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Transcript and Original "Statement of Heng Peov"

Heng Pov (Photo: Koh Santepheap)

The following is a transcript of the statement issued anonymously under the name of Heng Pov. A copy of the original statement in PDF format can be found by clicking here (Adobe Acrobat required).

Statement of Heng Peov

Until 27 July 2006, I was the Major General of Ministry of Interior’s Under Secretary of State, and Personal Advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen. At the same time I retained the position of the Police Commissioner of Phnom Penh until January 2006, a position that he had held since 2001.

On 27 July 2006 whilst I was overseas, my Prime Minister appealed to King Sihamoni to remove me from my position and the King signed the agreement.

I am now in hiding in a neighbouring country and cannot go back to my beloved country Cambodia. My Government has been mounting a propaganda campaign against me since I left Cambodia on 23 July 2006. I have been portrayed by the Cambodian media as a villain and a criminal. My family in Cambodia including my wife who is recovering from cancer and my two year old American born son Pov Justin have been placed under house arrest. They have searched my two houses and confiscated my assets. Most of my staff members have been arrested on trumped up charges. An International Warrant has also been issued for my arrest.

I think it is time to tell the world my story and hopefully by so doing I can clear my already muddied name. I am nothing like what I have been accused of and I have never committed the crimes that they have alleged. I wish to declare to the whole world my innocence. This document is my only means to get my message crossed.

I believe that it was my consistent efforts to eradicate the rampant corruption in Cambodia, my support for the transformation of Cambodia into a democratic society and my position against systemic human rights violations in the country which has resulted in the precarious circumstances I have found myself in. I do not regret what I have done. If I have to die for my beliefs and my country I stand ready and willing to do so.

I was born in Kandal Province on 1 December 1957 and both of my parents were rice farmers. My parents passed away when I was the age of 11.

In 1992, when I was on duty as a police officer in the Anti-Crime Squad in Phnom Penh, I suffered a gunshot injury to my left leg which resulted in my leg being amputated. I lost my left leg for my country.

In 1995, there were wide- spread demonstrations in Cambodia led by Sene Sane for democracy. The Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered to that these demonstrations be quashed. He called for a meeting with Hoc Lundy, General Director of the Police Force. I was invited by Hoc Lundy to the meeting as his friend. (I recall Amson An, Secretary of State of Ministry of Interiors was also at the meeting. The meeting was held at the Prime Minister's residence at Tourle Krarsing, Kandal Province.) At that time, I was the chief of Bureau of Anti Narcotic in Phnom Penh. At the meeting, I heard them saying to do whatever possible to bring to an end the nationwide unrests. I did not know that he would use the grenades at the demonstrators.

The grenades killed over 10 people at the Pagoda. Sene Sane's son was injured by the grenades including 10 other people. I did not know that they would be using the hand grenades against the innocent demonstrators. I was not a party to it. When the grenades exploded, I was at the office of Net Sa Veun talking to him about how Hun Sen had met Hoc Lundy. After that the police were alerted to the explosions and that is when I knew that something bad happened. I only found out that after the grenades exploded. The police were called upon to investigate who was responsible for the bombing, but they did the investigation superficially and were trying to cover the track than to find the person responsible.

During my time at the Anti-Narcotic Bureau, I discovered evidence showing Hun Sen's people being involved in drug trafficking. I went to see Hun Sen with a view to bringing it to his attention. He took me to the cellar of his house which was nicely decorated. Hun Sen asked me whether I knew the names of the people who were into the drugs. I replied that I knew and I told him one name Mon Routy whom I was sure was involved. I suspected other men of Hun Sen were also involved, but I was not 100% sure. Hun Sen did not make any comments. Then Hoc Lundy then arrived with Huy Piseth, Chief of the Hun Sen's bodyguards and distracted my discussion with him. We then talked about the opposition party's protest. Hoc Lundy said to Hun Sen, ' why don't you use hand grenades.' Hun Sen said that it was a good idea... "I can send Seth to do it and he is a good operator." He authorized Hoc Lundy to pay for Huy PiSeth to do the job. Hoc Lundy answered that he would put together the money to pay them. He suggested that I met with Seth. After that, Hoc Lundy ordered me to find the money (US$ 100000) to give to Huy Piseth. The money came from the police.

On 30/3/97, the opposition leader Sam Rainsy led a demonstration calling for the reform of the justice system in Cambodia. The demonstration was held in front of the Assembly of the Nation. I was near the Pro Tom Pagoda and witnessed what happened. My staff took me on his motorbike to see the big protest outside the Assembly. 2-4 minutes after we arrived, I heard a big explosion and people crying and screaming. Then I saw four men running away from the scene. I recognized only two of them that were: Mr Phan Sary Colonel and Mr Ourn Cham Nane Commander; both of them were Hun Sen's men. I did not know the other two. They ran towards the Prime Minister' house. I followed them there to see what they ran away like that for. I talked to General Huy Pheseth and told him that I saw four of his people running away from the scene and that they should not have thrown the grenades. He told me to keep quiet and don't talk to any body. But I was angry and upset. I need to speak to somebody about it. I went to see Hoc Lundy who I considered at the time as my friend. I felt that I had to report to Hoc and could not understand why Hun Sen chose to kill so many people. But he told me the same thing to keep quiet and not to tell anybody about it. Amongst the people who were killed or injured was an American. I understand the American Government sent people to Cambodia to investigate.

