Friday, January 23, 2009

Chau Sen Cocsal obituary

23 Jan 2009
By Ung Chamroeun
Cambodge Soir Hebdo
Translated from French by Luc Sâr
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Born in 1905, the former prime minister was an influential politician of the Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime, and a close associate of Norodom Sihanouk.

The former president of the National Assembly and former prime minister of Cambodia, Chau Sen Cocsal also known as Chhum, passed away on Thursday 22 January at the age of 104.

Religious ceremonies will be held on Friday 23 Jan and Saturday 24 Jan. The funeral procession will take place on Monday 25 Jan at 7:30AM in Phnom Penh starting from the house of the deceased.

Born on 01 September 1905 in the province of Chau Doc, Vietnam (in fact Kampuchea Krom), Chau Sen Cocsal completed his high school degree in 1926 at the Prey Nokor high school, in Saigon.

Nominated to provincial governor by Sihanouk under the Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime, he went on to become Cambodia’s ambassador in Bangkok between 1951 and 1953.

Between 1959 and 1968, he became president of the National Assembly and, at time, was also prime minister.

Between the end of 1989 and the beginning of 1990, he was nominated as the head of the Supreme National Council of Cambodia (SNC), and SNC member between 10 Sept 1990 and 19 July 1991.

Nominated as supreme advisor to the king in 1992, Chau Sen Cocsal also led the Constitutional Council between 1998 and 2007.


Anonymous said...

Expressing condolence to our compatriot as is aregret as we loss the withness and intellectual who knew well abour preah vihear history in the Hague court..

achar knoy Phds.Bandits from pahok chamroeurn avichea univ. PPenh

Sophorn Sar said...

My condolence to his family. I remember that in 1998 I met him and his wife in Bangkok where they were staying with me. With the soft words and good advices I learned a lot from him. He showed me the region around the Cambodian embassy in BKK where he was ambassador which this area are now changed to the business area.

May your soul be in peace in the heaven with God.

Sar Sophorn

Anonymous said...

I could not believe this guy still alive.I thought he was dead long time ago.Last time i saw him was 1960 and he was an already old man.

Anonymous said...

Who care? Now it's time for him go to Hell, where he came from.

Anonymous said...

Endangered ( Sihanoukommunists) are extinct.

Anonymous said...

This khmer krom Sihanoukommunists never done anything for khmer, but the killer. It's good, to have him vanished from cambodia soil. It still have a few khmer krom murderer such as Thach Kim Trang (Eing Sary), Chau Sen living in Siam Reap today and he become billionaire now. All Khmer Kandal must be aware to the khmer krom in leadership position in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Yeap, we smell the troublemakers all over the places, but they aint gonna use khmer's soil as their battle field here.