Monday, July 30, 2007

Spirit of Preap In leaflets scattered in Phnom Penh city

Monday, July 30, 2007
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

According to Touch Naroth, the Phnom Penh city police commissioner, anonymous people have scattered leaflets on Saturday night, and these leaflets were gathered and seized by the police authority on Sunday morning near the Wat Phnom Park. The leaflet criticizes former king Norodom Sihanouk. Touch Naroth said the content of the leaflet aimed at scorning the former monarch. According to the Koh Santepheap newspaper, the text of the leaflet, written in both Cambodian and English, is titled “The truth that all Cambodians must remember.” The author(s) of leaflet call themselves “Spirit of Preap In”, and they baselessly accused that China and King-Father were the creators of the Khmer Rouge. Reach Sambath, spokesman for the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, said that according to the agreements concluded between Cambodian and the UN, no country will be judged by this tribunal, as for King-Father, he is protected by Article 7 of the constitution of the kingdom.

KI-Media Note: Who was Preap In? The following is a clarification provided by the former monarch himself to counter those accusing him of luring Preap In – who belonged to the political dissident group Khmer Serey (Free Khmer) movement, then supported by the USA, Thailand and South Vietnam – to Cambodia where he was sentenced by a military court and summarily executed by a public firing squad in Trapeang Kraleung in the 60s:

"I recall that, during that period, Mr. Preap In led an act of national treason to the profit of the US Imperialism, of the US CIA, of the pro-US regime in Saigon.

The People National Congress had welcomed Mr. Preap In at the Preah Mén field, he spontaneously confessed at this National Congress of the Khmer People that he indeed worked against the independent Cambodia, on behalf of the US Imperialism and the Khmer-hater and expansionist regime of Saigon. Mr. Preap In précised that he was an employee of the US CIA.

Following that, the Military Tribunal of the 1st Kingdom of Cambodia had condemned Mr. Preap In, in all legality, to the death penalty.

As the Cambodian Head of State, I did not pardon Mr. Preap In. In all legality, Mr. Preap In was shot (in public).

In this “Preap In Affair,” as well as that of the other traitors, Mathura and Chau Bory, the Khmer Nation and the International Community, the news media etc… were informed by my government from beginning to end, without hiding any secret.

The death penalty was still in force in our State.
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Anonymous said...

Before he joined the terrorist group Khmer Serey, headed by Son Sngoc Thanh, Preap I killed someone in Cambodia in fist fight. Police were afer him and he joinded Khmer Serey. When he came back from SOuth Vietnam, he was court martialed and executed. he was NOT summarily executed because he was condenmed by a court.

It is wrong to say that US supported Khmer Serey. Only the Yuon, Sth Viet and Thailand supported this group for their own reasons of course. This was why Sam Sary wanted to return home and his plan was revealed and Son Ngoc Thanh had him killed.


Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned AH PREAP IN is a traitor! The function of the Khmer Serey(Serei) is nothing more than terrorist organization aiming to destroy Cambodia stability!

Here are some excerpts!

According to R. Allan Schwartz:
"The 'operational' members of‘Project Cherry’ were Cambodians recruited from the Khmer Serei, the Government In Exile from Cambodia, violently anti-Sihanouk and dedicated to the overthrow of the Cambodian Government. The Khmer Serei was recognized by the Vietnamese Government and operated openly in South Vietnam.
‘Project Cherry’ employed twelve members of the Khmer Serei. Their missions includedconducting ‘Black Terror’ operations against the civilian population of Cambodia, while leaving evidence of their atrocities and blaming Cambodian forces for their actions. The purpose of these activities was to create civil unrest and arebellion against the Cambodian Regime.It worked."

" a Khmer Serei attack on the famous temple at Preah Vihear and held the temple for a few days before being driven back."

JENNAR Raoul Marc:
"Facing a complete failure, the Republican administration ordered the CIA to explore ways for the overthrow or the physical elimination of the legitimate Head of State, Prince Norodom Sihanouk. In the name of “democracy,freedom, self governance”, indeed. The CIA supplied Khmer Serei (“Free Khmer”-a right wing political and military group) bases in South-Vietnam and Thailand with money, arms, ammunitions and training. In 1959, with the complicity of General Dap Chhuon, there was a plot to overthrow Prince Norodom Sihanouk through a military coup. Later the same year, with the complicity of Sam Sary (Sam Rainsy’s father) there was an attempt to kill him. Both failed. But in both cases evidences were found of direct CIA involvement."

Check out …

The Khmer Serey group are supported then supported by the USA, Thailand and South Vietnam! I must admit that Khmer Serey was succeeding in destroying Cambodian economy which led to more instability!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Cambodians! Wake Up! The issue here is not whether or not you agree with the leaflets. The issue is what the hell business is this of the police! If they put 1/10th the effort into solving political murders in Cambodia, they' might be worth something!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you all the Khmer Serey are more Nationalist than you all fucking animal of today politichiens!

And most of you are part of Khmere rouge killers!

Anonymous said...

