pot rule(regime), where Mr. Sam Rainsy and FUNCINPEC leaders are??????

Anonymous said...

To every one who's realy interested
to the commentary of politics from one generation to others, I think ifwe could look back at our culture has alway been the most reach and strong culture back ground.I'like to know why's that the people are realy poorer and the reach is still reach and the land is sime to be smaller which mean the people has no work to do especially for the younger generation as well as the farmers.I think cambodia is the most beautifull country as far as I know,if we could look at the forestories ,fishery water,oil ,gold miner extra.I think we should change the political leader to the fact we realy want the country to compest like some others country otherwise
we are not deverlope anything . If we could look at Thailand,Malaysia,Sanngapore est.I realy like the previous post comment has said where is Samrainsy been during the communist regim of Pol Pot,yes I think every one need to be escape from the communist otherwise they will die.I think to my piont of view is lauk Samrainsy will be the political leader for the next election,he 's a good person and also help the poorer and the worker
to fight for the right that's all I can say.I don't know anything a bout Mr. Heng Pov because he has to many conections..

Anonymous said...

The Communist People Party (CPP) are really corrupted. I hope all Khmers inside and outside will stand up and fight for democracy and freedom for ours peoples. Please help to support Heng Peo family to get asylum in a third country and I hope Heng Peo stay healthy. He is the most important witness for the criminal in Cambodia. It's time for Saddam
HUN SEN to go. He's a dictatorship too long.

Anonymous said...

It's so defestate when we talking a bout the situation in Cambodia nowaday,it almost two dicate since the war were going on up untill now.From one politic to the others
we have to ask ourselve whose has suffering the most, I think the people (annacient)an other way we could say the war is over but what is the result for the country. yes,it's good for elegal business again communication with who ever has the autherity,bucause they really like to do the business with the country in deverloping country it's easy for them.From my respective to who ever has the power please do take a look closlly to the people especially between the border, I mean if the autherithy couldn't care a bout that who 's willing to care over all the khmer people will diedown aliter bit by literbit on the land dispute as well as khmer krom has been suffering in the most recently .The otherthing I would like to comment the lawsuit in Cambodia ,it happened in recently to khmerstars that is not the only one case it's happen to many case but the law could't get the criminal inoder to bring to the justic sooner or later we are not trushing anymore the law in Cambodia.I realy wanted to help Mr.Heng Pov but that is the money talk between the goverment and himself during those criminal activities in his power.

Anonymous said...

what so ever Hun Sen has done to Khmer people, he will own them. My heart silently cried for those poor kids who live their lives miserbly form the lack of knowdledge and supplies. How could he closes his eyes on this innocent children? My sould cried for justic and mercy to save those children from the cruel hands of this blinded man.

Anonymous said...

there is a saying that says : " you can't use fire to fight with fire " . That is not alway true. Firemen in california, used fire to fight forest fire ! So, in the case with heng pov and hun sen. Especially with hun sen.

In this case, hun sen need fire like heng pov to put out his fire.
After all this is done, the country need alot of water to cool and soothes everything out.

Anonymous said...

saddam hunsain was hung and done with. One day, just one day, there will be another. Watch out dictatorship vietcong and hun sen regimme. WATCH OUT, UR ASKING FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you send me the tape records, please. I really want to f*ck those sh*t.... F*ck those governors...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

nan veach nanta tomrong.nan trong nanta kach.please step back and think! what make you or i have the right to kill some one? you going to be old so ami! please take time to think before you use your ultimate power to kill.i know you have that power!if you give some one no chance they not going to give you no chose.your wealthy now !why not give back? if you die to day what would you do to all that wealth ? this massage to all the corrupkhmers that never have enough.

Anonymous said...

How much horror happening in your country!
Corruption terrible evil! People sell its soul for money!

siemreap215 said...

I just want to say! Heng Pov! during he worked with Hun Sen he always think Hun Sen good government and now he got lock up he said Hun Sen bad. So what we gonna believe him.We don't know who bad who good!

Anonymous said...

It is very appreciated if any one could translate Heng Pov's statement into Khmer. By doing this most Cambodian will get to know much more about scandal of their leaders.

Anonymous said...

While working with each other, Heng Pov never stated or said that Hunsen bad and always said that Hun Sen is good leader. But when he was arrested by Hun Sen's gov't, he said Hun Sen like this and like that. So who should we believe?

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What a dirty plan!
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In a nutshell, this is such a shame!

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Don't believe what Heng Pov said but you have to believe what you see and what you know. Hok Long Dy killed Hou Sok during war between CPP and Funcinpec, at this point and some other story Heng Pov said the true.

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