In 2003 Phan Sary came to see me in my office. He admitted to me that he was the person who threw the grenades. He said that he was very sad because he killed so many people. He complained that Hun Sen used to pay him money to have things done. When he was in trouble nobody seemed to care about him He said that he did what he did because Hun Sen ordered him and he had to please him. He acknowledged that he killed a lot of people before. He said that he now did not even have money to support his children. I recorded the conversation.

Seizure of 7 tons of cannabis

In 1997, I was the director of anti-narcotic bureau. I seized seven tons of marihuana belonging to Mon Rati's company. Mon Rati was a close friend of Hun Sen. The marihuana was hidden away in two containers and were ready to be shipped to Norway. The seizure occurred at a border port of Siha Nauk Vill, after the seizure, Mr. Ho Sok, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior from the Funcinpec Party asked me to arrest Mon Rati. I could not do it as Mon Rati was associated with Hun Sen and he intervened. Hun Sen announced in the media that if Mon Rati was arrested, he would make sure that Mon Rati would not be touched. I therefore could not do anything about it. After that, the Canadian Embassy invited me to go to Canada to brief the Canadian government on the seizure. The Hun Sen was very angry with Ho Sok. Before I was scheduled to leave for Canada, Hun Sen called me to his residence and asked me to consider not to go to Canada. He asked me to tell the Canadian that I was busy and could not accept the invitation. The story of the seizure became bigger than what it was supposed to be because it involved Hun Sen's people. Hun Sen openly vowed to protect Mon Rati. Hun Sen said that if I were to tell the Canadian about the drug seizure, the international community would exert pressure on the Cambodian Government. He suggested that I stay calm and keep quiet. If I did what he told me to do, I would be given a new car by Mon Rati. Mon Rati then paid me a visit shortly after my meeting with the Prime Minister. Hun Sen also asked me to give a press conference denying the seizure ever occurred and to cover it up.

I was afraid of Hun Sen and he was too powerful. I had no option but to obey. I accepted the car from Mon Rati. It was a 1997 Landcruiser Toyota. My office was given a second hand Hilux for use. it has a logo of Mon Rati's on it. Hun Sen subsequently ordered me to go and arrest another person Chai Sok Kom instead as a scapegoat. Chai worked in the military police belonging to Funcinpec Party

Assassination of Ho Sok

Shortly after the above incident, there was a coup d'etat in July 1997 led by Hun Sen to outlaw the Funcinpec Party. Mr. Ho Sok went to the Singapore Embassy in Phnom Penh for asylum because Hun Sen and Hoc Lundy were trying to arrest him as he was from the Funcipec Party. The asylum was refused and Ho Sok was turned away. Hoc Lundy then apprehended him and ordered his bodyguards to take him to General Ma Seun's office of the PPC. Hoc Lundy then gave me direct order to take Ho Sok to my office. When I arrived there, there were 6 armed men sent by Hoc Lundy waiting for me. I knew the two of them and they were Keov Vichet and Bon Na . They shot Ho Sok outside Ma Seun's office. I questioned them as to the killing. Bon Na replied that Hoc Lundy sent them to kill Ho Sok then and there. Hoc Lundy did not like Ho Sok. I was shocked and rang Hoc Lundy who said that if Ho Sok was alive he would create a lot of trouble for us. He asked me to give Bon Na a car from the police vehicle pool as his reward. I did what I was told and gave Bon Na a Camry 97.

There were five people who witnessed the killing, Ma Seun, Thorn Im and three other people including Thorn Lim (General) and Ine Bora (Colonel), Mow So Vanna (Colonel) and the other anti-crime squad,

The Death of Movie Star Piseth Pilika

In 1999, I was heading the Anti- Crime Bureau as deputy director and was in charge of the investigation of the death of the movie star. I found that before she died, she had an affair with Hoc Lundy. Her husband went overseas frequently, leaving her alone in Cambodia. Hoc Lundy often contacted her and took her to parties and buying her presents etc. In due course, a relationship was developed and she bore a son for Hoc Lundy. Then Hoc Lundy introduced her to Hun Sen. Hun Sen met her. Prior to her meeting Hun Sen, she was not that well off. But afterwards, she made a lot of money. Her bank account in Canada Bank showed a balance of US$30,000 at the time of her death. She was also given a brand new Honda CRV and a villa. She was worried about her safety everyday as Hun Sen's wife found out their secret affairs. Hun Sen's wife blamed Hoc Lundy as he was the matchmaker. Hoc Lundy made peace with her and promised that he would try to separate the movie star from Hun Sen. Soon the movie star was killed. I found out that the killer was one of Hoc Lundy's body guards. I went to question Bon Na and he admitted that he was involved together with Keov Vichet in the killing under the order of Hoc Lundy.

Because the crime involved Hoc Lundy, I could do nothing about it. I made no arrest. I was very upset and there an innocent life killed and I being a police officer could do nothing.

Helping the Opposition Party

In 2000, I got in touch with the opposition parties. I did this because I believed that the Hun Sen government was corrupted and that if there was any hope for Cambodia, it would be through the opposition parties. He had too much blood on his hands having killed too many people. I would like to see a change in the Cambodian Government to bring democracy and Justice to Cambodia. When I heard Hoc Lundy and Hun Sen were conspiring to kill them. I went to alert the opposition leaders in secret by contacting people closer to them and to warn them.

I suggested to them joining forces to get a better chance to be elected in the next election in 2008. I also gave some evidence showing how corrupted Hun Sen was to the opposition leaders so that they may expose it to the public. In late June/July 2006, Hun Sen found out that I was speaking to the opposition giving them suggestions etc. He was not happy with me. He accused me of being not loyal to the PPC.

