Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CCU annuncement to Chea Vichea's commemoration

Press Release
March to Place a garland of Flowers
Mr.Chea Vichea, Former President of FTUWKC,
Gunnded down on 22nd January 2004

On 22nd January 2008 Cambodian Confederation of Union (CCU) which consists of Cambodian Independent Teachers' Association (CITA) and Free Trade Union of Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC) organizes a march in order to place garland of flowers to show respects to spirits of Mr. Chea Vichea, former President of FTUWKC, was gunned down on 22nd January 2004 ,.

Mr. Chea Vichea did too much works for our nation, especially, demanding for rights, freedom and better working conditions for workers.

His patriotism and actions were bore in mind of workers, citizens, teachers, FTUWKC and CITA for ever and a day, on the other hand, we all always organize this event every year in order to recall his favor. We also demand the Phnom Penh authority to look for a real murderer and person behind to sentence during a laying of garland of flowers and would like to make a royal appeal to the king to give a title to Mr. Chea Vichea as a Khmer Worker Hero.

CCU would like to make a call to workers, motor drivers, businessmen, citizens, NGOs, diplomats, and national-international reporters to fully participate in that event in order to show respects to his spirits.

The gathering will be at an office of FTUWKC, #16A, St.376, Sangkat Boeng Kengkang3, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh , at 7:30am and march toward the place closed to the Lungkar pagoda where he was shot to death.

With best regards,

Rong Chhun
President of CCU


Anonymous said...

khmer shald never forget this man and this date.

Anonymous said...

But you never remember about khmer people were killed by pol pot.You never cared almost three millions of khmer were killed.

Anonymous said...

Wake up sucker. Becuase you killed fewer people than Pol Pot, it does not mean you're a good guy or better than Pol Pot.

Anonymous said...

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