Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cambodian monk burns self as sacrifice

Buddhist Monk Thich Quang Duc self-immolation in South Vietnam in 1963 as a protest against the Vietnam war. It is coincidental that Monk Yin Keo's self-immolation in Battambang comes only 3 days before the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Supplemental border treaty between Hun Sen and Hanoi.

Agence France-Presse

PHNOM PENH -- A Buddhist monk in Cambodia burned himself to death as a sacrifice to Buddha, police said Tuesday.

The 20-year-old monk, Yin Keo, was at a pagoda on top of a mountain when he doused himself with five liters of petrol Saturday and set fire to himself, Battambang province deputy police chief So Sam An said.

"The monk completely believed in religion -- he sat cross-legged and poured gas over himself and burned to death in order to sacrifice his body to Buddha," So Sam An told Agence France-Presse.

Other monks and nuns at the pagoda told police that Yin Keo, who had been in the monastery for three months, had repeatedly said he would die in a religious sacrifice.

"I have never seen anyone use their body as a sacrifice like this monk," the police official said.


Anonymous said...

Buddhism does not allow or condone sacrifice or suicide. Make no mistake about it. Buddha will not accept this monk's sacrifice in His name. Therefore, this self-immolation was carried out for a completely different reason, which no one knows for sure without a proper and thorough investigation.

There was a self-immolation near Hun Sen's residence in Phnom Penh not long ago. There was a written message from that person, but the police has never shown it to the public. They offered a different explanation from what people believed that person had written. Therefore, the police's assertion in this case also carries no credibility.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Buddhism does allow for self-sacrifice or suicide to protect oneself or homeland from the enemy! Buddhism is no chicken shit! The real Buddhism philosophy requires that one must not remain peaceful and wait for the enemy to come in and kill all Buddhist people otherwise there would be no Buddhists left in the world to carry on Buddha teaching!

Nowaday, All Cambodian people are not following a true Buddhism and the fact that Cambodian people continue to recite those meaningless Buddha words without deep clear understanding of what Buddha is trying to say is a manifestation of all the bad things that had happen in Cambodia in the past and in the future! If Cambodian people truely understand the words of Buddha and there wouldn't be no communist, dictatorship, killing, and corruption that exist in Cambodian politic or society right now!

Many of Cambodian top monks fail to remedy every life situations with the words of Buddha. Cambodian monks fail to connect everyday life to the words of Buddha. Cambodian top monks tend to simplify and make thing sound so simple by using the KARMA to describe every shit that had happened! This is just abunch of bull! Life is way more complicate than the word KARMA a thousand time!

I said fuck the word "KARMA"! Cambodian people need to look beyond KARMA! Buddhda never teach Cambodian people to be vegetable and then blame everything on KARMA for all the bad or good or good things that happened. Buddhism teach Cambodian people to prepare, to anticipate, to accept, and to conquer the truth and win over the enemy!

Buddhism have alot to teach Cambodian people to achieve greatness base on the correct interpretation of Buddhist philosophy and so far Cambodian top Monks are interpreting Buddhist philosophy in the wrong way! Cambodia and Cambodian people as a country will continue to head toward the wrong path and eventually the disappearance of the entire Cambodia!

It is so dangerous to believe in one individual interpretation of Buddhist philosophy! One must interprets Buddhist philosophy for themself to be able to live in the words of Buddha and when this happens I believe Cambodia as a country will become great again even through genocide, through war, through dictatorship, through poor and hunger, through peace and instability...

Do you live in the words of Buddha?

Anonymous said...

Cambidia Top Monk is nor Buddhism, he have no education he is Communism Monkey, call HOCHIMONK!

The fucking Hun Sent Control every thing and corrupt every thing and the world refuse to see it just like Ah Pol Pot time!

We should boy cut the election and disrespect all the foreigner in our country. They just there for their own interest!

Anonymous said...

One must distinguish Buddhism philosophy from patriotism. Buddhists can die in the fight for their freedom, their nation and their survival. That is their patriotism. But there is nothing in the Buddhist scripture saying that the persons who committed suicide will go to heaven. The self sacrifice for the common cause is a personal conviction, not a religious conviction, as far as Buddhism is concerned. Committing suicide because of dispair has never been condoned by Buddhism. The solution is to become a Buddhist monk or a Buddhist nun, not self-inflicted death. Buddhism in Cambodia is overseen by supreme patriachs who were appointed for their political affiliations. When top Buddhist monks mix and match Buddhism with politics, people are confused while the disciples of Buddha become corrupt. The true wisdom of Buddhism has become diluted under such conditions.

Anonymous said...

To 9:30am

Every Buddhist scriptures in Buddha teaching are subjected to individual interpretation. I believe people can understand Buddha teaching from different perspective or different angle.

Who gave the right to these top Cambodian monks to impose their interpretation of Buddha teaching on the whole Cambodian population!

Anonymous said...

I think, he was sick of being control by the Veitcong or South Vietname! Does it matter? They are all Youn! Ah Kon Top! Our khmer Krom Folks lost their land, their right and almost everything else including their lives to live beneath Ah Youn control! Can you all see? It should not take a very smart person to figure that out? Should it?

Open your eyes up and open them big!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thich Quang Duc dramatically protested against alleged religious persecution by the government, not against the Vietnam War.