On 23 July, I left Cambodia to Malaysia to have my leg checked and then to Singapore to see my sons and get a prescription glass done by a friend. Before I left, I asked for permission to go overseas and they granted the permission. On 28 July, I heard from Cambodia and friends that I could not go back anymore because Hun Sen was angry with me accusing me of being a traitor to the PPC. They were trumping up charges against me.

I know his real reasons for my arrest. I know too much about him and about his illegal activities. He saw me as a threat to him and wanted to get rid of me.

Speaking out

With all that I found out about Hun Sen and Hoc Lundy, I was in despair. I was like a lost ship in a vast ocean. I have my principles and ideals but in a corrupted world, I was going nowhere. To survive, I have to keep my eyes closed to many evils that I have witnessed. It was killing me inside. On three separate occasions between 1999, 2000 and 2001, I decided to talk to the Human Rights Watch in Cambodia . I spoke to Ms. Pon Chigate(PHON), Director of the LICADO in Cambodia, Eva of Global Witness in Phnom Penh, Henrick, former UNHCR representative in Phnom Penh, Christopher Peschoux, UNHCR in Geneva, Mr. Paul Grover of the US Anti-Drug Intelligence Service and finally Naly of the LICADO in Cambodia.

Killing of Judge Sok Setha Mony

I read in the foreign press that I have been accused by Hun Sen of being involved in the assassination of Judge Sok Setha Mony. This is a total fabrication on Hun Sen's part to justify his campaign against me.

In 2003, the judge was killed by a terrorist group known as the CFF. The military police in Phnom Penh arrested three people suspected of being involved in the assassination. The arrests were coordinated by Colonel Sim Hong, Military police, who headed the investigations. I had nothing to do with the arrest, because it was military police's job.

The people arrested are Chun Ched Tra, and Moul Made but I cannot remember the other person's name.

I had a great respect for the judge and I had personally known him well. There was no way that I would have arranged for him to be killed.

I believe that this is just one of the many trumped up charges they had against me in order to secure my arrest. I know too much and I have treaded on too many toes.

Seizure of 36 kg Heroine

In 2003, I obtained information from an anonymous tip that Lt Colonel Ngur Sambath who was a man of General Sao Sokkha (three-star) and general Dom Hak (2 star) was involved in heroine trade. Following investigations, we attend his residence at Toul Kork District, in Phnom Penh and seized 36 kg of Heroine. Lt Colonel was arrested on the spot but Dom Hak who was residing there fled the scene. We attempted to chase after him to arrest him, but Hun Sen stopped us, ordering not to arrest Dom Hak nor to investigate, saying that there was no need to arrest Dom Hak. I had to stop chasing and investigating. Instead of punishing him Hun Sen surprisingly promoted him to three star about one month later. Ngur Sambath was found killed in the prison. Hun Sen told me not to be too harsh on drug trade.

Not long after this, there was a function organized by Hoc Lundv for all the general. Sao Sokkha was there and I was also invited. Sau Sokkha praised me a lot at the function and wanted me to be close to him. He said to me that if we united together, we could do anything in Cambodia. He then said that there was only one thing referring to my stance on drug trade. He asked me to stop investigating into the drug trafficking as Narcotic did not cause any trouble to Cambodia. I confronted him saving that I did not agree. He became angry and said to me that if you kept investigating, he would use his own sword to kill me

Other people witnessed it and they came over to us trying to calm us down.

Request for court and justice reform

At the beginning of 2005, I requested to my Prime Minister Hun Sen to reform the court and justice system as it was corrupted. Many judges around the country were not happy with me especially the prosecutor OKsa Voth who was known to be the master of corruption. The Prime Minister supported me and he announced in public to reform the country's justice system. People welcomed the move and to commemorate the occasion, they wrote a song in which my name was mentioned. I told them not to as the Prime Minister would not be happy to see my name being promoted too much. Oksa Voth was unhappy with me as he saw the reform would potentially bring to an end what he could do under the current system.

Mv current circumstances -- a direct result of my position in the government and my open defiance against Hoc Lundv and the Prime Minister

In 2005, Hoc Lundy ordered me to kill the Secretary of the State Nut Sa Ann, because Mr Nut Sa Ann had a conflict with Hoc Lundy over a piece of land owned by the police. Hoc Lundy got very angry with him and ordered to arrange for him to be killed. I refused because I respected the man a lot and would not like to see him killed. I had to find an excuse for myself. I explained to Hoc Lundy that Nut Sa Ann had too many bodyguards and it would not be possible.

In December 2005, Hoc Lundy had a conflict with me because he wanted me to cut the lock to the residence of a Cambodian American lawyer David Chinava and to conduct a search. The reason for the search was that the lawyer was said to be drunken one day and drove into the Hun Sen. Public Garden. He fled the scene and kept quiet. About 10 days later, the police started investigating and found the car in his house which he had deserted. The house was locked and that's was the reason why I was ordered to cut the lock to gain access. I did not obey his order and told Hoc Lundy that it was illegal to do that. Hoc Lundy was upset with me for disobeying his order. He shouted at me questioning why amongst all the policemen and women in the country who all respected him, I was the only one who dared to disobey him. He said that he could not tolerate anybody who disrespected him.

At the beginning of 2005, Hoc Lundy's son Hock Lundao also known as Dy Vichea was divorced from his wife, Hun Chantah, the niece of Hun Sen.

