Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keo Puth Rasmey sacked for trying to withdraw F'pec lawsuit against Ranariddh?

Government sweep

30 July 2008
By Pen Bona and Leang Delux Cambodge Soir Hebdo
Translated from French by Luc Sâr

Khieu Kanharith, the minister of Information and government spokesman, declared during a press conference held in the morning of 30 July in Phnom Penh, that “the CPP will pursue its coalition government with Funcinpec, but with the Funcinpec of Nhiek Bun Chhay…

“Very soon, the government will sack Keo Puth Rasmey, the current president of the royalist party and vice-prime minister, and Prince Sisowath Sirirath, the current government advisor,” Khieu Kanharith added.

Prince Sisowath announced on Monday, the day after the election, that he joined the SRP, the HRP and the NRP, in a coalition to protest the election results.

When asked by CSH, the prince declared that he did not have any reaction about this news, “as long as he does not receive the confirmation from prime minister Hun Sen.”

In the morning of Wednesday 30 July, a rumor circulated in which Keo Puth Rasmey would have written a letter to the Phnom Penh municipal court asking for the withdrawal of the Funcinpec lawsuit against Prince Norodom Ranariddh who is currently in exile in Malaysia, in order to allow the latter to return back home. Keo Puth Rasmey could not be contacted for confirm or deny this rumor. Nhiek Bun Chhay, Funcinpec secretary-general, would be elected in Banteay Meanchey according to the preliminary results by the CPP.


Anonymous said...

It's golden time for FUNCINPEC to divorse from CCP and to reform and build up to next election. They shoul learn 15 years lesson from the past. What they got from that coalition excepting personal benefits? it get no things, all outcomes were claimed by CPP and CPP sucked all its blood to died. I want to say directly to high ranking FUN officials that let's give up the classic and very stupid ideas that stay in coalition would strengthen the party. Wake up !!!
If FUN joins with CPP again it means you FUN suide yourselves becose of personal advantage.


Anonymous said...

I think Keo Put Reasmey and his wife should sack Nhek Bun Chhay first for illegally negociate with Hun Sen so that he can empower himself in Funcipec. Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy Party has joined forces with three other parties to protest the election results. It should remainds itself of past betrayals it has bitterly experienced in the past, by FUNCINPEC and even by its own members.

Any long-term observer of Camboain polics should not fail to notice that, for a party that has never been in any goverment before, Sam Rainsy Party is the most resiliant and the most successful party. It has been facing all sorts of attempt at its destruction, including the physical elimination of its leader (grenade attack on 30 March 1997) and the "massive" dection before the 27 July election.

Starting from nothing, Sam Rainsy Party won 15 seats in 1998, 24 in 2003 and 26 in 2008. Considering the defection mentioned above, it has emerged from the last election triumphant, stronger and taller. It has a solid powerbase now, although this powerbase is not large enough.

LAO Mong Hay, Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Come on Hun Sen!!! let the prince come beck home and face you, why Hun Sen scare of the prince?

Arasmey, you know Hun Sen now? It is too late, you and your wife should go to the hell and don't forget to bring Achhay because Achhay is the AHUN SEN's real puppet, therefore, allow all democrat unique as one to hunt AHUN SEN in this time the last time of Cambodia sovereignty.

If ACHHAY is still lead FUN so one set the party got will for nothing. And call all FUN supporters bring take ACHHAY out off FUN and hold a set very tie to serve our country.

crying khmer

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Lao,
I found that the way NEC is ditributing seats of different parties each election were wrong in the past and I insist that this they should correct that mistake.
From my observation, Cambodia is selecting a system of proportional representative. In this system, all voters are not allowed to vote for the candidate of any party they want. But they are requesting to vote to the party they want. Therefore, they cannot treat the highest votes in each electorate as a winning seat at all. They should combine all number of votes of each party in the whole country and then distribute seats to them accordingly. The ideas of this methode is to allow small parties their chance to have their MP into the parliament. In this system of proportional representative, we cannot say which party is the winner and which party is the looser at all. Every vote represente the expression of each citizen to support their view by supporting their poliical party. So I found that with recent election, there are six parties can have their representatives into the house.
CPP has 58.22% will get 72 seats
SRP has 21.85% will get 27 seats
HRP has 6.37% will get 8 seats
NRP has 5.60% will get 7 seats
Funci has 5.04% will get 7 seats
All for Dem has 1.27% get 2 seats.
If they used the first Past to post, then the highest votes in each electorate would be a winner because voters have voted for their candidate and the number of MP should be 123.
Strengtening democracy is very important for each country to enhance economic development and social development. Economic and social development should be together. In the past 15 years, Cambodia economy has developped by the sacrifice of social lives and communities around the country. Therefore the country is going backward. Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

"If you can't beat them, join them!"

Let's work together to build a better future for Cambodia...

Soon we will have 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 story buidings all over Phnom Penh under Samdech Hun Sen brilliant open-door policy.

Achar Swah Wat Bopit

Anonymous said...

If Lao Tse Mong Hay join force with Sam Rainsy 2013 election, I'm sure the progressive growth of the Sam Rainsy Party will capture at least 63 seats of the total 123.

Anonymous said...

1:14 PM

Don't be too optimistic, fucker!

By the time those building rise to that level, ah Hun's administration would have been toppled already by its internal cronies.

Anonymous said...

1:33 PM....

The party must change its name first before Mr. Lao Mong Hay should join, if he decide at all.