Monday, January 26, 2009

Sacrava's Short Take: The CPP butterfly

Sacrava’s Short Take on the Violent Eviction in Dey Krahorm
The CPP butterfly

26 Jan. 2009

By U. Bun Heang
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

The Tuol Krasaing (Hun Sen’s residence) group and the CPP can only be violent with their own Khmer people … but in front of the Yuon-Siam, they are very scared of the latter and they try to please them just like circus monkeys.

The Tuol Krasaing group and the CPP are giving hard time to innocent people, they are conducting class oppression on (poor) people, they completely forgot their own origin when they were nothing but worms, but, after becoming a butterfly, they forgot where they came from: “Tamarind seeds that grew out of cow dung.”

U. Bun Heang


Anonymous said...

កូនមីចោរកាចុយ​ រស់​ ​សុទ្ធា ប្រធានក្រុមហ៊ុន​ ​7NG​​ និងអា ជាវផេង ដែលជាបរិវារ បានធ្វើបាប​ជារាស្រ្តតំបន់ដីក្រហម។​ ​ថ្ងៃណាមួយប្រជារាស្រ្ត​​​ខ្មែរនឹងកាត់ក្បាលឯងជា​មិនខាន។ ពួកឯងដើរ​ប្លន់ដីប្រជារាស្រ្តខ្មែរ រួចស្រែកថា​អភិវឌ្ឍន៌។

Anonymous said...

That is exactly correct. They dark skin forgotten where and who they are from. They just want to tranform and be forgotten who they really are. No sense of pride or origination.

Those people can never obtain true happieness for they can't even be happy from where they came from. How can they be happy with who they pretend to be?

Anonymous said...

Ah Svakrava smells likes cow dung because that is where he came from.

Anonymous said...

7:31PM you are seed from Svai Paak ant the Viet workers from thousand dicks.

Anonymous said...

Bang Bun Heang you are khmer treasure.

Anonymous said...

អា ហ៊ុនសែន ធំក្លិនដូចជាទឹកក្តិត មី ប៊ុនរ៉ានី។​លោក អ៊ឹងប៊ុនហ៊ាង គឺជាកូនខ្មែពិតៗ គឺមិនដូច​ជាអាឆ្គួតអាយ៉ងហ៊ុនសែនឡើយ។​​​

ពីអញ​ ក្តអាហ៊ុនសែន!​កណ្តួយមី​ ប៊ុន រ៉ានី​!

Anonymous said...

Bun Heang, you are a good guy at Lon Nol regime which I used to read some of the articles of Nokorthom newspaper. I am the ones who was at that regime which i love it very much. I don't go anywhere even I used to be at the border of siam and being at its country but I refuse to go anywhere. So far I am still in Cambodia but living under the horroble regime which I remember all the situation of the 3 years nightmare. Please continue your works as you can bright the people mind especially the young generation who knew just a little bit of the truth from 1950 to date.