All of the above incidents where I refused to obey to him made him very bitter against me. He bears grudges against me. On 25 December 2005, he invited the police commissioners, governors and other senior officials of seven Districts to a meeting at the Governor of Phnom Penh's residence. Around 400 people were present. I was one of the participants. Hoc Lundy conveyed his dissatisfaction openly with me and vowed that he would do whatever possible to strip me off my title in three months. He said that he would make this his objective and that if he did not achieve this, he would give up two of his own stars. To me, he declared a public war against me. He said that he was the head of the Mafia in Cambodia and that nobody could win him, 'not even the Advisor to the Prime Minister'. I have a recording of his speech which was given to me by another police friend who was at the meeting. The Cambodian newspaper also reported the meeting.

Subsequent to the meeting, I approached the Prime Minister for intervention. The Prime Minister told me not to worry, saying that there would be no way he would let Hoc Lundy remove me from my positions. He said that he himself had issues with Hoc Lundy.

Assassination of a Singaporean man

I have also been accused of killing a Singaporean man. It is absurd and why did I have to do that?

I was certainly not involved in the killing of the Singaporean man, Sim Ping Say. I know him pretty well and regarded him as my friend. Sim was gunned down and killed at the beginning of 2004 . To date nobody had been arrested for the killing.

Sim was a Singaporean businessman. He together with another Singaporean Mr. Kok entered into a joint venture with a Cambodian businessman Bun Hy. That was around 10 years ago. The joint venture was to build a hotel with 300 guest rooms. There were problems after problems associated with the building. The three partners eventually ended up not trusting each other. Because of the nature of the project, the Deputy Prime Minister Sao Ka Heng ordered me to intervene and find a solution to their problems. That's how I met Mr. Sim and Mr. Kok.

I recall during a meeting I convened for the three of them shortly after my appointment, Mr Kok complained to me about Mr Sim cheating money from him etc. Mr Sim was not present at the meeting. Mr. Kok also said that he was afraid of Mr. Sim because he may arrange for him to be killed and did not want to go back to Cambodia. That meeting was held in Singapore. Prior to the meeting, I met Mr. Kok several times and also received a letter Mr. Kok in Cambodia. Mr. Sim lost a lot of his investment in the project and would like to get out of it by selling the building. He proposed to sell the building and shared the proceeds amongst them. An agreement was reached in the form of memorandum of understanding and was sealed by the government. Because of their mistrust for each other, I was made the agent for the sale and advertised my number as the point of contact for the sale. Offers were received but we were not able to achieve a sale because they kept upper the prices offered. This was partly because after Mr. Sim was killed his wife took control and communicated directly with the other two parties. That situation made it impossible for me to sell the building. This tug of war continued until mid 2004 when I gave it up. I had had enough of their problems, and besides I had too much on my plate at that time.


Anonymous said...

How interesting.

It seems Heng Peov has some evidence to back up his story. If only he can present them at an independent court of law.


Anonymous said...

Can someone send this statement of Heng Pov to the U.S. government? Please do it. It can be a piece of important evidence.

Now I understand why some people wanted the US to give Heng Pov an asylum.

Anonymous said...

I have alway said that Heng Pov is sacrifying himself for the law of justice. He cannot survive until today if he was criminals of his own move. I was told of most criminals activities done by Hok Lundy instead with his man named Mok Chito( Big robber in Cambodia). Many police in Cambodia have suggested that if Hun Sen governemnt is really cared about social justice, anti-crimes and anti-drugs, anti-kidnapping, Hun sen must get rid of Hok Lundy and put all his trust to Heng Pov. Offcourse, he is not a perfect police with a millions dollars in his bank account for his meague salary. But if you compare this monies to Hok Lundy, it is nothing. Hok Lundy may have hundred of millions dollars in Vietnam, and in Singapore. But this man can please Hun sen very well with young girl. I wish the international community give Heng Pov a chance. If he is a bad person, he will choose to cooperate with Hun Sen and his life is not suffering as today. As I have said many times that he is far better than Kaing Kech Iev of Pol Pot who enjoyed killing 14,000 people in Tuol Sleng. He even far better than Sihanouk who knew very well of POl Pot and Hun Sen, but refused to stay aways from these two criminals regimes. I know that thousand of police in Cambodia are the same like Heng Pov frustrating with Hun Sen regime. They want to have a chnage in the government so that Cambodia can move out from a begging Nation. Cambodia can build Angkor wat by themselve, offcourse, Cambodia can support themselve in a more dignity ways than Hun Sen regime.

Anonymous said...

Send this link to all Cambodians around the world that you know. Pass around Hang Pov's statements in Cambodia as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

his story are very detailed. Here is his chance to "save face". Prove it. But even if he does prove it and th US grant him asylum, The U.S don't care nor have to time to deal with it. what will they (US) get out of it by taking Hun Sen down? The (US) can't even touch HUGO Chavez. Hmmm! Hugo and Hun. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

2:54am, you are weird and strange.

Anonymous said...

God "do" have eyes folks. Hun Sen will perish, those amongst him will perish. They will continue to suck viets' dicks in hell.

Anonymous said...

First of all, it is very sensitive information regarding to what Mr. Heng Pov is breaking terrible cases related to high ranking government official in term of human right abuse, drug and human trafficking, sex exploitation and other cases. Currently Hoc Lundy went to Singapore on Wednesday and came back on Friday 18, I think it is part of negotiation with Mr. Heng Pov not to break out the information in exchange of money. I wish Heng Pov would not accept because I want him to spread out more informations. Heng Pov become the useful source for human right group and international community.

