Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Soviet-trained former communist cadre nominated as ambassador to Russia

Putin surprised by the nomination of Khieu Thavika, a former student to the USSR, as Cambodian ambassador to Russia

Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Khieu Thavika, the former deputy secretary of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, who was nominated as the Cambodian ambassador to Russia, indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was very surprised that he (Khieu Thavika) spoke to him in Russian when he was presenting his accreditation. Khieu Thavika told the Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper, in an interview, that when he was presenting his accreditation to Putin, the latter was quite surprised when he (Khieu Thavika) spoke to him in Russian, and the Russian President was praising him that he (Khieu Thavika) came to study in Russia and is now nominated as an ambassador to Russia. Khieu Thavika was a former student at the Republic of Kazakhstan and the former communist USSR.


Anonymous said...

Oh great! Who wouldn't be surprised because all the Kieu start out as useless fool!

Khieu Thavika
Khieu Kanharith
Khieu Sopheak
Kieu Samphan

Anonymous said...

Red Thavika
Red Kanharith
Red Sopheak
Red Samphan

Khmer forever! Yuon out of Cambdodia!

Anonymous said...

Putin was surprised because a former useless student like Thavika could be the Ambassador to Russia. He was busy trafficking goods between the former USSR and Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I am not in favor of anyone, but Khiev Thavika's knowledge and expertise in international relation should not be questioned. Despite that he is a brother of know-nothing minister Khiev Kanharith, he is well-qualified to take the position. Hope he serves the interest the country well.

Anonymous said...

What's question 3:57PM?

Thavika is sure better educated than his supperiors like Hun Xen, Heng Xarim, Chea Xim, and more.

Even better than his suppreme religious leader Tep Wong! Who can dring more volka?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, another crook man was appointed to be an ambassador again. I'm not surprised at all and not just him to speak the language. There're more educated persons than him. This guy has connection; otherwise, he won't be qualified.

Do you know Thavika mean?

Thavika = money.

This guy is going to collect money and channel into his bank account.

Crook is always crook, like father like son, like Hun Sen and son. They're all the same shit.

Anonymous said...

Lolsss...his names tell all. Money=corruption.

He will be constantly drunk with vodka like his brother Kreav Chrouk khanarith

Anonymous said...

Let put POLITIC aside! We must be proud that a Khmer ambassador to Russia is a Russian educated intellectual.
It,s my own opinion although I have no sympathy for his brothers Kheu Kanharith and Kheu Sopheak

From a Cambodian Intellectual.

Anonymous said...

To 10:13AM!

All of Cambodian educated fools who got their training in Russia were trained to be slave to the Vietcong! I remembered when Pen Sovann was the Prime Minister of Cambodia in 1979 and the Russian force him to go through the Vietcong to deal with the Soviet Union leaders! Russian leader Vladimir Putin was surprised because no Russian leaders want to deal with a low life Vietcong slave mother fucker!

Khieu Thavika is no Russian educated intellectual because what he has learned in the Soviet Union during height of the cold war when the Russian supported the Vietcong invasion and occupation of Cambodia is long outdated!

I have to wonder who would be dumb enough to go learning from a country that supported the Vietcong invasion and the occupation of his or her motherland.

Talking about unconventional wisdom! Ahahhahhahahahahhahahahhaa!