Some of you know nothing about the past so find out who and who destroyed the khmer empire? A number of dog when one of them saw something and barked the other barked too by following the first without seeing anything . Please think and find out the cause of killing the group of khmer serey not only Preap In, and the cause of ginocide. Because of maintaining power, jaloux, become a yourn's dog direct by a master who was yourn. The yourn never forgot their race look at the Khmer's history Jayacheatha II for example.

Anonymous said...

To 9:11PM

What do you mean by Khmer Serey are more Nationalist?

I don't see Khmer Serey go around killing the enemy except killing their own kind just like the Khmer Rouge! Khmer Serey even supported by Cambodian historic enemies such Thailane and Vietname!

Excerpt from Peter Dale Scott:
"Between April-May 1969 US planes flown from S. Vietnam systematically defoliated 1/3 of Cambodia. The French owned rubber plantations were the hardest hit by the defoliation program. Rubber was the chief source of export revenue for Cambodia and pushed the country into an economic crisis that weakened the Sihanouk Government and forced it to accept US aid. The defoliation project was organized as early as 1964. (p.171)

In 1958-9 the CIA financed, equipped, and directed the military uprising of the Khmer Serei and Son Ngoc Thanh in Cambodia. During the 1960s Son Ngoc served as a contact for special operations and recruitment of paramilitary forces from the Khmer minority to be trained by the US Special Forces and later by Thai officers in Thailand. Tony Poe who spearheaded guerilla operations against Tibet and China 1958-70 also helped organize the Khmer Serie insurgents. The Khmer forces became a part of the CIDG or Mike force of ethnic minorities controlled by the Saigon based Studies and Operations Group (SOG or MACSOG) established by the CIA. The Khmer Serie coup involved members of Japanese secret societies in contact with the CIA. Joint oil concessions to US and Japanese oil companies were granted after the coup. (p.172-4)"

Anonymous said...

Cant you all see? The destroyers of the Khmer Empire is us! We do not need nationalists who will destroy Cambodia's stability this time. The bombing of the monuments is WRONG. Business is growing, the time to fight isnt now, but when Cambodia has her own military and the government works with the people!

Anonymous said...

To 2:18AM!

Stop using reverse psychology on Khmer people and you should know better from Khmer history! Without the outsider intervention of Khmer politic and Cambodia would be way different from what it is today!

Blow up the Vietcong monument is the right to do because it will erase all the memory of Vietcong domination over Cambodia! Please don't give a false hope about Cambodian economic progress because majority of Cambodian people never benefit in anyway from the so called rectangular economic policy under AH HUN SEN leadership!

It is a disgrace to AH HUN SEN Vietcong slave government practicing racial discrimination against the Khmer Krom people even though they are Cambodian people!

You should thank the Vietcong for teaching Cambodian people how to hate another Cambodian people! It is working thank to AH HUN SEN Vietcong slave government!

Anonymous said...

Son Of Farmer said,

When you are patriotically loved and tirelessly fought for the freedom and democracy of your country, ironically and unquestionally enough, you have repeatedly been called as traitor by the corrupted governments and the highest education of the new generation Khmers.

When you are selfishly destroyed your country, you are highly a Mighty God.

Anonymous said...

To 3:07

Yes I have looked at Khmer History, that is why I believe that those statues should be taken down by the hands of the people, and not the few stubborn terrorists who are causing havok. That statue is just a statue, when it falls down to the ground is when Vietnam no longer controls Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

When I as him (H.E. In Tam) about Mr. Preap In, his tears drop down then he told me the true story around Preap In. Sihanouk was very barbarian and untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

To 8:35AM!

Please don't impersonate In TAM for he is dead long ago! Please don't invoke the ghost of IN TAM to paint a bad picture of King Sihanouk because I can dig out all of the information to the dept of the ocean to prove how much King Sihanuok really want to control the situation before it is getting out of hand!

It is too bad that the war between the Capitalist and the Communist had to be fought on Cambodian soil! By the way, IN TAM was very close to King Sihanouk anybody alive!

This is what happen when these stupid Cambodian people fail to educate themselves or for the lack of information and they go on believing thing blindly!

Anonymous said...

Yep, like Sihanouk himself, "The God Father King of All." "I was blinded and behaved like an idiot," Sihanouk had recently admitted.

Anonymous said...

10:25am, please do not try to insult H.E 8:25am as this person was saying that when he/she asked In Tam (when he was still alive) about Preap In etc...Please go back to school and learn how to read English again.

Anonymous said...

That khetabunn is right ,with out Sei haknouk we wouldn't loose two million beloved Cambodian,Seihaknouk 's knowledge just a diploma from Viet Nam .But he is every things example:judge,actor,singer,song composer,movie producer,pimp king ,yiekcong feeder and the breeder so the end of the day of the ignorance leaders causing Cambodia in the disaster. IT turns to be now a day other ignorance Hun Sen ,wants to be every things like Sei haknouk so my question is our Cambodian could facing others big disaster??

koun khmer pheas khloun