So, I recommend him to seek political asylum in USA in term of exchange illegal cases involved with Cambodia government officials to CIA, FBI, and US Anti-Drug Intelligence Service for investigation. At the end I wish you good luck.

Anonymous said...

I suggest people who leave comments previously on this page should be nicer with their language. Of course, comments come from your opinion but just be a bit more polite.OK?

This document is really fascinating; however, the mystery remains unrevealed yet. We do not know whether it is true or not but it is really likely true to me with real names, real events which I mostly familiar with. It is like 50-50, this document is quite convincing, on the other hand, there are lots of news about Heng Pov's bad reputations passing cross mass media.

Anonymous said...

You're right, let's me nice. Obiously, it's crystal clear if Heng Pov is in PP living his lavish lifestyles with the girls, luxury cars, luxury houses, etc. did he ever thought of those poor dead souls? In short, thanks for the confession, we'll line you up with the rest of the blood suckers!

that's as nice as I can be.

Anonymous said...

Please read the translated statement (in Khmer) of Heng Pov :

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to see the Khmer version. Ask Mr. Hang Poev though, why didn't he come forward years ago? Was he worried for the security of his family and himself? Or was the dollar just too irresistable?

I'm not trying to say the HS is innocent, everyone knows he's the head of all this and he WILL be brought down, it's just a matter of time.

"tver la-or ban la-or, tver babb ban bann"

I bet old people say that all the time around your neighborhood. It makes more sense to some then others.

Anonymous said...

It makes me get confuse a lot because I have read many article about crime in Cambodia. For example: I read the Pesit Pelika diary is quite different from Heng Pov statment, and I read in Camboida Daily is onother thing. A question in mind is who wrote the statment for Mr Heng Pov.

Anonymous said...

well a good general rule to live by is dont believe a corrupted government. Be analytical when reading, listening to, or watching any cambodian stuff. Over the years cambodia has somehow developed its citizens to become rectlessly selfish and the most individualist country i've seen. Everyone is about themselves; there's no more nationalist values in khmers. If you need examples, look at Hun sen, does he care about the people, look at any officials. There are the exceptional few offcourse. But it seems there are more bad than good.

Anonymous said...

For the history and truth, any witness must be preserved. The non official (via the CIA) asylum by the US is one of best solutions. SC

Anonymous said...

and also punished for his crimes. His willing confessions would lessen his sentence but crimes he committed must be punished.

Anonymous said...

lol...i can't believe i am wasting my time reading this story. lol...a crook turning on a crook. lol...once a crook always a crook. lol...

Anonymous said...

thank you, you are on point. The US cannot and should harbour crooks. This a land of law; not like Cambodia. We already know all hun sen's crimes, we dont need this confession. Go back pp and fry each other. I'm sure those poor dead Khmer souls love to have your companion...

Anonymous said...

I am the person who suggest HP to provide secret information to CIA or FBI in term of asylum opportunity in USA. In response the morality advice of person who write comment after me, that is my opinion. I am senior officer for an international organization in Cambodia.

Even Heng Pov involved some illegal cases, but it is uncomparable with huge case of one eye man(Hun Sen), Sok Ann, Hoc Lundy, and other.

Anonymous said...

with respect, 'senior officer', forgive me speaking freely and openly expressing my opinions openly. After all maybe i'm helping you getting a feel of the types of reactions you may and probably will get from the the world. So you should take my criticism constructively. If you believe you friend mr HP is a good man/person, then you should not worry. But if your friend is a thief, murderer, bribe taker, etc.. then worry.

best of wishes..

Anonymous said...

In the name of the students in Phnom-Penh we support Heng Peo. We know he tried to do good reforms for our country. By his position, he couldn't openly say what happened in Cambodia to the world, but we believe that he did it secretly. We think it is a good occasion to show to the world how this government is a dictature and a mafia state. At least there is someone from inside who can talk about it. We whish that a country will grant him politic asylum soon so he can continue to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

i'm not saying that HP is guilty; i'm just skeptical about the whole thing. Khmers in Cambodia lost all credentials; so when one speaks we have to listen with analytical ears. May evil perish and good prevail!!

Anonymous said...

God bless Cambodia! After I read this article, I feel tremendously sad. Why this happens uppon my beloved country. I dont know whether Heng Peov is criminal or innocent, but innocent Khmers will be blessed by God. Im sure after Huk Lundi and Hun Sen are killed, then our nation will be peaceful for ever. I want to see one day, a khmer hero will go out and murder these two blood sukers. God bless this poor nation PONG. Thanks Buddha.

Anonymous said...

Being a good analysist, you could obviously see what are going on...

Looking at what they are doing, it implies that they see all Cam...people are blind

It is quite ashame...being a Cam...

It is logical that the truth is the truth...

But where is that crazy 'thruth'?

Underground gangsters, all of them, are asking for justice...claiming that they are innocent...

Who is wrong? Who is right?

I am one of Cam...people...who is damn wrong that I was born to be a Cam...

Shit on those...fucking shit... brainless peo...

When is this going to end? can see the Cambodia's history...

Whom to be blaimed?

It is me to be...coz I was born in Cam...

Then, who can end this bloody hell regi...

No one is the answer...untill they all gone...Oh no...never...

How can you justify your opinion?

...simply my answer...See our past and recent history of Cam...

What do you think of the future?

I have no future....

Anonymous said...

where is a link to the khmer version of this "statement" by Heng Peov?

Anonymous said...

