Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scholar Highlights National Environmental Risks

Chak Sopheap (Photo:

By Nuch Sarita, VOA Khmer
15 May 2009

Chak Sopheap, who was awarded a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in International Peace Studies in Japan, told “Hello VOA” Thursday she was concerned about two things: the environment and the health of Cambodians.

“The current practice of the Cambodian government, which neglects or bypasses regulations in approving forest concessions or filling in lakes, is not only harmful in natural resource depletion, but also to the environment, to human life, and to the survival of the whole community,” said Chak Sopheap, who studied at the International University of Japan.

She cited Japan’s outbreak of “minamita” disease, a form of methyl-mercury poisoning that affects the central nervous system, as a warning against polluting developments at Bokor mountain in Kampot province and Boeung Kak lake in Phnom Penh.

Bokor mountain has been authorized by the government for private development of palm oil and cassava plantations and livestock farms, and Boeung Kak lake was filled in before an environmental impact assessment had been approved, she said.

Chak Sopheap said she wasn’t against development projects, but she encouraged the government to provide means for interested parties to take on duties for the public interest and to avoid future risks.

Japan’s failure at risk management led to damaging side-effects in an anti-diarrhea drug containing Clioquinol in the late 20th Century, she said. The drug has since been banned in some countries.

“This [illness] should be an influential case to relevant stakeholders, including the government, policymakers, doctors, as well civil society, to be cautious about the safety and effectiveness of medical usage and other supplies which may result in harm,” Chak Sopheap said.


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Sopheap, I am so proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

not all developments are bad for cambodia. it's the one that unregulated by law of the country and one that shows improper design in terms of city planner, etc that is a major cause for concern for local community and the environment alike; however, it they careful studied and put into place a well-planned city or development design, etc, like other parts of the world, it will be nothing to worry about. just because some people are worried doesn't mean all developments have to stop completely so as to deprive cambodia of any development at all. most khmer people like myself would like to see cambodia, my country, fully developed in all areas and fields just like the rest of the developed countries out there, however i too would also like to see a well-studied, well-planned development as well, not ones that are chaotic or unregulated by law. i say more powerful to develop cambodia so our country don't look too underdeveloped or too third-world. in fact, khmer people who are educated and intelligent and well-informed would like to see cambodia develop in modern infrastructure, modern way of think, in education, healthcare, higher standard of living, etc, etc... god bless my country, cambodia and all our khmer people and citizens.

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Another future female leader is emerging!

Sopheap, you get all my/our support!!

Congratulation on your contribution for this country. Cambodia needs people like you!

All the best!!!

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Hi Sopheap,

Great to see your article on internet! I am proud of you on behalf of Cambodian student who has contributed all efforts for our nation.

With warmest congratulation! Best of success! Mena

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