Monday, January 14, 2008

It only happens in Hun Sen's Cambodia: Cambodian disabled veterans kicked out of their lands to make way for a Vietnamese rubber company

Land dispute between Cambodian villagers and the Vietnamese rubber plantation company

12 January 2008
By Mondol Keo
Radio Free Asia

Translated from Khmer by Socheata
KI-Media Note: Those who believe that KI-Media made up this story, can read the original story in Khmer on RFA's website by clicking here.
A large contingent of military police and regular police officers were spread along a road in Kroyar commune, Santuk district, Kampong Thom province, for the 2 days already, in order to prevent the villagers from reaching out to each others, because these villagers are having a dispute with a Vietnamese rubber company.

Dara Sak, a member of the Association of disabled veterans for agricultural development, who is frantically seeking help from human rights organizations and NGOs, said in the afternoon of Friday 11 January that the joint police force claimed that they received order from officials at the Kampong Thom provincial office, to close all road access to prevent the villagers from going in and out, and the villagers who went to the market to buy food, were not allowed back into their homes.

Dara Sak said: “The military police officers, regular police officers yelled that they have an order from the provincial governor. The closing (of all access) is done to prevent people from going in and out. Some went to buy food at the market and they were not allowed to return back to their homes. Only those who have an authorization from the commune are allowed to go in and out.”

The villagers said that the closing of road access started since Thursday, and on Friday, it is still in effect. The closing was done because more 1,300 families of villagers have a dispute on 8,000-hectare of lands with the Vietnamese Tan Bien rubber company. However, Mat Moly, the police commissioner of Santuk district, rejected this claim, saying that his police force did not prevent anyone, or arrest any of the villagers. All that the police wanted to see is for the villagers to leave this area and move to live elsewhere, he claimed that the villagers are occupying lands belonging to the Vietnamese company.

Mat Moly said: “There is no (road access) closing, and no prevention of movement by the villagers. This is only to put a stop on the encroachment of the forest belonging to the Tan Bien Company. These disable veterans keep on violating the (Vietnamese Tan Bien) Company.”

On Friday, Nam Tum, the Kampong Thom provincial governor, could not be reached over the phone.

Kong Uy Nich, a coordinator for the Licadho human rights organization for Kampong Thom province, said that this problem takes place because the villagers have a conflict with the Vietnamese rubber company, and the road closing is an issue of great concern because the villagers could run out of food.

Kong Uy Nich said: “Based on the (villagers) report which was provided to me, the (Vietnamese) company brought in police force, soldiers, and military police force to close the road access, preventing them from going in or out of the Banteay Kroyar region, they are not allowed to go out to buy food, therefore they could face food shortage. In the past, the Association of disabled veterans for agricultural development had a land dispute with the Vietnamese Tan Bien Company.”

The villagers indicated that the Tan Bien Rubber Company came to occupy this region since the end of 2006, and they encroached on several hectares of lands belonging to the villagers.


Anonymous said...

South Korean President-elect Lee Myung-bak is set to be inaugurated February 25.

Does anyone know if Ah Prime Minister Hun Sen is invited (since the new-elect president was Ah Hun Sen's economic advisor)?

Khmer forever! Yuon out of Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

I think the police commissioner, Mat Moly, of that Santuk district got it wrong in his above statement: "... the villagers are occupying lands belonging to the Vietnamese company.." He should have said that "Cambodian lands belong to VN".

Khmer used to be the leading country in exporting rubbers. French taught the Cambodian people to start the rubber farms.

If Yuon runs the farms, they will bring their people to work there... Then, families, schools, hospital, markets, etc, and pure Yuon's commune will take shape. Well, what else does a reanable person needs to know after all these?

Anonymous said...

Hanoi uses good tactic to rent Khmer land to plant rubber plantation. Later on they will post the new border posts in this land and claims their land. Only stupid Hun Sen allows this to happen. Ah Hun Sen tries to push Khmer out of the land to serve the Hanoi interest. Why khmer still sits still and do nonething? Go after Ah Hun Sen and his supporters. People power and kick Ah Hun Sen out of Cambodia. People revolution needs to be formed now to topple Hun Zen..

Anonymous said...

12:44am BECAUSE we had been cheated by UN in 1993!
That why we become legal slave to Ah Hun Xen who is a secret slave to Ah Youn Vietnamese!

We are not going to die for nothing yet!Time will come!

Anonymous said...

forget war, forget revolution. only khmers will kill one anther. If you want yuon out and their businesses gone, we have to do it peacefully. Vote for Sam Rainsy!!