How can you can have future if you don't even have respect to your nation?
I think that is Cambodia land that was wrong for being the place to give birth to people who feel regret of being Cambodian.
Build your love to the nation, come to unite and help build the country together.

Anonymous said...

Whether his statement held any truth to it or not, we probably and couldn't possibly find out because not everyone is brave enough to stand up or resist bribe.

Even for those who don't believe in Heng Pov's message, you can't deny that Hun Sen is not exactly and angel himself. There's no doubt that he does not put Cambodia and her people's well-being as his first priority.

Hun sen is having too much swimming in his pool of luxuries. The only way of putting a stop to the corruption is- he and hoc lundy will have to die.

I do look forward to that day.

The problem with our country is that people are avaricious, not by nature, but were born to prove that people with money and power get better life. Come on, who would care so much about morals when you earn millions?

More than 50% of the population are trying to make ends meet everyday. They could barely put food on the table let alone go on peaceful demonstration for democracy and get killed for it.

The rich just gets richer, the poor gets no better. Let's keep our finger crossed and hope that our next generation would not follow Hun Sen's selfish footstep.

Anonymous said...

Corruption terrible evil! People sell its soul for money!

Anonymous said...

There KI Media you screen your comments when poster post them. I found that this is as unfair as any Heng Pov statement posted. you take out my comment on Friday 7.25.2008 at 10:45pm stating about the Preah Vihear standoff and now I am back to read the respond is no longer here. You are telling only one story. Am I right let it be heard to all if you so call a media.

Jis-kro bei-srat

Anonymous said...

Even as it may satiate your thirst for blood, an "eye for an eye" form of street-court justice advocating death to top CPP members for alleged crimes - then you are no better than they - you would do what you accuse them of doing. Pull your head out of your ass and resolve your own hypocrisy before casting judgement concerning matters you know absoltely nothing about, (except endless one-sided rumour-mongoring from unreliable, biased, subjective zealots with an oppositional agenda.

Particularly galling is your 'condemnation to death' solution - hauntingly reminiscent of Khmer Rouge modus operandi for those who can face the images of our not-so recent past, and more alarming - strikingly similar to the very crimes the accused are paying with their lives for.

Live by the Sword...
Eye for an eye...
Reap what you sow...

I am sure they will get what's coming to them, in this life or next.

but who the hell are you to be the judge, jury and executioner?

Phnom Penh

Anonymous said...

Cambodia country has khmer like Heng Pov we can't walk at night time in the phnom penh city.He is the worst khmer police commissioner.

Anonymous said...

a coin with two sides....

let's use our court system, we have it, enforce it." No not.. Hun Sen's court... Oh-God No!"

Prove it to Cambodian poeple and the world that Cambodian court system justify his coin. I hope his coin not only head, no tail.

DEA might be interesting in drug case.

Anonymous said...

Khmer country has the man like Heng Pov will be back to the past like pol pot regime again.

Anonymous said...

After i read the statement of Heng Pov,i believed that if no one did it , of course,No Heng Pov's statement like that.Because Heng Pov became useless for Hun Sen and Hok Lundy who already died,that's why,he has been caught by the polices and must stay in prison whole life.what the pity of Cambodia! why one eye Hun Sen still be the Prime minister???? why he not died as like Hok Lundy? After Hok Lundy died,Cambodia is going to develope without drugs...etc...Hate that bitch...Cambodia will be not in the hell as like nowadays anymore if no have Hun Sen...son of the bitch...

Anonymous said...

Please help Heng Pov!!! He is the important witness....International Organizations and all countries in the world , please help us from that hell by Hun sen...we're suffering from the communist leading under family of Hun Sen...their family can kill and do anything as they want without respect to the law...All Cambodian people who have education,they hate son of the bitch Hun Sen...Hun Sen will died in one day soon...

Anonymous said...

Please help Heng Pov!!! He is the important witness....International Organizations and all countries in the world , please help us from that hell by Hun sen...we're suffering from the communist leading under family of Hun Sen...their family can kill and do anything as they want without respect to the law...All Cambodian people who have education,they hate son of the bitch Hun Sen...Hun Sen will died in one day soon...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do you think Hun Sen and his dogs will go after whoever posted this statement for disimformation and defamation , that will be great . but i think Hun Sen and his dogs will be afraid of doing it because this case will reveal his dirty mind to the world.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Crimes Against Humanity
Overwork to Death
Human Abuses
Assault and Battery

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Assassinate Journalists
Assassinate Political Opponents
Extrajudicial Execution
Grenade Attack
Drive by Shooting
Death Threats
Human Abductions
Human Rights Abuses
Human Trafficking
Drugs Trafficking
Under Age Child Sex
Illegal Mass Evictions
Illegal Land Grabbing
Illegal Firearms
Illegal Logging
Illegal Deforestation
Illegally use of remote detonation on Sokha Helicopter, while Hok Lundy and others military official was on board.
Illegally Sold State Properties
Illegally Remove Parliamentary Immunity of Parliament Members
Plunder National Resources
Acid Attacks
Turn Cambodia into a Lawless Country
Steal Votes
Bring Foreigners from Veitnam to vote in Cambodia for Cambodian People's Party.
Abuse the Court as a tools for CPP to send political opponents and journalists to jail.
Abuse of Power
Abuse the Laws
Abuse the National Election Committee
Abuse the National Assembly
Violate the Laws
Violate the Constitution
Violate the Paris Accords

Under Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime, no criminals that has been committed all of these crimes above within Hun Sen Khmer Rouge government have ever been brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Can we have Khmer version?

