Monday, July 07, 2008

Korean driver accused of wiping out Cambodian family

Jul 7, 2008

Phnom Penh - A Korean driver killed five members of one Cambodian family while speeding under the influence of alcohol, police said Monday.

Police said grandparents Yiet Tann, 44, Chrun Kimsry, 43, and their daughter Yeit Srey Sros, 24, died instantly when the unnamed Korean collided with their motorbike late Saturday, and Sros' daughters Hun Phalnyta, four, and baby Hun Phalnyta died in hospital.

'The Korean guy was drunk and driving very fast on the wrong side of the road,' a traffic police official from Chom Chao district on the outskirts of the capital said by telephone.

He said the identity of the Korean had yet to be determined.

'We did find out he is Korean but he refuses to provide a name or cooperate with our investigation and he speaks no English,' the traffic police official said.

If convicted he faces life in prison, although tragedies such as this are often resolved with compensation in the Cambodian system.


Anonymous said...

Being drunk is used as a "pretex" to kill and to make it look like accidental because of being drunk. I bet the killing was intentional and not an accident, with hidden contempt on Cambodians. Beware of these foreigners.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, no gain, no lost.

Anonymous said...

Just throw in him in jail.

Anonymous said...

see, it is under the influence of alcohol that kills, not the person. this should be a wake up for lawmakers to have in place and enforce strict dui law so something like this cannot be tolerated and allowed in cambodia, just like anywhere else on the planet. provide a stiff penalty for dui in cambodia. it is possible to do and don't tell me, but the police are too corrupt to enforce law or whatever because that is not the solution. don't wait for your leader to enforce the laws; all khmer citizens have the obligation to uphold the laws as well as their leaders. listen, khmer people learned a lot from the past and can be smarter than the average bear. so, please be proactive like they do it in the USA. it is stronger when all citizens get involved as well. don't ever wait for your leader to do it. take you own action by protesting or demanding that gov't to have such laws. god bless cambodia.

Anonymous said...

The law must be used to punished anyone who commit such act. Monetary settlement will help solve problem of drunk driving. Lives lost is a lost of productivity and family livelihood which can never be replaced.

Anonymous said...

must be kill that Korean guy better than put him in prison to wast the food, he should be know the traffic regulation before he's drund and drive.