Nobody translate the statement??

Anonymous said...

See also in Khmer version :

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Justice ? what ? who talk about justice ?

In Cambodia, justice is just a joke.

Justice is used to applied on normal people.

Heng Samrin and Hun Sen should remember why they went to the jungle in 1970 ?

Anonymous said...

do all you guy think that all words of heng Pov are true.
heng pov is a very bad person after the person who died at 9 november. So both are the same.
now, one was badly dead and one was in prison.
So, i think that all heng pov said are not true.
U know heng pov was a bad person. and now still cheat the world.
Don Believe Him.

Anonymous said...

If readers want to know somting behind Hok Lundy, your welcome to the site:

Anonymous said...

Who killed 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples?

a) Pol Pot
b) Nuon Chea
c) Ta Mok 
d) Khieu Samphan 
e) Son Sen 
f) Kaing Guek Eav aka Samak Mith Duch
g) Ieng Sary 
h) Ieng Thearith
i) Chea Sim
j) Heng Samrin
k) Hor Namhong aka Samak Mith Yaem
l) Keat Chhon
m) Ouk Bunchhoeun
n) Sim Ka aka Samak Mith Muth
o) Hun Sen...
p) all of above

Document Center of Cambodia

On October 7, 2009 Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, Hor Namhong, Keat Chhon, Ouk Bunchhoeun and Sim Ka has been summoned by the UN backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal court (ECCC).

Anonymous said...

Who killed at least 16 innocent Khmer peoples on March 30, 1997 Grenades Attack in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

a) Hun Sen  
b) Hok Lundy
c) Huy Piseth 
d) Phan Sary
e) Oum Chamnane
f) hit man #3
g) hit man #4
h) Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit (Brigade 70)
i) Hun Sen's Death Squad
j) all of above

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who killed over 100 members of FUNCINPEC Party on July 5 and 6, 1997 Military Coup against First Prime Minister (Norodom Ranariddh)?

a) Hun Sen  
b) Hok Lundy
c) Huy Piseth 
d) Phan Sary
e) Oum Chamnane
f) hit man #3
g) hit man #4
h) Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit (Brigade 70)  
i) Hun Sen's Death Squad
j) all of above


Anonymous said...

Who killed over 80 members of Sam Rainsy Party?

a) Hun Sen  
b) Hok Lundy
c) Huy Piseth 
d) Phan Sary
e) Oum Chamnane
f) hit man #3
g) hit man #4
h) Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit (Brigade 70)
i) Hun Sen's Death Squad
j) all of above

Sam Rainsy LIC 31 October 2009 - Cairo, Egypt

"As of today, over eighty members of my party have been assassinated. Countless others have been injured, arrested, jailed, or forced to go into hiding or into exile."


Anonymous said...

Which one of these people(s) list below is a terrorist leader during a Grenades Attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

a) Hun Sen
b) Hok Lundy
c) Huy Piseth 
d) Phan Sary
e) Oum Chamnane
f) Chun Yasith
g) Osama Bin Landen


Anonymous said...

Who killed Piseth Pilika?

a) Bun Rany 
b) Hok Lundy
c) Bon Na
d) Keov Vichet
e) Hun Sen's Death Squad
f) all of above


Anonymous said...

The president of the Red Cross of Cambodia (Bun Rany) had order Hok Lundy to murder Piseth Pilika.  Because Piseth Pilika was having an affaire with her husband (Hun Sen).

Source:  Statement of Heng Peov

Bun Rany is Hun Sen's wife.
Hok Lundy is Phnom Penh Municiple Police Chief and member of Hun Sen Death Squad.
Piseth Pilika is an Apsara dancer and a movie star.

The Red Cross should not have a murderer as a president. 

Anonymous said...

Terrorism in Cambodia.
Killing at least sixteen innocent men, women and children.
Hun Sen's personal Bodyguards Unit (Brigade 70) was the suspects and was order by Hun Sen.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that the Cambodian government officials were responsible for the grenade attack.

The United States Senate Foreign Committee concluded that the Cambodian government officials were responsible for the grenade attack.

Leader of the Khmer National Party (Opposition Party of Cambodia)
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Sam Rainsy on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Chea Vichea on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials are responsible for assassinated Chea Vichea.
The Cambodian government officials are working hard to cover up the real assassins.
Born Samnang and Sok Samoeun were convicted as scapegoats in the absence of compelling evidence and testimony.
The Cambodian Court convicted innocent peoples instead of the real assassins.


Anonymous said...

Which one of these Khmer Rouge(s) list below is the current Khmer Rouge Regime's leader?

a) Pol Pot
b) Nuon Chea
c) Ta Mok 
d) Khieu Samphan 
e) Son Sen 
f) Kaing Guek Eav aka Samak Mith Duch
g) Ieng Sary 
h) Ieng Thearith
i) Chea Sim
j) Heng Samrin
k) Hor Namhong aka Samak Mith Yaem
l) Keat Chhon
m) Ouk Bunchhoeun
n) Sim Ka aka Samak Mith Muth
o) Hun Sen

Pol Pot is a Khmer Rouge leader of the Democratic Kampuchea Khmer Rouge Regime.

Hun Sen was a Khmer Rouge commander of the Democratic Kampuchea Khmer Rouge Regime and now, a Khmer Rouge leader of the Cambodian People's Party Khmer Rouge Regime.

Anonymous said...

Who killed Chea Vichea?

a) Hun Sen's Death Squad
b) Hok Lundy
c) Huy Piseth
d) Phan Sary
e) Oum Chamnane
f) Bon Na
g) Keov Vichet

Anonymous said...

Which one of these terrorist organization list below responsible for Grenades Attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

a) Hun Sen's Death Squad
b) Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit (Brigade 70)
c) Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime
d) Cambodian Freedom Fighter
e) Al Qaeda
f) a,b and c


Hun Sen's Death Squad leader and members:

Hun Sen  
Hok Lundy
Huy Piseth 
Phan Sary
Oum Chamnane...
Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit (Brigade 70)

Anonymous said...

Which one of these Khmer Rouge(s) list below is a prison chief of Boeung Trabek prison B32?

a) Pol Pot
b) Nuon Chea
c) Ta Mok 
d) Khieu Samphan 
e) Son Sen 
f) Kaing Guek Eav aka Samak Mith Duch
g) Ieng Sary 
h) Ieng Thearith
i) Chea Sim
j) Heng Samrin
k) Hor Namhong aka Samak Mith Yaem
l) Keat Chhon
m) Ouk Bunchhoeun
n) Sim Ka aka Samak Mith Muth
o) Hun Sen

Document Center of Cambodia

During the Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime;
There are 196 prisons.
There are 196 prison chiefs.
There are 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples killed by the Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime.

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime's leaders and members:
Pol Pot
Nuon Chea
Ieng Sary
Ta Mok
Khieu Samphan
Son Sen
Ieng Thearith
Kaing Guek Eav aka Samak Mith Duch
Chea Sim
Heng Samrin
Hor Namhong aka Samak Mith Yaem
Keat Chhon
Ouk Bunchhoeun
Sim Ka aka Samak Mith Muth
Hun Sen...

Anonymous said...

Kaing Guek Eav is a prison chief of Toul Sleng prison S21.
Document Center of Cambodia

The U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal court (ECCC) must indict 195 other prison chiefs.

"I will not allow the U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal court (ECCC) to indict more Khmer Rouge Regime leaders, I rather let the court (KRT ECCC) fail.  Indict more Khmer Rouge Regime's leaders will lead the country into a civil war."
Samak Mith Hun Sen
Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime's leader

Samak Mith Hun Sen will not allow the U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal court (ECCC) to indict more Khmer Rouge Regime leaders who is responsible for killing 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples.

Samak Mith Hun Sen threaten to turn Cambodia back into the Killing Fields all over again.

War with whom?
War with innocent Khmer peoples without weapon?

Once a Khmer Rouge, always a Khmer Rouge.

A good Khmer Rouge(s) is a dead Khmer Rouge(s).

Khmer Rouge(s) continue to kill innocent Khmer peoples.

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime's leaders and members:
Hun Sen
Chea Sim
Heng Samrin
Hor Namhong aka Samak Mith Yaem
Keat Chhon
Ouk Bunchhoeun
Sim Ka aka Samak Mith Muth...

"(Samak Mith) Duch (Kaing Guek Eav) 19 years sentence is too short and doesn't fit his crimes."
Samak Mith Yaem (Hor Namhong)
Prison Chief of Boeung Trabek prison B32

Hor Namhong want the whole world to know that he is not a Khmer Rouge and a prison chief of Boeung Trabek prison B32.

Hor Namhong is a prison chief of Boeung Trabek prison B32.

Keo Bunthouk who was detained with her husband, former diplomat Ieng Kounsaky, at the Boeng Trabek camp (Section B32 presided over by Hor Namhong) from 1977 to 1979.

Q: Who should be held responsible for the murders of Boeng Trabek inmates?
A: Now you repeat this question and maybe Hor Namhong will want to assassinate me, what will happen to me? I've heard that Hor Namhong wants to sue the newspaper that said he was Khmer Rouge.

Keo Bunthouk died under suspicious circumstances in 2001, shortly after she gave interview to the Phnom Penh Post.

Keo Bunthouk was a survivor of Boeng Trabek prison B32.

Keo Bunthouk was a member of the Cambodian Parliament from FUNCINPEC Party.

Hor Namhong said to the French judge that he is not a prison chief of Boeung Trabek prison B32, in fact members of his family was killed by Khmer Rouge(s).

Hor Namhong can lies all he want, at the end, he got summoned and will get indict, prosecute, convict and sentence.

Criminals likes to lies.

The place where criminals lies the most is inside the court room in front of the judge(s).

On October 7, 2009 Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, Hor Namhong, Keat Chhon, Ouk Bunchhoeun and Sim Ka has been summoned by the U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal court (ECCC).

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen was a member of the Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime.

Hun Sen is a leader of the Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime.

Hun Sen was behind the terrorism on March 30, 1997 grenade attack in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
A U.S. citizen Ron Abney was injured during a grenade attack.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Senate Foreign Committee Investigation

Hun Sen attempted to assassinate Sam Rainsy (leader of opposition party) and Chea Vichea (leader of the Free Trade Union) during grenade attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Hun Sen is responsible for murdered Chea Vichea (leader of the Free Trade Union).

The Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for killing 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is also responsible for killing 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples and counting.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for extrajudicial execution over 100 members of FUNCINPEC Party.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders over 80 members of Sam Rainsy Party.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders 3 leaders of the Free Trade Union.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders 10 journalists

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders at least 16 innocent Khmer peoples during a grenade attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Joan Anne said...

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God bless!

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To make the world a better place, ah Hun Sen must die.

Anonymous said...

Whoever kill ah Hun Sen is a Khmer hero.

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